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  1. Not a big dew fan anymore. I prefer Mellow Yellow, its sweeter.
  2. If it had been a few years back, I would say Nickelodeon or DC because its what I watched. But after watching Adventure Time for the first time with my cousins it was so awesome. DC and Nick went downhill, especially Disney Channel. So definitely CN. New Fantasyland @ WDW in Florida or classic Fantasyland in Anaheim?
  3. I think if it had a helix before the brake-run they would've shown it in the POV. Just watched it again. God it looks so good!
  4. I think they meant "Tallest Inversion". It seems like this coaster was the most anticipated coaster to be announced, and now it seems the majority of those who were excited were let down. The turn after loop looks like it could be pretty intense, and hopefully the TopHat has enough airtime to quiet every down. Im just waiting for something to be released that shows a second half to this ride. Unfortunately, I don't think its coming... There is no second half. The second half is the brake-run.
  5. I was thinking Zero-G's that turn inward towards each other right after the first drop.
  6. What flat rides would you guys like to see at Magic Mountain? A Screamin' Swing would be cool.
  7. ^^ That's really funny. I'm not familiar with the quarry at Fiesta; is there a backside that the track will come out of? Then a banked turn up and over and into the downward brake-run? Is that whats happening here? How is it so high up?
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