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How about a coaster with every restraint system known to man on each train--lap bars, OSRs, stand-up restraints, seat belts, even a length of rope. Riders could pick their own restraint system.


Call it "X" Unrestrained! Or just "X"straint!

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How about a section designated for the GP where coasters stall in loops due to power outages, SLC's have 100 inversions, coasters aren't fenced in so anyone can go retrieve that lost hat when an inverted coaster train whizzes by, and the coasters have built-in motors and brakes. The only way to access the rest of the TPR park would be to log in with your user name and password, contained on your season pass.

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Here are some:


- Top Spin FreeFall Tower


- Every Coaster a McD drive-tru


- Instead of Monorails Intamin Accelerators


- A Flyer with an Outside Loop


- Ball Coaster


- Inverted Hyper with Lap Bars


- Lot's of Vekoma and Arrow Death Machines

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I always wanted to see a coaster with that figure eight loop that Schwarzkopf designed but never built. Crazy man, that Anton guy was.


Wait no longer, I think the one you are talking about is the bent cuban 8 that is being built into G-Force at Drayton Manor.


I think this one was different Chris. The Bent Cuban is just two inversions side by side, but the Schwarzkopf loop literally looked like a figure eight standing upright.


I'm sure there's a photo floating around on the net somewhere, you have to see it to believe it!

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Wow, that sounds painful and yummy.


That'd be a lot of G's in the lower portions of an element like that in order to get all the way through.


I've grayed out a couple times and blacked out once (multiple rerides led to that one) I doubt I'd make it through that thing awake!



Yeah, the figure 8 loop was never built, and was only a pipe dream that was never realised. But it has got to be one of the most amobitious ideas ever thought of.

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STALKER LAND: A Robb and Elissa meet-and-greet area, where you can get Elissa to sign your rodent (not a metaphor) and Robb to steal your food. The food-stealing would take place in a restaurant where plain pasta, and mozzarella salads are half price to Elissa wannabes. Also as part of this land there would be a spelling and grammar school, where people must learn to write intelligibly and without using netspeak. Once they pass the exam at the end of this lesson, they are then, and only then, allowed to molest the Alveys.

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My next suggestions -


All coasters oudoor as well as the indoor ones - be excellently maintained, painted and kept up to all-weather conditions, incl.snow.



And for a CanadaMAZE...... all forest and rockwork walls.


Deadends are ice and snow. From one corner to the other and back thru other way, hee hee. Even stepping over bridges in it, with a small stream running thru it.



Haven't thought about what "the endpoint" would be for them. Maybe a Lookout tower like the Hotel at EPCOT? The Grande Frontenac Hotel? Or maybe something like what's on Tom Sawyer Island at DL. A waterwheel house that starts the stream thru the maze?



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