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Roller Coaster Riding World Record

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I bumped into Richard at both his Boss run and his EGF run.

I rode with him a few laps on EGF and we chatted a bit.

It's been a while, but his "potty breaks" were more frequent than 15 minutes every 8 hours. I think he said 5 minutes off the ride every 2 hours, and 20 minutes every 6 hours. The coaster only operated during normal park hours and he was not required to stay on the ride once the park was closed.

He said that there was a day or two during the summer that the park would not open, and he would be visiting a couple other parks on those days, specifically Europa Park for one of them.

He mentioned that he's a teacher, and that he would not be able to go any longer than 104 days because of the school year. He also mentioned that he had done a stint in the Army. He's a nice guy.

A little messed in the head, but still nice.


I'd pick Jr. Gemini. It's new for me, so at least it would be a credit, and I could do other things like read, listen to music or play with a PSP or DS.

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BPB's Big Dipper. He used it for three of his own attempts afterall.. and it's close to me.. and I love it. Just as long as the seat divider is removed (they have spare dividerless seats to put in) and the lapbar be left open, held up with a bit of rope. Oh and the tarpaulin over the car for rainy days, especially through the night (I'd probably be woken up by the return tunnel like he was). Well, those were his luxuries..


..But in reality, I'd want to get off after a few hours.


Infact, Rollercoaster would be better, since it already has no restraints (apart from the new belts this year) and no dividers, and is a smooth gentle ride. I'd last better on that in one of the deep spacious front seats than I would on the Dipper! Snuggle down nice and cosy..

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I'd agree that The Rollercoaster at PBB would be a nice ride for it. It's familiar and quite sedate.


Other than that Air at Alton would be good as previously said cause its smoooooooooth, I think I could actually sleep on it. Or perhaps Nemises at Alton but sitting all that time would be a bit of a pain come to think of it.


I think anyone able to do the record would deserve a medal cause no matter what you rode it would be like spending a year at sea when you came off.

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I can't believe this went 5 pages and nobody mentioned a mack bobsled. That is totally the way to go since you can totally recline and kick back with like...a diet pepsi or something and just zone out.


If I did it I would pick either the one at PKD or Blackpool. Then for added comfort I'd find a nice portly girl to sit behind me so I would be all comfy and warm. Plus she could hold my nachos and my diet pepsi.


Yeah, that's totally how I'd do it. I'd kick her out for the final lap though so I wouldn't have to share my record, or find an alternate plumper as a backup when my primary needed service.


Don "Beat that Guy" Garrison

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I choose for a sit-down coaster, more like Silver Star than. An Inverted coaster not and a motorbike coaster like Boosterbike at toverland is verry hard to sit a record on it, and it's painfull, I now it

Silver Star isn't to intens but verry fast and much air-time but that isn't a problem. Also the B&M seats are verry comfortabel, not to rough.


A second coaster that would be possible is Goliath (Walibi World), also comfortabel and a verry nice, not to intens ride. It's also smooth.

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