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  1. Batman Six Flags Great America I had a good experience, Then i rode ninja at SFSTL (kill me pls)
  2. Ninja Six flags St.louis/Over Georgia Oh god the pain
  3. Six flags STL Six flags Discovery Kingdom Kings dominion and sometimes Six Flags Great America and Six flags OG never seems to have lines when i go
  4. I'd still say Batman is a quality coaster. As far as classic coasters go, Screaming Eagle is also another good ride. I don't like our park either, but it could be worse: WoF, Indiana Beach, Magic Springs. I'd also say our park is better than KK in its current state, but give it five years and I think KK will be a more desirable park. A few years ago I would have said our park had an edge on Holiday World, but that is no longer true. Seeing as how Cedar Fair is upping their game, I'd be willing to bet we'll loose the edge on WoF soon, too. Thats why i Visit Six Flags Great America more than SFSTL.
  5. Finally A mention of SFGA! One of the best foods six flags has to offer
  6. I am disappointed to call SFSTL my home park, Why?? We have horrible coasters, like seriously the only good ones are American Thunder and Mr. Freeze. We have horrible landscaping and worst of all rough a$$ coasters, Boss, Ninja. People who call SFSTL their home park, should be disappointed.
  7. All the Ninja roller coasters and Goliath coasters at six flags, Super... Over....Used.
  8. Goliath Six Flags Great America Raging Bull Six Flags Great America Mr. Freeze Six Flags St.louis Boss Six Flags St.louis (Worst Mistake of my life*
  9. A 21 day break on Goliath at Six Flags Great America Opening day.
  10. 1: The Raven Holiday world 100: Raging Bull Six Flags Great America 200 Goliath Six Flags Great America My 201 was Goliath again, I Ended up riding it 21 times opening day.
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