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What was your first coaster with inversions?

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Viper at Six Flags Astroworld. Far from home, and feels more like a dream than anything. I was deathly afraid of loopers at the time, and my oldest brother assured me we were in line for a non-looping version. Best lie I've ever been told.

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Growing up in St. Louis, with Grandparents in Kansas City, SFSTL is my home park. However, Worlds of Fun got a coaster with inversions first...the Screamroller - an Arrow Corkscrew (5th one built if Google is right) - and that was my first coaster with Inversions in 1976. After that, without looking it up, I'm not sure if The Orient Express at WOF or the Jet Scream at SFSTL was next. It would have been whatever was built first, though my gut tells me it was the Jet Scream. Fun times when I was a kid...too bad The Orient Express is no longer standing, or that the Jet Scream was moved. Oh well.

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My first coaster was Python at Busch Gardens Tampa (the Dark Continent at the time) while we were on a family vacation. I remember riding it with my father and being absolutely terrified, and then loving it. I made him reride it with me over and over again.


Or maybe it was Scorpion

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Loch Ness Monster at BGW. We still have the on-ride photo from that first ride, too. Even though I was absolutely terrified, it instantly became my favorite coaster. It will always hold extremely fond memories for me.

I too have the on-ride photo from my first looping coaster (space mountain mission two at Disneyland Paris) and I was also pretty scared about the idea of going upside down. Now I seem to be a bigger fan on inversions than most people here!

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