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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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I have also heard that this is a rumor. All people have to go on is spanish info. and if the ride was shut for the rest of the season, parks are curteous enough to let people know that the ride is shut. so i highly doubt that baco will be shut, this is a rumor and is unconfirmed.


besides, as said previously, the foundations will have been inspected before the ride was opened, so this cannot be a reason.

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Baco is Spanish for Bacchus, the god of wine. Furius is not actually the proper Spanish word for furious, that would be furioso.


And your point is? The original poster is Spanish, I'm pretty sure he knows that


Anyways, I also found the lake turn to be the smoothest part. So this doesn't make sense to me. I mean the whole ride hurts..... so what's the foundations over the lake have to do with the roughness.

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OK, Listen up people.


I have been to PA the past 2 days, and they have fixed metal plates with wedges to the foudnations.


today, at closing time, a few baco trains were sent round, and health and safety were inspecting the lake foudnations. I have a VERY strong feeling it will be open tomorrow night, I am going again tomorrow night and if it opens i will let everyone know soon as OK.

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re: subject of this thread


so if we dislike Barco then we hate Intamin? That's funny since in general i love Intamin, but really was underwhelmed by Baco.


It's great that it's open, still makes me wonder what the problem was. Perhaps it needed to be supported like Parque Attractionnes' Tornado

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OK I can finally put all rumors and this topic to rest.


Furius Baco has NO problems, I was speaking to guest services, it is running fine, and will open EVERY day, not just weekends.


Foundations are good and there is no problems, they were running 2 trains last night.


As a side note, I rode it last night, front row, in the dark, and it was the best.


^^^^and the Main problem was that the lake foundations were weak, but they have now been reinforce, i rode baco last night.

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Last reports say that Baco is up and running again... and the best of all, the park is working on improving capacity introducing the 3rd train.


If lines already moved fast with 2 trains, I can't imagine how fast operations will be with 3 trains... this is 72 people every 4 minutes more or less... pretty good capacity.

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I'm about to say something that will make you all hate me...


Baco was shit.


honestly, go on the outer left seats, at the very back, or on the outer seats in general, and you will see what i mean.


The launch was forceless, I couldn't even feel it. Also, the damn thing is so unreliable, it must have broke down like every single day i was there.

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