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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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^ Here you go!


EUREKA, Mo. -- A roller coaster stalled at Six Flags in Eureka on Thursday, putting riders in quite a predicament.


According to KMOV News sources, everybody onboard the Mr. Freeze ride at the time it stalled were forced to climb down a ladder to get off the ride.


According to a spokesperson at the park, there was a power interruption to the mechanisms that push the coaster.


Mr. Freeze is designed and powered differently than other coasters. The coaster was designed so that if there is a power interruption, the train will stop in the valleys of the track so crews can safely unload passengers.


Six Flags has stressed the coaster did not malfunction but it did not have enough speed to make it around. Crews are working on repairs.


There is also a video, CLICK HERE!

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I have seen something like that at least a few times - with Sidewinder in Hersheypark valleying to the late Two-Face in Six Flags America valleying and to the even late Hypersonic XLC in Kings Dominion that didn't make it over the top. Even though safety protocols are in place; still, seeing something like that can freak out some riders and cause some of them to quickly exit the line and head over to a safer ride, like the carousel. Even being stuck on the lift hill of a coaster can cause some people to think they are going to die when all they're doing is just standing still. Now I've never been stuck in a "valley" position before, but I've been on several coasters in which the train stopped on the lift hill just for a few seconds before the motor kicks on and the chain begins moving once more.


As for the report, and knowing that I will be visiting Six Flags St. Louis in a couple weeks, I'm glad that nobody was hurt and the coaster wasn't damaged. The only cause was that the power went off during the ride. Since I want to ride Mr. Freeze when I get there ( not to mention the other rides such as Xcaliber and Shazam!), I'm hoping the ride is operating when I get there and also hoping the power doesn't quit when I'm riding it.


One last thing: what ride from Six Flags over Texas is rumored to take the place of Tidal Wave for next year? I've got a better question: what about the Water Street Cab Company (i.e. the bumper cars)? I heard that attraction is being moved out, so the question is will they place it in a new area ( that will have a much better station) or will they take it out completely? If those bumper cars are part of the ride roatation system, then I don't know any Six Flags park that could use the bumper cars. Does Six Flags over Texas even have the bumper cars? How this for a trade, St. Louis gets Flashback and Texas gets the bumper cars? Oh what a trade!


"I'm think about a trade myself: to someone you wants to sleep with me all the time!"

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Park News - (7/27/12) We’ve been sent a lead on the possible announcement date for Six Flags St. Louis. According to our source, the park is planning on unveiling something on August 30th. I’m not sure if it will be the 2013 attraction, or information about Fright Fest 2013. Speaking of which, I’m hearing some kind of “3 part” haunt may be added to the park this season, which could include a special area that may prove quite shocking.

And white we’re on the subject of Six Flags St. Louis… and talking about things that are shocking, it seems the coaster maintenance crew has been messing around with a little pet project for the last several weeks. Following the trend of Superman: The Escape and Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast, the park is testing out the idea of offering a backwards ride experience on Batman: The Ride. From what I was told a car on one of the Batman trains was modified to turn the two middle seats around to face backwards. Thursday morning it was time to take their monster creation out for some trial runs on the local guinea pigs (aka: employees). So far I haven’t heard just how good or bad the experience was, but I’ll give a nod to Six Flags for at least attempting to try something new.

Now remember… this was just A TEST!! This does not mean it will ever be something offered to the general public… it just means it was an idea someone wanted to test out only. Maybe we’ll see it happen… maybe we wont.



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I just can't see B&M signing off on that... still interesting though.


Why would they have to? Unless there is a warranty issue (which I doubt there is 17 years later), or some type of contractual commitment to a specified operation procedure then if Six Flags owns the ride and has for 17 or so years now they're probably free to do with it whatever the heck they want.


I'm sure they would consult B&M but I doubt they would need any type official approval (I could be wrong).


Sounds like a col Idea though, not sure I love it for a Batman model but it could spice up some of the other "dull" B&M's.

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Batwing man is intense IMO and just fine the way it is. I don't think I would want to ride it backwards.... I would kind of be scared to ride it backwards with all the quick transitions. They are better of turning Screamin Eagle around backwards if they are that pressed to have another backwards ride.

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^Oh don't get me wrong, my hats off to them for trying. I'm all for new things. World's first backward B&M. Also it would seem B&M would have to be involved in this "experiment" as I would assume some modified parts would be needed to turn the seats around. Then again, I'm no mechanic or engineer.

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