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  1. If this kiddie star flyer is terrifying, than you have to visit Vienna, Austria. The Prater Park has a 300ft high starflyer, which is the worlds highest yet. OHH. I thought this was the 300ft one. Oh well. o:
  2. Heck yeah! I know what park I'm hitting up next time I to go Cali. These things look terrifying. =D
  3. My greatest accomplishment was rideing Acrophobia at SFoG 78 times in one day during regular park operation. During the last Ace event at Visionland I rode rampage 60 times nonstop! I did the same with V2 in Chicago during Coaster Con XXVIII only 30 times. I could have ridden either all night! It doesn't sound impressive but I rode Thunderhead 10 times in an hour. You have to walk around the que line every cycle.
  4. I think Mantis is great. It gave me a wried cramp in my leg once. Other than that I think it's fine!
  5. I hope it doesn't turn out as much of a disappointment as Silver Bullet. This element looks pretty cool. http://rcdb.com/ig3244.htm?picture=8
  6. I would really like to see another ride at any Sea World. But I think the Busch company eaves most of the themepark area to Busch Gardens.
  7. I would ride Ninja at SFoG for that long. Just to show everyone that it really isn't that bad.
  8. Go to stupidvideos.com and search for "Cat Fan". It's the funniest thing that ive ever seen online. Not that I hate cats or anything....
  9. We should have Theme Park Review trading cards! I would laugh my ass off.
  10. In fifth grade we were tought how to juggle in PE. I was the best in the class! I tought someone how a few days ago.
  11. Curt

    Tremors POV

    Try here, it's my POV. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21238
  12. Coaster Count: 478 Language Count: 1 Oh well...
  13. I want mine to be "Coaster Junkie" Thanks!
  14. I find that arrow rides are constituently rough during the entire ride witch is not so bad. Vekoma has some smooth spots and some rough spots.
  15. Katun has some amazing teeming. These pictures don't do it justice. http://rcdb.com/ig764.htm
  16. Wow, thanks for the pics! Sounds like I need to make a trip to Taiwan.
  17. I was planing on going to Knott's this year but I won't because of Majorwoodie's experience. I alredy have the credits at the park anyway!
  18. Well Elissa, the had fried twinkies! The smell almost made me vomit so I passed.
  19. If Napoleon Dynamite went to the fair he would have gone to this one! Over all, the day was a Mighty Fun Fest! Here is me all dehydrated on the Gravitron! The Spider was fun too. -=Quack Quack!=- Is that Yoshi?? I rode this one. I did not ride this ferris wheel. Looks like a K'nex creation. Check out the bootleg Mario! He was pointing at the door of the fun house. There were a lot of Copyright issues here! Wow... They also had a Ring of Fire. Most of them have OSTRs but this one just had lap bars! Unfortunately, the car was enclosed. I think I like them more this way. Grrr!! I'm a scary carny horse thing! Gimme Some Candy!! Check out the Zipper Panel. The Zipper! Why don't they call it Chain Saw Of Death? LOOK! It's a credit!! yay! The Midway was closed when we got there. I decided to kill some time and look around. I signed up for the FFA-Future Farmers of America just so I could go on the trip. It was worth the $15.
  20. Lmao! I saw this on pointbuzz.com. One person downloaded it, the forum got locked and the link got deleted! Theme Park Review is so much better! Here is the link to the topic. http://www.pointbuzz.com/cpplace.aspx?mode=thread&TopicID=17457 I got a double roll-back the first time I rode it. That means three launches! I was in the front seat of the purple train.
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