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  1. Six Flags Great America in May. Haven't been there in ten years. I was six and the only coasters I rode were Whizzer and Demon
  2. It'll probably be something at Six Flags Great America. For 2015 that is.
  3. False The person below me has been to Valleyfair
  4. I know someone already mentioned this but it is worth mentioning again... Hehehe
  5. I watch on mobile more often than on my laptop. It's just much more convenient for me.
  6. Pulled out of the station on the Cedar Creek Mine Ride (CP) and it wasn't raining at all. At about the top of the lift hill it just started pouring! The ride would've been pretty boring without the rain. Later in the same day we were riding MaXair. It started to rain a bit and someone was yelling "It's hailing!" Haha, it was barley raining but it did sting a bit. Also rode The Incredible Hulk in the rain once.
  7. In the Rougarou POV, the video skips a good portion of the lift hill. Look closely and you'll see theres a bit of a fade and transition from the bottom of the lift to close to the top...Im guessing thats why theres such a variation in the lengths of each video. No, I did the same thing starting both videos at the drop, and Rougarou finishes a few seconds quicker. Might just be the animation or it is actually faster without trims.
  8. If they do need more room, they can move the enterprise over to where Chaos used to be. If in I'm not mistaken, nothing has been in that spot for like four years.
  9. I guess they might remove it if maintenance costs get too high but I doubt it. It takes up a pretty small footprint and I honestly like the ride. On a hot day I always make sure to ride it at least once.
  10. As that is after Memorial Day, some schools will be out by then but a lot of So Cal schools don't get out until June. It should definitely be possible to get on all the coasters and Lex Luthor without a Flash Pass, but you will probably not have time for many re-rides. It is possible that Twisted Colossus will be open by then, but given SFMM's recent history I'm guessing a late June opening is more likely. Alright sweet! Plus I'm expecting at least 1 or 2 rides down for the day, so hopefully I can get a lot of rides in on one day! I'm just praying that it isn't like the time I went to Cedar Point. It rained off and on the majority of the day. Luckily I got on MF in the morning and then TTF finally opened up at night so I got a ride on that. Maverick was the only coaster closed all day though. And it was the one I was looking forward to the most.
  11. Ok so I know that this is a long way out but my family is planning a trip to California in late May. We will probably go to Magic Mountain on the 26th or 27th (Tuesday or Wednesday). I think a lot of schools are out already but hopefully not. Anyway I'm hoping to ride all of the coasters (not kiddie coasters) at least once. And also try out Lex Luthor. Without a flash pass, is this idea realistic or ridiculous? 15 rides if you include Twisted Colossus which may or may not be completed by then.
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