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  1. September is a good month for go to the park...July and August are horrible (the queues are horrible).
  2. Robb, when are you going to come to Spain for ride Shambhala? I hope that soon...
  3. Shambhala is ready for tomorrow: https://twitter.com/#!/juanlublanco/status/200900476915560448/photo/1
  4. Shambhala is in google maps aerial view layer!! Some pics: Original source: http://www.pa-community.com/p/port-aventura/atraccion-2012/fotos
  5. New photos of Shambhala train!! Original video taken by Port Aventura.
  6. A fantastic photo (PA-Community) of one Shambhala's trains:
  7. Dummies!! Source: PA-COMMUNITY (http://www.pa-community.com/p/port-aventura/atraccion-2012/fotos/atraccion-2012-0334b672dc3b7f1171a)
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