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  1. I dig powderkeg, definitely underrated.. I've been to SDC before, and loved it, but just recently I moved down about 30 min from Branson, MO..so I'm happy to say its now my home park...more useless information I suppose, ha
  2. the bottom line is SFStL is a family-oriented park. The park isn't meant to have the "Cedar Point" feel of thrills and chills and all that jazz. Screamin Eagle, Batman, Boss, THBS, Ninja, Mr. Freeze, and a hyper coaster? doesn't make sense... Now to agree with you for a second, maybe SFStL doesn't need a new woodie, I don't know. I personally think they could use a smaller steel, bigger than just a spinning mouse...but 200+ just seems a little much for the layout of SFStL. ..and hey man, there's still plenty friendly people around here for sure! ..and your age is unimportant to the most of us.
  3. GCI with MF trains would be choice... THBS was a good addition but I'd love to see this rumor come true. The Boss isn't as much Jeckyl and Hyde. Everytime I ride last car, I have great rides...anywhere towards the front or middle is rough, but it's always been pretty consitant for me. Eh, to each their own..
  4. its not uncommon for the whole "ow my neck hurts, where's the cash" routine to go down I'm sure..
  5. Hopefully today, I love Magnum! Besides MF it's my favorite ride in the park, and still a top 10 coaster for me...so bring on those Magnum shots! Great TR! Clay "I heard in 10 years it will have sunk 30 feet! " Lamanske
  6. Definitely cool. Can't wait to ride KR. By the way, Screamin in the Smokies looks like a good time! Clay "needs to quit being lazy and plan something like that" Lamanske
  7. In no order; mainly cause I'm at work and dont feel like it Voyage (HW) Millennium Force (CP) The Boss (SFStL) Magnum XL200 (CP) PowderKeg (SDC) Thunder Run (SFKK, though I hate the park...) Wicked Twister (CP) Cornball Express (IB) Riddlers Revenge (SFMM, hmm..) Legend (HW)
  8. Great pictures. Anything Millennium Force with a great backdrop is a winner in my book. I can't wait to head back to CP... Clay "took a year off from it, NEED to go back" Lamanske
  9. That theming in Gardaland is unbelievable; one of the best looking parks I've seen. ..and the kiddie coaster in Movieland MIGHT be the best ride ever built! Clay "hows THAT for credit whoring, haha" Lamanske
  10. This is going straight to the gutter, haha. Great pictures, the place looks amazing. Clay "alright..I'll fess up too.." Lamanske
  11. man I am REAL excited about Timberwolf now. I've heard great things from that coaster from a long time ago and I always wanted to experience that..this is looking to be a busy summer... Clay "better start making more money for all this!" Lamanske
  12. I've been to this park once, pre-Patriot and any Timber Wolf tracking, and I really liked it! Can't wait to go back, great pics. Clay "but the city really sucks" Lamanske
  13. This thread is too much. I heard the only reason Magnum is sinking is because of an ERT event ACE held a few years back; and now the coaster is permanently damaged.
  14. Any pics of IB are good ones. Big thanks for the night shot. I've been a bunch, never at night..that has to change. Clay "blackpool must happen" Lamanske
  15. Excellent report! Where's the Magnum and WT pics?! I'm going into relapse. Clay "wont hit CP till late in the year *sigh*" Lamanske
  16. Great TR! I'll hop on the "Premier Fanboy" bandwagon with you! haha, I love Freeze. Sundays early in the season are usually a good day to go. I noticed you have a ton of pictures with a lot of characters. The last couple vists I've had there were barely any; it's good to see good changes. ...the one shortcoming with your report though...BOO gators! Illini represent! hahaha. Clay "Marvin the Martian IS the coolest character!" Lamanske
  17. ^^ Mt. Olympus? For real? I've heard good things, and they got some good coasters from what I hear.
  18. The color scheme on that one particular V2 picture is very cool. Three inverted coasters being redundant though one is a B&M (Batman at that), one is a very cool looking lawn gnome, the other an impulse...I mean, though all inverted, those are all very different coasters. I'm with you 100% on the trims on RB. I havn't been to the park for a minute, but they were gettin a bit much last time I rode it. Good to see you had a good time. You kids are going to have to let us midwest people when you have another meet up. I'll have to try and make it out fo sho. Clay "loves this midwest" Lamanske
  19. hmm.. I live closest to Indiana Beach, and only half hour more (different directions) to SFStL and SFGAm. My favorite park, being either CP or HW, I'd have to say no...ALTHOUGH I have had some of my best park experiences at SFStL and IB, so..maybe I should say I don't know? Either way, SFGAm is a hole from hell so, thats out of the question. Clay "am I the only person who has had multiple, Terrible, rides on Viper?" Lamanske
  20. I'm with you on the Flyers. There's no doubt The Boss is a rougher woodie out there, but IMO that's what it's meant to be. STILL, I must say some Millennium Flyers would make my life a lot better. Clay "PTC, buzz bars, still my favorite" Lamanske
  21. Boss in the last car of the train will usually treat you pretty well. Last two seats specifically. I like Boss a lot and I will agree that (with few exception) anywhere else in the train is a pain. I hope to make this trip for the umpteenth time sometime real soon, good to see some pics!
  22. I'm surprised you kids are even TRYING to ride American Eagle that much. Besides the 1000 mile hike, its a terrible ride..with terrible trains..and terrible track..its terrible (although, for the olduns out there, I'm sure it was great...whenever it was great..) V2 pics are good deal though, good to see the unofficial meet was cool beans.
  23. Wow, I can't believe someone else said Shockwave at SFGAm...but, I gotta jump on that bandwagon too. I'm sure there are some PTC, John Allen designed coasters that have since gone by the wayside that I would have loved. Clay "Screamin' Eagle represent!" Lamanske
  24. Good deal, first time in a long time I'll go to my "semi" home park and get a new credit, ha! right on. Clay "closer to IB..so much for new credits there" Lamanske
  25. This might be the funniest TR I've read in a long time. That Ghoster Coaster, or what have you, with all the horror characters on it was great....still, that badazz zipper was just so BADA$$!!! hahaha!! Clay "want's to ride a bada$$ SOMETHING" Lamanske
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