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Best Compact Coasters

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^Hey, maybe we could fit one at canobie lake park, but LIM's are loud aren't they?


Wouldn't LIMs be silent (excluding the usual track-wheel noise, of course) because there's no contact, all magnetic forces?

Superman the Escape, for example, makes almost no noise on the straightaway, it's only that high-g curve.

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Compact Gerstlauer Spinners (e.g. Pandemonium, SFDK) are a lot of fun and have a very small footprint.


Iron Wolf is my Fav. Compact Coaster, and Fav. Coaster overall, If the name didn't give it away Already...


I think almost everyone agrees that Iron Wolf is horrible...

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To me - the Compact A. Schwarzkopf-Coaster(s):


Quadruple-Loop "Thriller", Triple-Loop "Dreier Looping" and the Non-Loop but Airtime-Coaster "Himalaya Bahn" (since 1998 under the name "Alpina Bahn").

Also (of course) the (former portable) Shuttle-Loop III "Wiener Looping".

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I'm sure one person's definition of 'compact' is different than another person's, but for me (and there will be those out there who think I'm crazy), Deja Vu was one heck of an awesome ride. Big, fast, intense, and always a rush. Also, Avalanche (what I'll always call it) at Timber Falls is a totally crazy and awesome ride for such a small footprint. If I ever was able to make it over there, however, I'd say Twister at Grona Lund looks ridiculous.

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Insane and Twister, for sure.


Howcome nobody has mentioned the S&S El Loco's yet?

They look to be really awsome, for the footprint they use!


Also, Zamperla's motocoasters seems to be delivering a pretty fun ride, for a wild mouse footprint.

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