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What is the worst Theme Park in the world?

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I'm probably going to have to say Six Flags America '04.


Granted, the coaster line-up in that park absolutely blows many other parks i've been to away (Especially Darien Lake), but that's about all it had.


The park seemed dirty and run-down, with workers going as slowly as they possibly could.


It didn't even have a park atmosphere. Especially the area by Batwing and S:ROS. It was like just the coasters and nothing else.


I did have a good time though, like I said, that park has a great coaster line-up.

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Out of the parks I have been to I would have to say Camp Snoopy (now park at mall of America.) But that's just because it's is small.


I guess I will brake it down:


Worst friendliness wise:

Disney's Magic Kingdom (could improve on parade staff.)


Worst Cleanliness wise:

Ober Gatlinburg (a cheap looking place)


Worst appearance wise:

Six Flags St. Louis (chain link fences every were and a bunch more that I don't have time to mention.)

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Hershey Park is the complete opposite of the "Worst Park In The World". Storm Runner is by far the best intamin rocket coaster, and Lightning Racers is a great coaster that ACTUALLY runs both sides all the time and really races. Wildcat from what I hear is 100x's better and smooth. 3 GCI Wooden Coaster, 1 Classic Wooden Coaster, Classic Unique B&M Invert, Very, very unique rocket, and the another classic, looper. How can you go wrong with 3 GCI's?!!?!



ANYWAYS!! Back on topic...



The worst THEME park I have been to is Geauga Lake. The park thrill-wise is top notch, but theme wise the park is down on the bottom of my list. Very generic, and plain. Then again it was owned by Six Flags before Cedar Fair got it..


Wildcat was great, I am sorry i forgot to add that, but I found Storm Runner to be dull. I have a diffrent opinion on roller coasters, and on GL, GL is my homepark for one reason, and it is clean and friendly.

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^^How in the world is Cedar Point the worst park?? It has so much to offer including 16 rollercoasters. I guess it can get crowded but its still a good park. The worst park to me has to be all the little parks in California. A lot of them are really crappy.

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^^How in the world is Cedar Point the worst park??


According to the "^^" you are saying I said Cedar Point is the worst park but I didn't even mention them was this a mistake I'm guessing? Because I'm not going there until 08 so I don't have an opinion of them.

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The last time I went to Mount Olympus the park services were disappointing. The workers there didn't seem too energetic and some were rude and hard to understand. We also went on a pretty busy day and they ran one train on the coasters(A park that gets that busy should automatically have 2-3 trains for each coaster), a rather simple line at a place like Cedar Point(think about Iron Dragon's queue) took a hour at Mount Olympus.


All of the coasters at that park all can use some refurbishment, each had some spots where the ride wasn't real nice and smooth riding. On one of the helices on Hades, the tracking was pretty bad, lots of shifting and very wash board like.

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From my own experiences I'd have to say Riverview Park in the dells. Dirty, scary ride-ops, poorly maintained, etc. The only perk is that after 5pm you can use their water park until 7 and theme park until 10 for only $5 as of a few years ago.

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This is a topic I could practically write a book on. There are many ways any given park can be "worst," and no two people will have the same ideas about what made it that way.


With that said... Here are my thoughts.


WORST-EVER MAKEOVER/TAKEOVER: Sick Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA. What they did to the former Marine World park was (and still is) horrible beyond what any words could ever adequately express (you can start with 'rape,' 'pillage,' 'borg,' and 'plunder,' and go downhill from there).


WORST MARINE ANIMAL SHOWS: Sea World's whale and dolphin shows. Hands down. I don't think anyone could ever beat them (nor should anyone try!) in terms of hokey scripting, hokier costumes, wooden dialogue, and an utter lack of the slightest educational content.


WORST DOLPHIN INTERACTION PROGRAM (as in 'swim-with'): Sea World. Again. Discovery Cove has the best aviary I've ever seen, but it's too bad they couldn't carry that same quality over into their laughable and grossly-overpriced dolphin "encounter."


Sadly, Puerto Aventures, a small facility south of Cancun, Mexico, comes in at a close second, mainly for way too little in-water time and overpricing. I expected better from the Mexican parks (and, fortunately, found far better with Xcaret and Xel Ha).


WORST FOOD: A tie between the (thankfully, long gone) Foremost Gardens at Sea World San Diego, and Sick Flags Magic Mountain.


There's probably more, but I'm having trouble thinking clearly at the moment (very late).


Keep the peace(es).

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I can't believe some of the answers around here. Heck, New Pleasurewood Hills was mentioned but not as a candidate. That place was an utter joke when I went 5 years ago. It reminded me of Camden or Williams Grove.


PNE Playland has a fun wood coaster, but that's all-she-wrote. The rest of the park looks like its a parking lot.

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PNE Playland has a fun wood coaster, but that's all-she-wrote. The rest of the park looks like its a parking lot.

Playland is my home park and I disagree with that. Sure, it's not the park with the best landscaping, but it has other quality rides. For example, some of the bigger rides are a HUSS Top Spin, HUSS Frisbee, S&S Air Launched Tower, a SkyCoaster, and one of those huge rotating arms with seats on either end. The park also has some classic rides like the Pirate, Music Express, and a Log Flume. Playland isn't the biggest park out there, but it has more to offer than just the Coaster.

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Although it isn't really a theme park, I would say that Scandia in Ontario, CA is probably the worst amusement park I've been to. With the exception of the Screamer, everything else is basically a carnival ride or something found at a family fun center.


For a theme park, I would say Sea World San Diego, since it is more of an aquarium with a few rides thrown in.

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It's very hard for me to decide just because I have fun at any park.

But here they are anyway:



1.) Fun Forest

2.) Funderland



Walibi Belgium

Tantus Wonderland



Fun Forest - Very fun park, just kinda ghetto and a few truly amazing rides.

Funerland - I've just out grown it. But it's also kinda ghetto.

Walibi Belgium - Sadly, this has made the list. It's great fun. But it's dirty, smells like fish. You'll probably get malaria by the water rides. The food is really expensive. And most of the people working there are a$$holes.

Tantus Wonderland - I forget how to spell it correctly, just because I don't give a damn because this park is way to expensive, and there is nothing there.


--James Flint

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1) SFOG --- might have hit it on an awful day, but it had the absolute worst operations I've ever encountered at a park. So stressful, aggravating, and frustrating. I wanted to strangle somebody


2) SFA --- It's not called Six Flags Ghetto America for nothing


3) Great Escape --- just a crummy park with an overrated woodie

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