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  1. Hello. Yes i thought i was the only norwegian member here. Does speedmonster use the same track as expedition geforce?
  2. Coaster expert Justin Garvanovic says "SpeedMonster is better than Balder in Liseberg." Tusenfryd opens sunday. Video interview and testdrive: http://nettv.aftenposten.no/player/player.php?id=607&category_id=5
  3. Here you go. http://forbruker.no/reise/article1287881.ece It looks so cool. It has 3 twists that reminds me of the one on expedition GeForce. Now i am lucky that i live in norway so i can test this one
  4. Yes you are right Is this Superman: Ride of Steel a SLC? And would love to ride Millenium Force too. I dont understand why people vote MF over TTD? Because TTD looks soo insane.
  5. Thanks! I noticed your avatar. That rollercoaster has been my favorite since i was very little. I have been in liseberg park 15 summers of my life. And lisebergbanan is very special because it's built on the side of a moutain, and the lifthill actually follows the mountain upwards. And lisebergbanan in english means the lisebergtrack.
  6. Could you please translate "S:RoS at 6FNE " for me. LOL I don't understand any of your shortened names.
  7. Just back from 3 very good parks. Here are my favorites. 1. Expedition GeForce (Front seat) - Holiday park 2. Expedition GeForce (Back seat) - Holiday park 3. Expedition Geforce (In the middle seat) - Holiday park 4. Silver star - Europa park 5. Tonnere de zeus - Parc Asterix 6. Colossos - Heide park 7. Scream (Worlds highest Intamin gyro droptower!) - Heide park 8. Posedion - Europapark 9. Schweizer Bobahn - Europa Park 10. Atlantica SuperSplash - Europapark 11. Devil`s Barrels - Holiday park 12. Lisebergbanan - Liseberg 13. Rock 'n rollercoaster - Disneyland paris Sorry for the 3 first places, i just had to get it out.
  8. I must say that after riding it all the ways front, back and the middle. The front seat was the best. Now its two weeks since i i was in holiday park. And every day i can't stop thinking about Expedition GeForce and it's first drop. I could ride it again and again and....................
  9. 15.08.2005 Expedition GeForce wins three times in succession the title “best roller-coaster of the world“ “Hattrick-Day“ in the Holiday Park celebrates “guru of the roller-coasters“ with champagne launch Mega-coaster fans from all over Europe honour roller-coaster constructor Werner Stengel for his life’s work ”Hattrick-Day“ is dominated by the worldwide acknowledged roller-coaster constructor – Werner Stengel and fans are in agreement: ”Expedition GeForce is the best what I have ever built!” – World record holders in roller-coaster marathon ride and Germany’s coolest roller-coaster rider as well-wishers After the huge roller-coaster „Expedition GeForce“ was awarded the honouring “best roller-coaster of the world” for the third time in succession at the ”Internet Coaster Poll“, the Holiday Park honoured the world-famous constructor of the mega-coaster, Werner Stengel from Munich, for his life’s work. Within the context of the “Hat Rick Day” several hundred roller-coaster fans from all over Europe celebrated on Saturday – on the initiative of the park – Werner Stengel, the “guru of the roller coasters”. With ground-breaking inventions, like for example the “space bend” and the “heart line” Stengel revolutionized the sequence of acceleration and speed and thus laid the foundations for the incredible success and the huge and unbroken attraction, which Expedition GeForce has for the fans throughout the world even four years after putting the roller-coaster into operation - Holiday Park Director Wolfgang Schneider emphasized in his laudatory speech. Constructor of more than 500 huge roller-coasters worldwide During his long professional life the graduate civil engineer Stengel, who is considered in circles of specialists as the master of creative engineering art in the construction of roller-coasters, has created approximately 1,200 roller coaster attractions, among these 500 of the best huge roller-coasters worldwide until now. According to Stengel he is not motivated by “pure craze for things big” for his developments: “Riding roller-coasters is to unite fun and maximum safety. In my opinion it is appropriate that special roller-coasters again bring more fun to the rider and have a longer riding time than 20 to 30 seconds.” After Stengel was available to several media representatives of the press, radio and television at a press conference, there was a big supporting programme for all roller coaster lovers: together with Park Director Schneider the guest of honour revealed an oversized “hattrick banner” and gave green light for the continuing hat trick party by popping the cork at the following champagne launch of Expedition GeForce. „Expedition GeForce: the best I have created in my life!“ In a following talk round “fans ask questions - Werner Stengel gives the answers“ the constructor gave full explanations to several hundreds of fans and also revealed some personal secrets. Being asked the question if Expedition GeForce still is the most interesting roller-coaster, which he has ever constructed, Stengel replied: “The track is still the best that I have ever created. Particularly the first fall is unique! As well as the later transition from the right into the left bend, which nearly brings you in the state of weightlessness and despite of all dramaturgy gives you a real soft sensation!” World record holders in roller coaster marathon rides and Germany’s coolest roller coaster rider as further guests of surprise Among others as guest of surprise the “king of roller coasters” Richard Rodriguez joined the well-wishers – the university lecturer from Chicago, USA, is the Guinness Book world record holder in permanent roller coaster riding. He achieved his record in the year 2003 on Expedition GeForce, when he spent 49 days and nights in the huge roller-coaster. Other items on the agenda of the Hat Trick Days were among others the election of “Germany’s coolest roller coaster riders” and an anti-fear roller coaster seminar in the Holiday-Park. With a brilliant laser show above the 30,000 square metres big lake in the Holiday Park the eventful day with the roller-coaster legend Werner Stengel, his enthusiastic fans and other several thousands of visitors within the context of the ”Summer Nights“ ended as late as midnight.
  10. 05.09.2005 Golden Ticket Awards of the US-American special-interest magazine „Amusement Today" Holiday Park’s megacoaster Expedition GeForce the only European roller coaster to rank among the Top 10 Expedition GeForce voted “Best European Roller Coaster" for the fourth year in a row! Holiday Park’s megacoaster voted the best European giant roller coaster in the most important discipline “TOP 50 Steel Roller Coasters” at the “Oscar of the worldwide amusement park industry”. #1 for the fourth year in a row reflects the attraction of Expedition GeForce as "Mecca" for roller coaster fans After the third award as "Best Roller Coaster Worldwide" at the International Coaster Poll, the Holiday Park’s megacoaster was the first giant steel roller coaster to be voted “Best European Roller Coaster” for the fourth year in a row at the “Golden Ticket Awards 2005”. The trophy in the category “TOP 50 Steel Roller Coasters” is deemed the most important discipline and is awarded by the worldwide leading US-American special-interest magazine "Amusement Today" each year in the summer months. Since its opening in 2001, Expedition GeForce has been awarded this title every year. “This unique top position is the more remarkable in view of the fact that more than 250 megacoasters have been built worldwide since 2001 ”, says Wolfgang Schneider, general manager of the Holiday Park. Virtually legendary and unique worldwide is the “first drop” of Expedition GeForce with an almost vertical drop and simultaneous directional change by almost 75 degree. The designing engineer and “king of roller coasters”, Werner Stengel, who designed more than 1,200 rides and megacoasters worldwide, in August of this year proudly characterised Expedition GeForce as the best roller coaster ever designed by him! “Expedition GeForce” also won worldwide fame because of several spectacular world records in roller coaster marathons which make the Holiday Park’s megacoaster a Mecca for roller coaster fans. With its 1.3km, the roller coaster has been awarded numerous national and international titles and awards - among other things, Expedition GeForce was voted #1 at the “Internet Coaster Poll”, the worldwide web platform of roller coaster fans, for three years in a row. As winner of the German “Parcscout Awards”, Expedition GeForce was also awarded the title “Best German Roller Coaster”. The cars of “Expedition GeForce” achieve top speeds of 120km/h. The highest peak - before the first drop - is 62 meter. The riders of "Expedition GeForce" have a worldwide unique experience when they subsequently drop almost vertically in the direction of the ground and are rotated around their own axis in a subsequent directional change of almost 75 degree. During the further ride, they are subjected to g-forces of up to 4.5G. This makes the ride an experience to be remembered - not only for real roller coaster fans!
  11. Thanks Elissa You said something about "Limit" somewhere at this site, but i can't find it again and i don't remember what you said. Do you remember? And was "scream" drop tower any good?
  12. Robb I have been eating Bonbon candy for years! Until i got a member of themparkreview i didn't even know there was a bonbon land. But their candy is very good and it's so much to choose from. I especially like the pack with " big boobies from bonbon". Inside there is pairs of boobies in different colours. LOL But is' true! This is for Elissa and Robb Could you help me with this one. We are leaving 6 august on our vacation. What seats are the best? Front or back on these following rides: -Colossos -Expedition geforce -Silverstar We are going to try to make it to europa park to saturday 13 august. Because Dj Bobo is having a concert "Pirates of dance". I don't know if you know who he is. But anyway i think this park is going to get crowded then. Also europa park is now open until 1200 in the night every friday and saturday. When going through all my stuff from Paris trip 2003 i found our 3-days passes from euro disney, and i remembered that we only used 2 days. So we are going to finish this 3 week trip in paris. Thanks for giving us the inspiration to do this trip E&R.
  13. Thanks Elissa! This question was of course meant for for the two of you, my mistake Tomorrow i will show this to my girlfriend so we can finish our trip planning. We will try to visit 3 or 4 parks of your ranking list. I noticed that you put europe on the top of the list. This place must be pretty good. We usually live at Etap or Ibis but i could not find any Etap hotels in italy. I read that you lived at Etap. Elissa how would you compare Tonnere de zeus to Colossos? Looks like your favorite coster is Expedition geforce now Elissa, i can't wait riding it. Thanks again for your help! News! Here are som info of a new Intamin launching coaster called "SpeedMonster". Its being built at Tusenfryd and its gonna be finished 23. april 2006. Its gonna be scandinavias biggest of its kind. 6.000 horsepower 0-90 kilometer per hour on 2,2 seconds 4 G 7 times weightless 40 meters height difference 69 seconds ridetime Link http://www.dinside.no/php/art.php?id=218980
  14. Robb Nice to hear at Tonnerre De Zeus was back!! I have not been at a lot of parks, thats why i was so curious about how you liked this one. I have only been to Tusenfryd, Liseberg, Eurodisney and Parc asterix. But now we want to try some new parks. Soon we are going on a 4 week car holiday from Norway to Garda/Venezia. As i have talked a lot to my girlfriend about " Robb & Elissa's fantastic trip!" lately. She said "why not ask them which of the parks they would really love to go back to? And only parks that is on the way to Garda." So Robb could you please range your favorite parks of 5 parks along our way. It would make her (and me) very happy. This parks is right beside the highway on our route to italy. Dooh! As you already didn't know 1. Tivoli 2. Heide Park (Colossos) 3. Holiday Park (Expedition GeForce) 4. Europa Park (Silver Star) 5. Movie Studios Park (Canevaworld Italy) Gardaland was between number 4 and 5, but it's gone now. And you know why And please if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me about them. Thanks a lot!
  15. Robb I am so exited to hear what you think of tonnerre de zeus wooden coaster at parc asterix! I really love that one! I have read the whole TR now mostly for this reason. Can you please compare it to balder and colossos for me, so i know where i am going on vacation in august So far i think i will go to heide park after reading your review. And maybe tivoli too.
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