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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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Wow, Furious Baco looks great!


Although it doesn't have any big drops or stuff like that, it looks like a nice speed-based ride with cool trains...


Speaking of which, the trains really make me want Intamin to build a cross between a 4D and an accelerator... That would be great!


P.S.: And no, not a small one like Kirnu... I mean full-on trains and GOOD size (like X)!

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If it was to open early to guests it'd only be by a day or two. Even then I doubt that will happen. Furious Baco will not be open next weekend, sorry dude. Just go and enjoy Dragon Khan, Stampida etc. There's loads of fun to be had there.

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GUTTED! goin to port aventura next weekend was hopin ride would be runnin, not openin till June 7th? anyone think it may be running early before official launch?


You think that's bad, I'm gonna be at Port Aventura June 4th-6th!



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Furius Baco is delayed again. with unknown date...


If you are going to post something like that please give a source or an explanation or something. They just announced the opening date less than a week ago so I find it hard to believe they would have changed it so soon.

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here is the source:



the site admin's say it:

PortAventura acaba de informarnos que el fecha de ESTRENO OFICIAL se retrasa para acabar bien todo. Hay un ligero retraso.


No será el 7 en principio de Junio como se tenía previsto. No hay nueva fecha por el momento confirmada. Os seguiremos informando.

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yes i know but the source of the umwebsite fans is wrong, believe me in the pa-community fans site all te fans are writing for this delaymend,we think this is better for the theming of the coaster because Portaventura can finish it in the better conditions,believe me the source is true ,


sorry for my english is very bad i know jejeje.




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Do you mean it will be opened during a little time and then it will be closed again? (I didn't really understand what you said...


I meant it should be open in August unless it has a big breakdown because Stealth and Kingda Ka had a big breakdown in their first seasons which closed them for a few weeks,


This is probally a small delay and will most likely be opened before July.

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