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Robb Alvey as TPR's Mr Six, he just does the dance so well.


An alcohol themed section to compete with Busch.


Buffet's every 50 yards to keep some sections of the coaster community happy.


Abduct SFNE's Ride of Steel, Expedition Ge Force, and Millennium Force and call it Mitch Hawker's coaster poll land, leave your vote at the exit.


Make taking a video camera with you mandatory on all rides.


Copies of X, Chiller, and Deja Vu that actually run all the time with maximum train.


ERT for everyone, everyday.

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Here are a few rides that MUST be included:


- "The Great Big Ball Of Nothing"


- "Ode To The Lost Aisles Of Gemco"


- "The Swinging Rashmi Ride"


- "Cheese Mountain"


- "It: The Ride"


What all those rides are YOU have to figure out!!!!



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A huge area dedicated to nothing but only kiddy coasters called:




*Some kiddy coasters require a child to take with you in order to ride.

So TPR Theme Park will gladly furnishes a child to take with you for your enjoyment and stay in March of the Credit whores!!

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^ The castle has to be significantly bigger than Disneyland's, and/or a copy of Disneyland's castle just so we can make jokes about it


Copies of Expedition GeForce, Balder, Aska, Manhattan Express, Scream (built over a real working parking lot), and Screw Coaster

Internet kiosks for the sole purpose of posting PTR's

A "Shamu" show (and I'm not talking about the whales!)

An ongoing construction site just to make people wonder what's being built

A "Stateline" sign

A Fishing Restaurant

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