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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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I can see where KI might be close to considered east coast, close, but it is not.


Anyway. Also for 2009, Mr. Freeze is being painted. Also, the Scrambler is being refurbished....I mean down to the gears. The whole thing is being taken apart and it will basically be a new ride.

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WOW! The new slide looks awesome!


I'm actually surprised that SFStL is getting all these expansions in such a short time period.


Especially since traditionally SFStL doesn't recieve new rides very often and it's not one of the major flagship parks.

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Nice video. One thing that strikes me as odd is that this may be the only park I have not heard a rumor about for the 50th anniversary addition. Are there any markers, rumors sign of construction etc floating around the area/web?

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Six Flags St Louis Announces SkyScreamer for 2011


Experience the newest sensation in tower rides, SkyScreamer comes to Six Flags St. Louis in 2011.


This new swing ride will take you up, up and away high over the park, with your feet dangling and hair blowing.


Towering at 236 feet above the ground, SkyScreamer will be the tallest ride in the park, located near the Screamin' Eagle. Grab a friend and sit two across in an open air swing as you climb to the top of SkyScreamer tower while spinning round and round. At full swing, you'll soar in a 98-foot circle at speeds over 43 mph. By day, you'll have a bird's eye view for miles away. By night, SkyScreamer will light up the night as its lighted arms whirl high above the park.


SkyScreamer will open in Spring 2011.



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Wow! Five years after these rides become popular in Europe looks like they're really taking the US over next year!


Do we know details on this one? Is it a REAL Star Flyer or more like a Cedar Fair version?

The stats are on the SF website.

They say it will be a Funtime ride and not a Mondial ride like those Cedar Fair Windseekers


Excuse my stupidity but what is the difference between a real Star Flyer and Cedar Fair's?

A real Starflyer has the seats connected to metal chains and the Mondial Windseekers from Cedar Fair have the seats connected to metal bars/arms.

And the Cedar Fair rides can operate with higher windspeeds.

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^ Cedar Fair is getting several rides like star flyers, but made by Mondial. Instead of chains supporting the seats, there are "arms". There are pictures in the threads of the 4 Cedar Fair parks getting (Cedar Point being one.)


slow typing here. ^ What they said.

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^^The Cedar Fair version are more like a Mondial Flat Ride with actual arms/metal bars instead of a chain or cable holding you in.


I believe that the Fun Time version will always be scarier than the Mondial Version (which kind of seems more like a Chance Aviator).


EDIT: LOL More slow typing!!!

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