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  1. I went to Phantasia Land about 5 months back I am surprised how much they have built in so little time. The park was desperately needing a roller coaster and this one looks awesome!
  2. Same here! This seems to be the most requested song maybe one of the mods could put it up for download? lol
  3. Can someone tell me or give me the "Day Oh" song by the cartoons I have looked absolutely everywhere including P2P programs but found nothing
  4. Can someone tell me what the song is called and who sung it in the Europa Park 2005 video?
  5. Is the Six Flags New Orleans park still there or has Katrina destroyed it?
  6. I loved Silver Star at Europa Park but I also love Dueling Dragons at IOA :?
  7. I live in Germany (English Ex-Pat) I am very eager to try this coaster out just because of its reputation though the park is a good 5-6 hours away from me Though the River Quest at Phantasialand,Germany was also voted the best water ride in Europe I went on it and found it boring compared to others I been on. So I will have to see if GForce lives up to its expectations
  8. I am having a problem on this forum everytime I look my post seem to disapear. Today I posted several post one of which included pictures of the new B&M coaster at Phantasialand, Germany and they are all gone! My gf also uses this forum and she posted on my topic but it says she has no post at all?
  9. Which theme park has the most water rides?
  10. Kinda got that on Apocalypse at Drayton Manor, England. You have shoulder restraints and a tiny seat but you got no choice but to stand but you have no floor.
  11. I have not been to many theme parks but heres my list: 1. Silver Star - Europa Park 1. Popeye and Bluto Barges - IOA 1. Spiderman - IOA 4. Dueling Dragons - IOA 5. Air - Alton Towers 6. Oblivion - Alton Towers 7. Apocalypse (Standing) - Drayton Manor 8. Mystery Castle - Phantasia Land 9. Storm Force 10 - Drayton Manor 10. Schweizer Bobahn - Europa Park 10. Poseidon - Europa Park
  12. I would have to say the best themed park I ever been to was Europa Park its gorgeous even better themed than IOA in my opinion. 1. Europa Park 2. Island of Adventure 3. Universal Studios 4. Alton Towers 5. N/A
  13. Storm Force 10 is a great log flume I got soaked on the first small drop. Where is SBNO SFNO?
  14. I went on Air at Alton Towers, England when it was raining pretty hard. I really enjoyed it though especially when I was on my back with rain hitting my face. I think any water ride is good in the rain because you know your gonna get wet anyway I don't mind any ride in the rain really it just makes it more fun in my opinion.
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