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rides with insane lines but not worth the waits

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Mantis at Cedar Point always has like a two hour wait when I go. Its a good ride, but not worth a two hour wait. The part I hate most is that the line has barely any shade and its right over the water, which always makes me thirsty (obviously, I'm not thirsty for the lagoon water ).

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Kingda Ka and TTD - I don't know how anyone can find the waits on those rides worth it.

Wild Thing @ Wild Waves and Enchanted Villiage - Another painful corker. When I went to Wild Waves and Long Name Park, the line for Wild Thing was longer than the line for Timberhawk. I seriously have no clue how Timberhawk's like was shorter than Wild Thing's line, but at least I got 7 rides on Timberhawk. An underrated and little known woodie.

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X obviously. Who would wait four hours for THAT?


well if all the rides at the park had que times of the same length i'd definately pick X! but i'm not waiting 3+ hours for ANYTHING.


if there is any ride you could call a "love it or hate it" ride, X is definatly it! it's either people's favorite ride, or one of there most disliked.

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Hmm... let's see


1) Deja Vu- no, I'm not going to wait in a three hour line for it when all the other coasters have 15 minute waits.


2) Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride- If I see the single rider line out of the door, or the Express line at the same spot, I know that it's going to be a 45 minute wait even in the 'fast' lines. (Which, suprisingly, was the same as the normal line.) I love Revenge of the Mummy, but I wouldn't wait that long for it when I could get five minute waits at night. (USF version)


3) Any wild mouse- the lines move very slow. Enough said. Wait for those is painful.


4) Intamin Impulse- I love the rides... except when they have long lines. They usually move fast, but the line at Great America is awful. No shade at all, Fastlane people get to go always ahead of you (they don't have a ratio at V2.)

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Mr. Six wrote:


If I wanted to wait 5 hours for pain I'll go to the ER thank you very much!

I've never ridden X, but it looks too good to be true. I guess it is? What exactly is painful about it? Back in like, 2001 and 2002, people RAVED about X. Now, everyone is all like, "Taer It Down!!"


What happened to that ride?

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X: I waited 1 1/2 hours for it and it wasn't worth it.


Test Track: I once saw a 3 hour line for it! I would wait for 20-30 minutes for it, but 3 hours? The 3 hour line was at 9 pm, so the last people in line wouldn't be out of Epcot until around midnight!

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Two rides I wouldn’t bother if the queue line were long are both at Alton Towers - Air and Rita.


Air - I would even bother if it was 10min as it bores me to death and rather ride Nemesis which is next to it.


Rita - Wouldn’t even bother waiting 1 hour + for this now, for a short 15-20sec ride when standing waiting thinking I could be riding a world class B+M with a good moving SRQ and have many rides

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