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Best Compact Coasters

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My definition of 'compact' apparently differs from some.


While I have some ideas of what may be better coasters out there, I am only choosing from those I've experienced personally. I think the best compact coaster I have been on is a Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster, i.e. Pandemonium. A lot of compact coasters are a lot of fun but the Gerstlauer had more forces to them than most other compacts.

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For a launch coaster, Kanonen in Liseberg Park

really has a small footprint compared to other much

larger launch coasters.


And it's elements just as varied, with a mini-Top Hat, a loop,

and a barrel roll making it a really fun and fast ride.


EDIT to add a photo, thank you TPR Archives! And if compared, I would rather ride this

over Stealth, Kingda Ka, Xcelerator, anything-over-100-feet-tall, easy! More fun,

even with a much smaller Top Hat. (o:

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^ And this is one I could fit in my back yard LOL!

Or in our own Playland park - could take the place

of that wretched log flume ride (log - ha!) at the

"front" of the park.


And if it gets put at the back of the park - replacing

that old and disgusting Cork Screw (please!), the station

needs to be in the SW corner of the footprint.The ride then

gives awesome quick views of the mountains in the Top Hat,

before and after the barrel roll.


Yeah this one, or even an El Loco. Either would be great!


EDIT to add: If I had to choose my Holy Trinity of compact

coasters, and the three to put in my own home park, it would be:

- Kanonen at Liseberg

- Mumbo Jumbo at FlamingoLand

- Tornado at Bakken (a spinner with a sick lift hill)


Check Tornado out - http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=27&linkid=4158

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I have not been on any of the following, but of what I've seen, Mega-Lites look awesome if they are small enough to be considered compact !


If they don't, then, S&S El Loco's looks amazing.


Also lots of peoples might/will disagree with me, but I find Galaxies to be quite fun. They are usually pretty fast and the first drops are cool.

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