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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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I meant it should be open in August unless it has a big breakdown because Stealth and Kingda Ka had a big breakdown in their first seasons which closed them for a few weeks,


This is probally a small delay and will most likely be opened before July.


And do you know the reason of this breakdown? Is it to see the "performance" (we say behavior or performance?) of the machine?

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And do you know the reason of this breakdown? Is it to see the "performance" (we say behavior or performance?) of the machine?


I am just saying this thing should be open in August but it is not uncommon that accelerators suffer alot of downtime especially in their first season.

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Furius Baco is coming on nicely, I just hope they get it open before I go which is the 3rd July - 10th July, which they should do if there is no major setbacks. Anyway her is a picture of a train on the last turn of the layout over the lake.


Picture Of Furius Baco On Last Turn


There is also a little video on Youtube showing off the train going through the Inline Twist and around the final turn. Enjoy



Regards, Rollercoasters4Life

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Thanks for the links! You are going at pretty much exactly the same time as me, except I am hitting some parks in Madrid first then coming down to Salou on the 6th. The ride had better be open by then, it should be, it's supposed to be opening in June.

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There is supposed to be a pre opening event for season ticket holders which according to the person in guest relations at the park will happen either next weekend 26th may or the weekend of the 2nd of june.


Baco as it crosses the lake


Baco swooping down towards the lake


Baco about to enter the second inversion

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pictures which include the outdoor part of the que:




I wonder What they are doing there?









New video posted here:




next weekend 26th may or the weekend of the 2nd of june.


I doubt it would be ready by next week but I say it would around June 2nd or that week before opening.


I think it will open on time. They have a good bit of work done on the que and I think it looks fantastic.

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I wonder What they are doing there?

If you mean the pic above, they are putting in the maintenance/evacuation platforms, if you mean the pic below they are building a urinal


^That is quite a nice looking sign, great use of materials, but I think the font they used for "Furius" looks a bit out of place.

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This coaster looks great, and hopefully more coasters similar to this will be built. I really like the rocket coasters with strange layouts like this, but I thought there would be few of the faster rockets built after KK. The theme of this coaster is great, and the only thing that I'm not sure about are the trains.

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Good news!


Themeing is moving forward REALLY fast. If you thought you had seen the best part of the coaster, wait until you see the odd themeing added to the queue line LOL


The storyboard of the ride tells that a crazy inventor created a machine called Furius to transport barrels at high speed with a fuel made from wine. Well, on early tests, the inventor uses test dummies that end up crashed, mutilated, etc.


The best part of it is that there will be REAL TEST dummies on the queueline and you will see their state after being used for testing. Some of them are being put throughout the outdoor queueline. We don't know yet if they wil be animated or if they will just 'sit' there headless, arm or legless Should be funny, though


Onto the pics:





Despite the small pictures, you might have noticed that the legs of these dummies are made of broomsticks and so xD Can't wait to see the ride completed.


At the moment, there's a structure being built right under the brakes (Emergency platform I guess) but some rumours talk about the possibility of being themed to a sort of bridge or small houses to hide the ugly black supports. Here comes a picture of it:



And last...


- First RIDERS will be the members from PA-Community that will have an ERT on Furius Baco on the 6th June.

- On the 7th there will be the Media day for the press to test and review the ride.

- On the 8th there will be the soft-opening for Season Pass Holders and finally the ride will be offcially open by the weekend


Thanks for the pics to Rompe!


BTW, the name is FURIUS not FURIOUS, so if any of the moderators can change the title of this topic it would be nice

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Some more new pictures and it sure looks great:


The station looks great now that it has been painted and they are doing some lanscaping around the que.



Weird but cool que themeing.


The funny test dummies around the que.



Is that the monkey?



More cool themeing. It is good that they are themeing the outdoor part of the que aswell as the indoor.


What is the point of the ropes?



I wonder will there be any themeing around the inline twist.


I love the effort they are putting into this and the effort they are making to make it fit into the area which I think it does.


I think the ropes for the que are a bad idea because it will make it very easy to que jump.




Looks awesome, shame that the fence and tree are in the way.


I really like the themed light things, I say it will have loads of atmosphere at night.


There is alot more que themeing than I thought there would be. I say the inside of the building has awesome themeing.




Some themeing inside the station.


I assume that is a tunnel.




They have done so much work in the last week. I cant wait to see the next update.

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Hi coastermaniac1, thanks again for another great update.


6th June is going to be my last day at the park before I fly back to the UK...do you think there's any chance my girlfriend and I could somehow get our way onto that ERT session? I would try joining PA-community but I can't read Spanish!


I've tried e-mailing Port Aventura begging them but they haven't responded. Any ideas? I know it's a bit of a long shot but it'll be so frustrating seeing it going round knowing that if we'd booked our trip a week later we could've got on it.

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