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Best Compact Coasters

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I have been to many small amusement parks that are able to cram a great small compact coaster in there park. I think being able to fit a small coaster that packs alot of thrills in a small area is awesome. Have you ever been on any really compact coasters that are great and which ones?

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Scwarzkopf portables are really good, Laser and Scorpion come to mind first.


Deja Vus are also great rides in tight spaces, as are Schwarzkopf shuttle loops. Well, almost all Schwarzkopfs are great rides in small spaces. Damned Germans


I like Gerstlauer spinning coaters too, and they don't take up much space.

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Would a Batman be considered compact?


Well, this i dont thin this is the kind of answer you are looking for But DejaVu is a really great compact coaster.


But as full circuit "we really need to jam a full sized coaster in there" rollercoaster... well, i have no idea, but the schwartskopfs look pretty darn good.

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I would say that the B&M floorless coaster Dæmonen/The Demon at my home park Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark qualifies as a compact coaster as it has a very small footprint... Afterall it is the smallest B&M in the world (I think)... but it is brilliant and very intense!




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Does Batman the Ride at Magic Mountain count? That thing could fit on my block, and that's saying something. It's super twisted and compact. But usually parks looking for small coasters don't have $16,000,000 lying around.


So without Batman, I don't really know. I've been on more Wild Mouse coasters than I can beleive...those things are death traps of whiplash!


I've never ridden a toboggan, but those are so small, that'd probably be my pick.

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