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What is the worst Theme Park in the world?

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Mt. Olympus is by far the worst I've visited. There is no shade, most of the rides aren't that great(Cyclops and Zeus are exceptions), the park is poorly laid out, the ride ops are the worst I've seen, and it is horribly overpriced. Maybe it will be a better park when they finish their plans, but it will take a lot of work.


Mt. Olympus is pretty darn bad. Here are some more problems:


1) They don't cut the grass under part of Zeus. I think they just let the train whack it down.


2) All their woodies have only one train.


3) None of their woodies are handicap accessible, not even Hades. Seriously guys, how much could a simple ramp cost?


4) They don't properly surround their track areas with fencing to keep idiots and children away from the coasters.


Despite the inherent ghetto nature of the park, I didn't mind Mt. Olympus so much. It doesn't make my personal worst list.


That pretty much sums it up for me. The coasters were the only good thing there.

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SO far I haven't visited a park that was TOO bad but the new Nickelodeon Universe is my least favorate. They expect you to pay 250 for an annual pass where you can spend 80 for Valleyfairs 15minutes down the road with better rides. And the themeing clashes so badly. First theres a nicely themed Pepsi Orange streak then across the midway theres a sponge bob themed coaster. And the park operations are bad too. Theres a full switchback thing and absoluply nobody waiting for the rows. It just doesn't make sence. There were two workers there, somebody could have let the people in!

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I've just read through this entire thread to see if my worst was up here, and I don't think it is.


Two Words:




So we arrive, and from the outside looking in, it looks to be a wonderfully kept park. I mean they don't have the landscaping of BGE, but more like your granmother's backyard after your grandfather finished cutting the grass and tending to the flower beds. I just looked like a well loved, small, family owned park.


So we enter, and I was even more happy with it. It instantly reminded me of that South Georgia farmer's market feel without the produce. I found it hard to believe we were on Long Island Sound.


So we get to the wood coaster in the park and while it wasn't a thrilling ride by any means, it was a decent trip. I don't remember specifically what it was, but I remember that the ride op said something over and over and OVER AND OVER into the PA that just irritated the snot out of me.


So we finish there, and we start checking out some of the other little bits of the park as the evening GP starts to flow in. About this time, I started fearing for my safety. Needless to say, I didn't want to do much of anything outside of a group which is uncommon for me in a park.


I finally found my way to the Boardwak which was absolutely breath taking. It's adjacent to the park much like Coney Island or Morey's Piers without the 4,298,299,876 independent vendors. It was especially beautiful at dusk. I felt truly serene.


After 30 minutes on the boardwalk with PepsiGirl and Godwyn, we ventured back into the park. In just 30 minutes, it had gone from really bad to, "Oh My God... Where my Mommie?!" The group stayed there long enough to partake of most assuredly the crappiest Nathan's Hot Dog I'd had, and we left.


When returning to the bus, one of our chronic late comers was late again and folks were contemplating leaving him behind. About 18 of us stood up and exclaimed, "Uhhh... No! We will go find him! If we leave him here he will die tonight." Luckily, he jogged up to the bus just seconds later.


The one good ride at this park was The Whip. We giggled at that ride for some time because it just kinda slung us around with the wild abandon of Robb at an Erasure concert.


SO, in conclusion, those of us on the East Coast trip have not so affectionately dubbed this park, Rye Stabland.

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Worst theme park, or in this case least best, is any Six Flags park. SF attempts to theme but it pales in comparison to real theme parks like Disney or Busch Gardens.


Really when I think of a 'theme park', I think of Disney, Busch, Universal, and any other park that envelops the guests into an environment. Maybe the park even focuses on themeing more than the rides! So places like Keansburg, Morey's Piers, Cedar Point, etc, shouldn't even be listed since they're 'amusement parks' with little to no themeing.


Just my 2 cents!


However, if the thread is asking "which park is the worst you've been to" then I guess I'd go with Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ. I heard that they were going to tear the place down, stopped there for a visit, and found that the place was crap with a Disk-O being their best ride. I'd rather see another amusement park than a hotel, but I'm not too sad seeing that place go.


Semantics, I know. lol

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in my opinion, the worst park is the "luna-park", in alanya, turkye!

they have a swing ride that has no restraints and the restraints in the pirate ship open while operating....

i think, it´s the best park to get rid of your mother in law, if you want to, just invite her for a ride on one of these death machines....


p.s.: i love my mother in law, she´s a wonderful person!

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I am gonna have to say California's Great America for a corporate park. Their coaster collection sucks ass! They do have great flat rides though so that was one redeeming quality.


As far as non-corporate parks, Wild Adventures sucks ass pretty bad. It is Vekoma hell. I think that 4 or 5 of their coasters are Vekoma. I hope that now it is owned by the Herschend family that they will do something ala Powder Keg or Wildfire to it!

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