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  1. Wow, no splashdown ending. I guess it doesn't go with the theme, maybe if the train ran into a cement wall in the end. Would that fit better . The name Intimidator is great but I hate that they are naming rides after people, especially dead people, I also hate NASCAR, a lot. Otherwise the ride looks great.
  2. I wonder if this ride only makes left turns, does it crash into a wall at the end, too soon? Anyways it looks sort of like a massive mega-lite and despite the awful choice of theme it looks like a great ride.
  3. This is sort of off topic, but I don't think it deserves its own thread. Whenever I rode Thunderhawk at GL I always wondered how they would evacuate the train from the lift of a Vekoma SLC.
  4. The fact of the matter is that we are due for a pandemic, history shows that major pandemics occur three to four times in a century, there were 3 pandemics in the last century, 1918, 1957, and 1967. It will be interesting to see, if the virus does become a pandemic, how this effects the industry. I believe that if it gets really bad, the government will force all parks to suspend operation.
  5. Thanks for bringing this up, I have been wondering what would happen to the industry with the economic situation, and now we can add the threat of pandemic flu. This couldn't have come at a worse time, not just for parks, but for everyone. People have lost their jobs and are without health insurance, and with no health insurance how are people going to pay the hospital bills if they, or family, get sick.
  6. I have a question, is kind of off topic but I don't think it is worthy of its own thread. Belantis looks to me, from the pictures I have seen, like it was half-finished when it opened. Kind of a weird question, but I am really curious.
  7. What was really strange was the other lady on the show who was in love with the Berlin Wall, 1001 Nact is one thing, but a symbol of oppression is quite another.
  8. Americana actually looks better at KD than it did at GL. I still wish it was back at home though...
  9. http://coasterz.co.uk/videos.html Just in case you are interested, here is a full POV of Screechin' Eagle.
  10. May in Ohio is best time of year, mid 60s to low 70s, but by Lake Erie theres always a breeze. As far as crowds go any day in May or early June is perfect, only locals go then. Even if it is busy the lines are always quick as most rides have a very high compacity. May, in my opinion, is the best time to visit Ohio.
  11. I know many people disagree but I find Legend amazing, while Holiday World is just okay.
  12. I have always wondered why many parks will only run their ferris wheel's at limited capacity. I once asked a Americana employee and they said it was to even the weight out, but wouldn't the have evenly distributed weight if all the carriages were filled? It doesn't make much sense that a ride that is designed with 24 carriages should only have 8 opened.
  13. For all the complainers about 3 new/used rides think about this. At least you still have a homepark. It was really sad when today I saw Time Warp on several flatbeds while filling up my car at a gas station, I am just standing there and I see that weird clock face driving by and I am like, hey thats Time Warp, anyways those three rides are great additions.
  14. I know my most uncomfortable expirence was sitting in the brake run on Mantis for about 15 minutes while vomit was being cleaned from the train in the station my legs fell asleep and those bicycle seats are as hard as rock.
  15. This reminds me, back in 2001 when GL was flying the flags a troupe of Chinese Acrobats that were preforming at the park that weekend got stuck on Texas Twister (identical to KA). They were fortunately not upside down, rather swinging freely about 15 feet off the ground. I hate to say that it was funny but seeing a group of people sitting there with confused looks on their faces while wearing only purple sequence unitards, I couldn't help but laugh. They were like that for about 15 minutes, this however was not news. Its nice that Kennywood invited them back free of charge but I really don't think a ride malfunction needs to make the news, now if they were stuck upside down for an hour that might be different.
  16. its incredible to see how fast that place has deteriorated... its so lame that i miss it so much
  17. I don't get why people don't like Magnum, okay I have gotten a little sore from the lapbars, but it is a great ride with a plethora of airtime. Another example is Gemini, well hardly anyone complains about Gemini in fact nobody ever says anything about Gemini. It can be slow but it does have great airtime and is one of the most unique coasters ever. Cyclone at SFNE is one of my top tens, its fast, insane, a little rough but big deal, I don't get why people seem to over look it.
  18. There is a thread for the most underrated coasters, well I was wondering what everyones opinion was on the most overrated coaster. In my opinion, I know many people are going to disagree with this, Voyage is the most overrated coaster ever. I just don't get it, I rode it multiple times in different seats, but I couldn't see what was the big deal, its not a bad coaster at all, but I don't think it deserves all the hype. Millennium Force is also on my list, sometimes its great, and other times its just boring. Raven, Thunderhead, and Sheikra are also on there too.
  19. I apologize for my pessimism but I never think this ride will actually open. Its in its third year of construction and it just doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. I think it is doomed to be another Orphan Rocker, the roller coaster built at Scenic World in Australia that was built in 1988 but it never worked out, except I think Knoebels will tear it down eventually.
  20. The reason why it was probably changed from Tsunami to J2 was after the terrible 2004 Tsunami. To be more politically correct, decent, whatever you want to call it, the name was changed to J2. Wave pools and Splash Boat rides everywhere also changed their names, so that name change was understandable. I also understand why they change the name of J2 to Puma, new park owners, new park image. Now what I do not understand is why they would change the name Puma to Hellcat. In my opinion, Puma is one of the greatest names ever for a roller coaster. Hellcat seems to be a little bit much.
  21. Heres a picture of Poland Springs Plunge at SFNE. This is the gist of the layout. Replacing it with the raft slide from SFAW was a great idea.
  22. Indiana Beach's Log Flume is made entirely of concrete, at least some of it is. Holiday Worlds is very good, short, but good. Unlike many log flumes, well at least the ones I've been on, that one gets you a little wet.
  23. I was just wondering what the best and worst log flumes are. In my opinion the best are The Wild Thornberry Flume at Kings Island and Dare Devil Falls at Dollywood. The worst one is Poland Springs Plunge that operated at SFNE.
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