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  1. Not sure what it's called but it would be brutal on Goliath. I would be there ready to ride it if they ever did it, though. Long-time lurker here at TPR, but just a quick question. I'm headed out to SFMM this weekend with a bunch of friends and we're trying to figure out which day to go. Thursday is out of the question already. Will Saturday or Sunday be more crowded? Also just so I know what to expect, anyone have a somewhat updated list what rides will be closed this weekend?
  2. "Hey mom, I'm on Theme Park Review!" Thats me on the under side of the train (3rd row) on the right side of the photo. My overall take on the ride was it was pretty awesome. The effects definitely enhanced the experience, the music was well done, and even the fire kind of caught me by surprise when I knew it was coming. My "GP" friends were absolutely floored by how awesome the ride was. Props to SFMM for sprucing up its (IMO) best ride! We'll be back to ride it again with more people next weekend.
  3. Looks like you had a good day at the mountain. I really need to get back down there before it closes (if it closes at all)
  4. Thanks for that, VsEuro. It really takes me back to a great site.
  5. Hey guys. I remember a couple years back, before I was a legitimate coaster enthusiast, there was a great coaster website called "Themeparksource." It featured very good photos from Disneyland, DCA, and SFMM. I loved the site so much because you could click on a certain land, such as Baja Ridge, and there would basically be a photo tour of that area, including ride photos, stats, and other things. Anyway, the site went down for some reason, and I could never find it again. I'm wondering if anyone on here remembers the website, and possibly knows where it was moved to. Or if it was just shut down and never brought back up. Any information is appreciated. Thanks. ~Nick S.
  6. Tatsu and X, after the "Saturday morning sprint" at SFMM. Oh yeah, got on the front of both rides so it was even sweeter.
  7. ^true dat. I rode last week on thursday and friday, and the park was relatively empty, so you should have a good opportunity to ride it multiple times. It really is a fun ride.
  8. Thanks for the heads up... Anyone know what channel National Geo is on Comcast?
  9. ^Haha well said. The roughest I've encountered is a tie between The Grizzly at PGA and Psyclone at SFMM. Grizzly has always been really jerky and the seats aren't the most comfortable...Same said for Psyclone. However, this year the Grizzly go re-profiled, and Psyclone got 1000 feet of new track. I could have ridden Grizzly this weekend but the line was insane, and I haven't had a shot to ride Psyclone yet. However pre re-tracking, both rides were terrible...
  10. WOW this ride looks so amazing. I think I would like to walk around that whole area almost as much as I would like to ride the coaster itself. Just looking at the pictures, I am in shock of the effort put into this ride. Theres wooden statues and idols, and painting on walls, and huts everywhere, and pots, and little market places type things. If ever I'm within 500 miles of Germany, this will be a must ride...Lucky Germans!
  11. Looks like you had a good time. Those T-shirts for $9.99-$11.99 sound awesome...
  12. Went to Paramount's great america this past saturday. It was really busy and pretty warm, so we decided to hit a few rides and get outa there. Last coaster we went on before leaving was Vortex.
  13. As i said, I don't think Intamin is a bad company, "Intamin has produced some pretty sweet rides for them in the past." I just think that Cedar Point should look to have a variety of coasters from a variety of companies.
  14. IMO, I think another Intamin is the last thing that Cedar Point needs. I mean, don't get me wrong, Intamin has produced some pretty sweet rides for them in the past. But this is the 6th Intamin coaster at the park, I think Cedar Point needs to break away from Intamin, and build another B+M or even a Deja Vu...
  15. I like all of these coaster names from other languages... 1. Tatsu (flying beast) 2. Aplengeist (Ghost of the Alps) 3. Kanonen (Cannon in Swedish) 4. Montu (Egyptian God of War) 5. Kumali 6. Kingda Ka 7. SheiKra (named after an African bird which dives to catch prey) 8. Kumba (Roar in an African Congo language) 9. Katun (certain number of days in the Maya calender) 10. Kraken (underwater beast) I think this foreign naming system is a fad, but for the time being, I really like the names that it has produced...They kind of make you stop and think about the name. Information from rcdb.com
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