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Roller Coaster Riding World Record

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As far as I know the current record for the most continuos rides on a roller coaster is held by Richard Rodriguez who rode Expedition Ge-Force for 104 days. This beat his old record of riding the Boss at SFSTL for 100 days.


The Boss is my hometown coaster and if I ride multiple times I am bruised and have a headache. That just means I need a beer break before more coaster laps.


So my question to all you fine TPR folks: If you were to attempt to break Rodriguez's record, what coaster would you want to ride for 104+ days?


My choice: Raging Bull

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Enthusiast Response: Superman Ride of Steel at SFNE


Surviving 104 days on a coaster practical response: a small flat kiddie ride with an accomodating train, a specific one doesn't come to mind.


What are the details about these records, did he have to ride the coaster for so many hours a day, did he have meal, toilet breaks?

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Something really smooth, painless, and boring. But seriously I would not want to do that. I would imagine the guy would go insane after going through the same pattern of motion for thousands of times in a row. That and it would totally kill a ride for me to ride it so many times, I would never want to ride it again.

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lol, I think a few people would know my answer, and no ROBB, i am NOT braging, But my choice would be Superman Escape at Movie World. Except the Roll Bars Hurt a little and leave nice bruises, either that or theres a SLC next Door . Or Tower of Terror could be a good Choice Too.


BTW, 50th Post

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I think I'd probably go with Dominator or Apollo's Chariot. I would consider Hades as well.


Honestly though, I have no desire to ever do something like this. I love roller coasters, but not enough to waste 100 consecutive days of my life riding the same one.

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well I got a big list I want either


-Mr. Freeze


-top gun

-stealth/borg assimalator


-kong (who thinks my neck would snap before I am done)

-giant dipper at SCBB

This list will be updated soon. If it wasnt for school I would so do this on any of those rides. I wonder do they have to pay to do this

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IIRC Richard Rodriguez had some severe dental problems during the marathon, due to the forces. The best advice would be to choose a fairly forceless ride with no inversions, that's very smooth.


Both Mummy's would be cool, but the backwards put could mess you up after awhile. I think that Apollo would be a great choice, as would Silver Star. RB, with all of the transitions, could wear you out after awile.


Personally, if I could pad the seats, Jaguar or Ripsaw would be a good choice. But for comfort, I think Coaster at the Puyallup Fair or High Roller at VF would be the best choices.




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