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Yes, the Lost Aisles of Gemco--the queue area would be themed like a Best store, thus providing a place to shop and wait at the same time.


Snack stands should be well stocked with deep-fried butter sticks and ten-pound funnel cakes.

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A McDonalds themed dark ride - Learn how to cook french fries and wrap burgers, with the smell of a real McDonalds!


A Taiko Themed Coaster, that just so happens to be a mirror image of Expedition GeForce!


A monorail that takes you across the Pacific to Tokyo Disneyland!

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This park needs a special section: "Knott's When It Was Still a Good Park Land." Rides would include the Wacky Soapbox Racers (and Motorcycle Chase), the Parachute Sky Jump, and (God help us) Knott's Beary Tales.


I'd also include a re-creation of the Lost Dutchman Mine from the long-gone-but-not-forgotten Frontier Village in San Jose.

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The park also must include a full scale replica park of SFMM with working rides, including Flashback. Also, the park as mentioned must have a McD's but one add-on onto that: It must be the only McD's with let's say...pink McD arches to make it unique (Kinda like Sedona's Teal-arched McD's). Lastly, there must be a rodent theme park for you to drop off your pet rodent for the day while you visit your park. Oh, let's not forget the TPR DVD/T-Shirt souvenirs!

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McDonald's: The Ride

An Intamin accelerator with TWO giant golden arches (tophats) and booster LIM's between 'em!


The Side Boob Experience

Coaster with multiple not quite inversions: Incline loops, overbanks and lie-to-fly/fly-to-lies


The official park mascots would be Don and Katsu the Taiko Drum Masters and Whatshisname the TPR Donkey.


There would be a complete Land of The Giants from Huss. This could be themed to escaped land whales in a jurassic park / ACEr buffet gone horribly wrong sense.


The attached (pay one gate/get two parks) waterpark would be named Dan's Unacceptable Levels of Wetness World. Dan would have a lifetime ban from this side of the park.


The shoot the chutes would have uncovered boats for winter use and covered boats for summer for complete WTF value. The Perilous Plunge name is available again, right?

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The KMG "Tangoburner"! Imagine a KMG Afterburner, but with the freely-rotating seats of the Tango ride to replace the usual seats. It would basically be like Bling without a counterweight! That would cause lots of people to red out! I would call it "the -4 g experience!"

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And Joey's Red Cross Cantina!


- For those "near- death accidents" that happen, from time to time -


A hangout to swap near-death experiences and have a 'wet one' or two, eh Dan???


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