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What is the worst Theme Park in the world?

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My worst so far is by a long way the American Adventure, Derbyshire, England!


For starters they dont have planning permission problems so they CAN build tall rides, but they DONT! This park reminds me alot of Leafy Lake from RCT, a big lake with very little room around it!


When i visited They had been demolishing there giant log flume, their Rapids were closed so was their Boomerang! The best their was the powered Mine Train coaster (Doesnt that say it all), also their Go-Karts were closed aswell, well in other words half of the park was closed but they still charged full price (£15).


Apparantly their changing into a 'family theme park' which is ludicrous as they can build big rides!! what a waste, but apparantly Six Flags MAY be purchasing this tiny park!But anyway, so far this is by far the worst theme park ive ever been too! But whats yours? and why?

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Also i forgot to metion they do have the Twin Looper coaster which is a coaster made out of scaffolding!


I did get into some state of shock when i saw a pirate ship being built, but i later found out it was being removed!!!


Theres two flat rides i can remember and thats the ferris wheel and a ballon ride, yipee! But they do have a Skycoaster, but that most probably will be removed because they are fun! DISGRACE OF A THEME PARK


Americans are probably very unhappy at the name of this park, it doesnt make america seem very good (for people who dont know what theme parks in america are like)

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lol, American Adventure is definately the crappiest park i've been to (which isn't actually that many) nothing sticks out much, the only memories i have of that park is my uncle teaching me to stick my middle finger up at peole (i was 4) and some years later the log flume breaking down because supposedly something fell off the Mine Train and jammed the lift/coneyour......

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American Adventure *used* to be a great little park.


Shame the log flume is being torn down, if you are correct there. It was one of the Uk's best flumes I always thought.


Runaway Train is quite good for a powered coaster, better than some of the mack coasters.


Twin Looper is made by Soquet - that kinda says it all really, quite painful.


Becoming a 'family park' might be the only way the park can survive? I think they were in financial problems at one time & the owner even threatened to close the park & turn it into a caravan park.


Why would six flags buy it? When they are selling there own parks!


The Boomerang is rumoured to be going to Pleasurewood Hills

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Movie World here in Australia sucks! There is so much hype around it but once you're in there is practically nothing there. Sure they have two pretty good coasters - the Lethal Weapon and Scooby Doo but it has no soul. We were there for 20mins and my 13yo sister looked at me and said "This sucks, can we go back to Disneyland??"

There are characters there from Warner Bros and they are so ghetto! OMG, I almost died laughing when I saw Marvin Martian, his costume looked like something from a second hand clothing store. There are next to no food outlets and there are just big empty spaces all over the park.

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American Adventure for sure.


Only went last year and spend like two and half hours driving up there, then spent no more than an hour and half max inside to then travel back home popping into Wicksteed on the way where I had more enjoyable time before it close of the day.


Just wished I went to American Adventure when it was in its Prime time, as the Log flume did look very good and sure would of stayed a bit longer.

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Yes the Missile has gone to Pleasurewood Hills (My home park)


im 110% sure that the log flume is no more, usually i wouldnt say anything until its confirmed, but when i went there it wasnt just being removed, it had been demolished, the only part of the ride that was left was the BIG drop and at the bottom of that there about 8 boats just sitting there rotting away! and the station had been bulldozed completely!


I really wish i had visited this park a couple of seasons earlier becasue it DID have some great rides


But its not all bad news, i hear the rapids will be open for the 2006 season!

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The worst ever? Hmm....that's hard for me to pinpoint. Not even sure I can narrow it down to just one.


In the US - probably either Whalom Park or William's Grove. It's no shock to me that Whalom closed. That place was a dump and a half. If the woodie had been halfway decent I would have felt bad, but it was pretty mediocre at best. William's Grove on the other hand, while their woodie isn't very "good" it at least has comedic value, in fact, the whole place does! I'd say that Conneaut Lake and Satan's Village are pretty high up on my list too.


For international parks, Rotunda was probably the worst, again, no shock to me this place closed. Nara Dreamland was also bad, but again, it had comedic redeaming value and Aska. Walibi Rhone-Alpes with it's milaria infested lake was nasty too.


As far as the larger, more corporate parks, I'd say Knott's is one of my personal "least favorite" but for many people it's by no means a bad park, just not what it used to be.


Ok, so I couldn't narrow it down, but that's a good start!



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The now closed Australia's Wonderland in Sydney was pretty poor, when your marquee ride is a Vekoma Boomerang you're really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. The only other coasters were an awful forceless woodie and it's junior offspring.


I know someone who went by there on a weekday in the afternoon once, and they were told they were the first person to come into the park all day.

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Worst park I have been to is Clementon (I have seen parks that look worse but I don't want to judge a park unless I have been there). Very few rides and nothing that great (I was there before Tsunami).


Gillian's Wonderland Pier is also bad. They got rid of their Schwarzkopf City Jet 400 and got a Wacky Worm (they were supposed to get a newer L&T Systems coaster but I don't know what happened with that), so their only coasters are the Wacky Worm and a Miner Mike kiddie coaster. They don't have that many adult rides and nothing really stands out at the park other than the log flume.

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This is really hard...


I mean amusement park, seaside park, theme park, carnival that looks like it wore out it's welcome, etc. There are just too many categories!


Without narrowing it down that much:



Castle's n Coasters

Wonderland Amarillo

Williams Grove



Uncle Bernies

Miracle Strip





Worlds of Fun

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Wonderland Amarillo? I guess the name says it all. I do like the Big Texan steakhouse in Amarillo, though.


I guess, in a sense, I'm fortunate to have not visited enough parks to really consider one to be "all that bad" (although Magic Mountain back when I was in high school came closest).

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