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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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Eh, the theming looks really good, but the ride is just kinda "meh". It just seems like one big curve, with a twist and an airtime hill in the beginning. It's just my opinion, but besides the fact that you're going really fast, it looks pretty boring.


Ever heard of G-forces? That's just an onride movie. When your sitting behind your desk watching an onride aint as fun as riding the rollercoaster for real.


So maybe it's dull, but if I hear those people screaming, I don't think it is dull at all.


But still you have to ride it to have a good opinion about the ride of course.


That is the GP screaming and not really about riding to base an opinion on it. Since most of us here know how coasters are and how they feel, yes we can base an opinion on it just from the video.

I would have to agree with onewheeled999. This layout does look a bit boring when they could of done much more with it like maybe a loop or other elements instead of just goin over a few hills and turns with just one heartline.. yeah not too exciting! Not to mention I think it could be longer. I mean sure I would ride and it will be fun to ride because it's a coaster but this just would NOT be worth a long wait. If I waited long for this I would be disapointed.


No you can't.

I can and I will and I have!
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The ride looks absolutely beautiful, but I dont think it would do much for me. Though it was "fast", I dont think you could say it was "fast-paced". Looked very "floaty" and "wavy".


Themeing was amazing though. Didn't realize it would be that themed.


Thanks for posting!



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Yay, I rode Furius Baco 20 times in a week! I love that coaster!!


The launch is spectacular! I have to say that that´s my first launched coaster, and this is one of the biggest ( I´m not sure about the meaning of this ) sensations that I have ever felt! In the small drop after this: you can say bye to the seat, what an airtime! And the Inline....OMG! It´s so different in each side of the train, but the 2 sides are awesome!


Here more pics! I hope you enjoy it!


The cool inline!


Pretty view from the lake


Test before the ride opens.


More test.




I really like this picture!


View from the Q line.





That´s all! See you soon!

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Yeah, I say it will look great and it's supposed to be the bigger than the other 3 hotels.


More information:


This new far west themed hotel will be the largest of PortAventura Resort. It will feature 3 parts : two 4*, named Grand Hotel et Riverview and one 5* named Lucy’s Mansion. It will also have a direct access to the park which will be located near Stampida.
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I was not sure if I had to post this info in the "official" Furius Baco thread or if it would be better to start a new one since this is not related to its construction.


Well, it appears that after all the problems and headaches Furius Baco has given to PA and guests alike, the coaster will remain shut at least until next season. So yeah, people coming to PA with the main reason being Furius Baco, you'd better change your mind or change your dates becuase the coaster is not expected to open for the rest of the season.




In recent checks, the ride has shown signs of bad state in the foundations that were poured over the lake. So, the supports over that section are way too slim and weak creating too many vibrations that, as you might have noticed in reviews and on-ride videos, make the ride rather uncomfortable.

Furius Baco closed on 25th September never to reopen in 2007. The park has decided to dismantle part of the layout (last turn over the lake) to rebuilt it and improve the ground foundations to give a smoother and safer experience.


I am not saying that Baco has not been safe and checked on a regular basis, but it's not until now that they have found this problem.


This is a big big bummer for the park since Furius Baco is already popular among guests and has been announced all over Spain and Halloween are one of the most overcrowded days in the season. People come from all over the country to experience the walk-throughs but also Furius Baco and when they find it broken down, it will be a nightmare for the park and for guests.


Let's hope the park solves this problem as soon as possible and can get the ride running before the end of the season....though don't get your hopes up.


On the other hand, the park will take this opportunity to add some other details to achieve an even better themeing for the ride.

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If they are blaming the foundation in the lake for the roughness on the part of the ride, what is the reason for the rest?


This whole thing seems odd. How would they not have noticed foundation problems during the construction and then suddenly find them? Perhaps the train was vibrating so much than anticipated that it caused problems.


I hope that they install kicker wheels between the brakes and the station because having to push empty trains into the station is just silly.

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Hmm. An Intamin ride with inadequate supports? Not like Ive never heard that before.


Maybe its the inline. Gotta be that. Last time they tried to run a ride with a heartline-like twist it got removed because of stress

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