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  1. Yeah, that couldn't have anything to do with there literally being a time in the lives of twenty-somethings when gas was $1.25 a gallon instead of $2.50 to $4.00, when milk was $2.75 a gallon instead of $3.75, when credit card introductory interest rates were around 15% instead of 20 to 25%, and when student loans were actually enough to get you through college without owing anything out of pocket (and weren't purposely set up to keep you in debt for the rest of your life after you graduate)...and yet the federal minimum wage has seen one pitiful increase since then. The minimum wage set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 equates to around $4.25 an hour in today's money...we've gone up a whopping 3 dollars in eight decades despite inflation increasing seventeen fold since then. But yeah, we're TOTALLY just being big babies about a non-existent problem, right? Oh, uhh...crap, first post in almost 3 years. Guess I should say something relevant rather than derailing a topic...glad to hear Dragster's downtime will be minimal! Yeah, good for them! *wanders off to lurk for another 3 years, probably*
  2. #1 - Jr. Gemini at Cedar Point #50 - Pepsi Orange Streak at the Mall of America Still have a LONG way to go for #100...as often as I get to visit new parks, I MIGHT get it by the time I'm 30?
  3. I hate to be Mr. Debbie Downer here, but allow me to just copy-paste what I commented on this Youtube video (5 bucks says the uploader deletes the comment): 4 days, nearly 6,500 views, 54 comments, and nobody's pointed out that the word "vicinity" is misspelled on these supposed "official" blueprints, as clearly seen the second the video starts? Nice try though.
  4. Not gonna lie, I'm a tad unnerved by the fact that this is the second time in five years that a ride at Cedar Point has rolled backwards down its lift hill and crashed (Wildcat in 2008). It's not like this kind of thing historically happens TOO often...
  5. Head Spin/Big Dipper at Geauga Lake (and I guess Beaver Land Mine Ride too, not sure if I would've actually bothered riding it). There are a few other kiddie coasters I've passed on at various parks too.
  6. ...I haven't logged in on TPR in over a year? Seriously? Just thought I'd drop in here with a video that covers a lot of the damage to the piers and such: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp=49615945
  7. I'm sure they'll plant trees around the ride once the rest of the site work is done. They did the same with Maverick, and the vegetation has already started to fill in around it. It looks far better than it did when it first opened.
  8. Jeez! I'm moving to Minnesota next month and I've been planning on checking this place out over the summer, it looks like a nice little park. I hope they get everything sorted out after this!
  9. This idea gets shot down about as often as the whole "build into the lake" idea does. The zoning laws in place pretty much prevent them from building out into the parking lot any farther than they already have, largely due to the houses in close proximity to the park at the end of Cedar Point Road. About all I can see them doing parking-lot wise is when Demon Drop inevitably gets removed, they might be able to shoehorn something in there and maybe use part of the employee lot in the corner. The "5-ride contract" with Intamin is a complete myth that has been disproven countless times.
  10. I have a couple thoughts... -Why did they decide to re-use the Shoot the Rapids name? If they were attempting to re-create a classic ride, I'd understand that, but other than sharing the name, this ride is completely different from the original Shoot the Rapids. They might as well have just called the ride "Whyte Lightning" for as much as that played into the speculation. -And speaking of the original Shoot the Rapids, I'm amazed that it isn't even referenced ONCE in the press release or any of the information on Cedar Point's website. You'd think they'd at least give it some recognition. -While I'm 100% in favor of this addition to the park and I'm glad to see that land on Millennium Island finally used for something, I have to wonder what this means for future expansion plans. That was really the last sizable chunk of open space left in the park, and I had always assumed that a coaster would eventually wind up there. They're getting to where they'll have to start removing rides to make room for new ones...Mean Streak anyone? I can only hope.
  11. And then they'll find something else wrong with the trains, so they'll redesign those, modify them, run more tests, then by the time that's done, the track will need replacing again, so they'll tear that up some more...and on and on it goes. I think the only realistic opening date that can be given for Flying Turns at this point is "sometime between now and never."
  12. Cool, maybe one of this park's 3 "under construction" coasters will actually open sometime in this decade.
  13. As far as I know, they've only used the "S&S-Arrow" name on the two 4D coasters, since that was an Arrow design that S&S picked up.
  14. Interesting...they were having problems with the catch car not wanting to engage properly with one of the trains during opening weekend. It was down a lot then, and they only ran 2 trains most of the time it was open. I wonder if that has anything to do with this?
  15. "Little Amerricka in Marshall, WI purchased the Comet's trains and intends to one day build a copy of the Comet using the original trains after refurbishing them. The Comet's structure itself is too far deteriorated to be salvaged. This will be a very large project for Little Amerricka and there is no timetable for this project at this time." http://www.rcdb.com/id451.htm I haven't heard anything about this project in quite a while, so it's possible that Little Amerricka abandoned the idea.
  16. What I don't understand is, with this being in China, wouldn't the government officials who ordered the place demolished had to have been the same ones who approved its construction in the first place?
  17. Geauga Lake also had a lot more coasters that were in good enough condition to be easily relocated and reopened. Other than Mayan Mindbender and Serial Thriller, the coasters at Astroworld would have all required heavy refurbishing to get them up and running somewhere else.
  18. I'm generally pretty quiet unless it's my first time on a coaster and something about it surprises me to the point that it results in... "involuntary vocal reactions" (i.e., Top Thrill Dragster's launch). Sometimes I try to be the guy who makes funny, out-of-place noises too. I've let out an Angry Beavers "NEEEEEEEEEE" on more than one occasion.
  19. There have actually been demolition crews at the site since sometime last fall, I believe they just hadn't secured all the permits to go ahead with the demolition yet. The demolition was also delayed for several months for the filming of a movie called Closed for the Season:
  20. I'd like for it to be Diamondback, but since it's pretty likely that I'll visit Cedar Point before Kings Island, I'll just find something with a short line. I've been on every coaster there so many times at this point that I really don't care much anymore.
  21. Cedar Point never stated that there would be a new attraction this year. In fact, if you go back a few entries on the blog on their official website, they specifically state that there ISN'T going to be one: http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/index.cfm?entry=1eb26d74-c508-452d-ac0b-d4e498570529 "First, we think it's safe for you to assume that there won't be a new ride or coaster." If this was land clearing for a 2009 attraction, it would have been started before the end of the '08 season.
  22. That back spike on Wicked Twister has been problematic since it opened. The ride was closed a lot its first couple seasons, most often simply because they had to constantly do patch welding jobs on that section of track. They added additional supports to both spikes after that (the small yellow beams that extend up from the green supports), but it's still been a pretty consistent issue.
  23. Well crap, there goes the only Arrow launched loop that I had a chance of getting on any time soon. There's only what, 4 of them left?
  24. Seasonal rent-a-cop-type security people who act like they own the place and know absolutely everything. I've been going to amusement parks on a regular basis for my entire life, you've probably been working at one for like a week and don't even care about your job. For the sake of everybody, stick to your natural environment and go back to your local mall food court.
  25. There's a generic FEC called Swings N' Things just up the street from me that had a kiddie coaster for many years, it was taken out probably around 2000. It was your typical Dragon Wagon-ish ride, but I seem to remember it being slightly larger and having a mine train theme.
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