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I got one...


"Fuji-Q Land"


In this land, there will be coasters and rides with very low capacity. Average wait times will be 2-3 hours for every ride, even the merry go-round. There will be a Thomas Town Land where KidTums can ride everything.


This land will also have a Haunted Hospital, but it will be empty most of the time as people will be too busy waiting in line to experience that attraction.

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Some random ideas:


-Ghetto fair themed section built over the parking lot.

-Intamin & vekoma themed lands at war with each other.

-Mirror image SLC (I always thought that would be cool)

-Penguin: the ride (LIM coaster that is launched into and twists around a giant 200ft tall penguin statue). Approved by everyone but Jahan.

-Fence: the ride (see SFMM Tatsu construction updates).

-B&M Drachen Fire

-ACE Coaster featuring super sized seats.

-Storm Runner with 4D trains.


That is all for now.

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While I've already got a couple projects in the hopper, if anybody wants to team and build a TPR Theme Park in RCT3, I have a few track layouts ready to go (launched shuttle loop, vekoma boomerang, arrow corkscrew, a so so Deja Vu, so so Goliath, so so Georgia Scorcher, so so Apollo's Charriot,).


*The TPR park definately needs someone walking about in a shark suit

*Petting Zoo/Animal preserve for the particular animal fans

*McDonald's, Carrabba's, Mythos, BIG candy store (Double Deckers)

*Dueling kiddie coasters!

*Kid-bot rental system for said dueling kiddie coasters. Located in the white van next to the ride. Security HQ conveniently located next to van.

*A Casey-sized area. All extra tall, extra room, tackles upon request.

*The WTF Dark Ride of no point whatsoever.

*The Big Mike and cfc onride photo shop. "Look! I rode ______ with Big Mike and cfc!

*Terry's statuary garden and water park. Can you stand all the wet fun?

*Credit Whore leader boards, ala PGA

*A Duck! Just one.....

*The Hotties of TPR Show! All your favorites stand on a stage for a couple minutes while visitors bask in their beauty, stare, drool, etc...

*Lou's Bouncy Bouncy

*Random vegetable statues. "Honey, stand over there next to the pickle..."

*Very small rocks

*Those crazy animal scooters from Japan

*Abysmo_Can YOU break it?

*King Tut vallying shuttle coaster thing that everybody thought was amazing


Maybe later this week, I can rough out a few of these and the other great ideas in RCT3. If so, screenshots will follow with PoV's later.

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Found a pic of the Schwartzkopf figure 8 loop. Wow!


I'm picking through the thread to get build ideas for TPR RCT3 park. Will try to incorporate as many as possible. You sick puppies!


Update! I've broken ground on TPR Land (working title).


*McDonald's Super Size! - B&M Hyper

*Starbucks: The Ride - Did somebody say Helix...

*Journey to the Center of Robb - Intamin Drop Tower

*Joey's Red Cross Cantina

*Side Boob: Ride of Death - Vekoma Boomerang

*Big pile of DIRT!

*Ghetto Fair


This is still very work in progress, so bear with it and let me know what you think.


Schwartz 8 looper




Starbucks and McDonald's


Side Boob

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Don't forget a "Cooking with Joe" restaurant!


Fires and/or severed body parts every 10 minutes!!


Also included is "Dave's Musical Circus Sideshow". A dark ride that, once you're seated and buckled in, restraints cannot be removed until you have seen 8 different death metal bands play.

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A TPR Theme Park. Interesting... I would say it would be a Community Built Park, like each person having his own little area with the Alveys overlooking it all. Though, if each person gets his own area, it may have to be built on another planet because I don't think there is any land big enough for purchase for such a thing... Unless we go virtually, like Second Life.



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For the record, I'm following WillMontu's lead, but using a different version of RCT and putting a little different spin on things. Just building for fun like he is. He's done some great work thus far.


Update on the RCT3 TPR Land. Still working on themeing in places, but several rides are in.


*McDonald's Super Size! - B&M Hyper

*Starbucks: The Ride - Arrow Helix

*Journey to the Center of Robb - Intamin Drop Tower

*Joey's Red Cross Cantina

*Side Boob: Ride of Death - Vekoma Boomerang

*Big pile of DIRT!

*Ghetto Fair - Now with more trash cans and benches. Gyrator, Inverter, Zipper, Giant Slide, RoboCoaster, Fireball, food court, other crap.

*Candy stalls near Journey to the Center of Rob

*2 Kiddie Coasters - (Miler and Herschell Little Dipper)Names still pending

*Deju Eww - Mangled version of Deja Vu

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