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  1. Just uploaded this for you guys, it involves all of The Smiler footage that was in the Blue Peter show with all the other Blue Peter stuff cut out! It shows construction at several periods and also onride/offride shots of the ride with Face recognition science near the end: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. Well depending on where in London you are stopping the park is roughly 3 hours drive away. If you were going by train you would probably have to get a train from a London station (say Euston) that goes to Crewe but get off at the Stoke-On-Trent stop and then get a bus to the park. The train can take anywhere between 1 hour 20 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes depending on which train you get on and the time of day. Whether you can do the park in one day is all down to what time of year you go. Obviously in the summer months the park gets busy as well as events such as Easter/Halloween/Fireworks, ect. What time of year are you looking to go, mate? Also as a last resort if you wanted to visit a Merlin park while you stop off in London but don't want to make the trip to Alton Towers then there is Thorpe Park & Chessington World of Adventures down London way. Thorpe Park & Chessington are about 40 minutes from central London and offer a varying difference in attractions (Chessington more family based & for little children, whereas Thorpe Park is more about all out thrills).
  3. Rough? Looks pretty smooth for a ride with 14 inversions all taken at high speeds. The only part that looks a bit to snappy would be the exit to the Cobra Roll. The last two inversions imparticular look glass smooth! The true test of time will be if it can stay like that or if it will get unbearably rough. Can't wait to ride on the 23rd!
  4. ^^ "SMILE CHOCCY CHOCCY!" was used before The Smiler came about by that cereal, called Krave. So don't think they are making up special phrases to accompany the ride - just yet anyway...
  5. Updated map (Correct as of 18:45PM on 22nd April 2013): As you can see, the only red section left is just the last half of the first lift hill.
  6. Ride close is 5PM and park stays open for around another hour. Latest he was probably there was 6 or before so they were still working on it at that time. We will find out the status of said track tomorrow once the park opens. Chances are they will have it in place.
  7. No, they are a full inverted drop. Basically a 360 twist into a drop. Sort of like a Zero-G roll but without such a big incline and not inline. Here is a picture of one of the inverted drops: (Thank to TowersStreet Facebook Page) As you can see it is missing just one piece of track to make it a completed inverted drop.
  8. There apparently is some media event on the 17th May and people are thinking it will open the next day on Saturday 18th May. Gives them a month to get it complete done.
  9. Incoming thoughts are that the reason they are removing The Smiler coverings are because they need to move the fence back to get the final Marmaliser leg in - The Hypnotiser. It would obviously need the crane on the public side of the fence so it will be done after closing if it was to happen. It could also be because they want to put up the actual black fencing on this side of the site.
  10. First lift hill going in. Next piece is apparently imminent. (Thanks to JMGPannal from TowersStreet Forum)
  11. Even the map keys don't make sense with this thing. By looking at it, they either have 90% of it uninstalled, or 99% of it installed, with one piece left.....or something. Hell, I give up. Anything with a red outline is not been constructed yet - So both inverted drops and the first lift hill need doing. Every other bit of track is built and the rest is colour coded so you know what sections are what. There is still one Marmaliser leg left to be constructed, The Hypnotiser leg.
  12. Overview map: Map is correct as of 8:30AM on 17th April 2013
  13. That sounds delicious. I have no idea why I put bread! Obviously meant breed.
  14. My guess is that it is an anti roll-back device and will be used for evacuation purposes. Don't forget this will be using 4x4 trains and not the usual Eurofighter 4x2 trains which means it is longer and also heavier. If you have seen an evacuation done on a Eurofighter you will see how hard and complicated it is as obviously the train is vertical not horizontal - like usual evacuations. I believe in the event of an evacuation the train will be able to disengage the lift and rollback slowly by using the said brake fins. Don't forget, this is a different bread of Eurofighter. Different trains, no beyond vertical drop, ect.
  15. Fencing is going up underneath the Marmaliser just look to the bottom left of this picture: (Image taken from the Alton Towers Guide Facebook) (Image taken from the Alton Towers Guide Facebook) Also notice the new Toxic barrels that have been put on the Inoculator leg - fake theming pipes have also been joined on to the syringes.
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