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  1. Damned straight, though its kinda said it took a REmake (haha) to make you (and me, unfortunately) play the Wii again. We need less of the minigame crap and more 'serious' games!
  2. Zombies is sweet. Think Monster Madness on 360 & PC, but 2D graphics, and decent controls.
  3. Dear god, another thrillville game, coming to my 3rd favourite games machine
  4. Strikers is only good if you're online, single player gets boring after a while, the teams play the exact same pattern from kick-off, makes it very easy to get 50-0 up after a few mins of play. Also, RE4 Wii is awesome, much better than the 'cube version in my opinion.
  5. Whilst its a nice idea, I don't see it working too well...a heritage park just doesn't have impact the site would need in my opinion.
  6. The 'second' car in that train has been copied to create the 'first' car...if you look carefully, you can see where the feet have been chopped off from some careless editing.
  7. It only doesn't work if you still have the track open in editor & then save after 'importing' the tunnel in Tunnelmaker.
  8. You shouldn't even have to do that, there is an option when you save in tunnel maker to place the tunnel in your track automatically.
  9. I always thought 60° was the maximum it should be for smoothness.
  10. Oh I don't know, I'm sure could get a good recreation of a track by then ^More fool them
  11. Just create the texture you want in your favourite image editing software save as jpg (or TGA if you want transparency), but make sure the image dimensions conform to the magical numbers (32, 64, 128, 256 etc) then, save the texture in the OC textures folder (and again in the folder containing the 3ds file) load OC & voila.
  12. Gotta agree 100% here. Right now, I'm finding the threads themselves more entertaining than the coasters
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