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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

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Did anyone see a date mentioned when this will be available? I've got some friends going to the park in a few weeks and I was wanted to give them a headsup but wasn't sure if this would be available by then or not.


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It just says this summer. One thing some people have pointed out that people are taking as a reason we might see this expanded to other places is the name is 'Disney Premier Access,' the same name they use for the up-charge movies on Disney+. So people are thinking this could become an official name across the board for anything Disney does that is a paid add-on.

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I'm not actually against paying to skip the line, most parks use them after all, but what sucks here is that you will still need the stand by pass just to even queue normally now. I guess they're hoping this forces guests' hands into spending 8€ because they're too impatient to wait for their slot, or because simply they won't get a chance to ride otherwise.

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On 7/6/2021 at 8:59 PM, SharkTums said:

^Doubtful. Disney was one of the last parks still offering a 'free' skip the line program.  It's about time they jump on the pile of cash to be made here. 

Yeah, I know. Anything and everything that used to be 'free,' is eventually turning into a "pay for" thing.  It happens.  🤑

I am hoping that we will be able to deal with a Fall 2022 visit, still without the use of a cell phone.

Or ...... we may actually rent one, to be able to use Internationally, get the Apps all in, figured out, and used, etc. etc. :mickey:

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I'm curious how Disneyland Paris is doing lately. France just announced some measures against the UK due to Omicron including not allowing UK tourists into the country but if the situation worsens I can see them expanding restrictions. Last year Disney Paris ended up closed for half the year. With most European countries really struggling, I wonder if they will close again after Christmas for the quiet months.

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This week I had an AMAZING visit to Disneyland Paris.

I got a great deal on a Compass club room at Newport Bay, this was my first time staying in a club level room and I thought it was great, especially the lounge where I could order drinks from the bar without having to wait for a table :) 

The park was looking fantastic in it's 30th anniversary decorations and the renovated castle looked beautiful. The park is currently killing it with the entertainment, they are running the anniversary parade 4 times a day, the stars on parade, jungle book show, Disney D-light preshow, Illuminations and Disney D-light post-show. The small anniversary nighttime show was absolutely fantastic, great use of drones displaying the anniversary  logo above the castle. People seemed very impressed even gasping when the drones first appeared. You are no longer required to use a facemask anywhere on Disney property, it was great seeing people smiling and enjoying their vacation again.






I also had a look inside the renovated Hotel New York Art of Marvel and it looks stunning!





The entire resort had a great vibe to it this time, both castmembers and guests seemed very enthusiastic and happy, and the park is still working on refurbishing everything, fantasyland is slowly getting resurfaced with beautiful new cobblestones, the new permanent security buildings is looking great, Avengers campus is coming along nicely, they have started work on the new frozen area and lake in the studios, and Disney Village is getting completely redone in the near future apparently. Oh and the redone Cars Road Trip tram tour is a vast improvement over what it was like before.


And you can get Dole Whip now at Disneyland Paris ;) 


Can't wait to return later this year to check out Avengers Campus :D 

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It's going to be quite something to see, when that Cars Road Trip fence comes down (if it does in fact come down), and waaaaaay in the distance, you see Arendelle!

Thanks for the great update! ⛲

EDIT to add: Of course, Disney Parks are known for the Instant Forests they've grown and planted along with the attraction, etc. So ..... they may still block the view of "Arendelle" (and the lake) with more trees around that section of Road Trip, that can see it all. Could happen.

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Disneyland Paris has announced that the Disney Village will undergo a multi-year transformation that will enhance the space with new dining options as well as updated shopping and entertainment experiences.



In the midst of the 30th Anniversary at Disneyland Paris, the resort-wide transformation continues! Along with the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion plan and the Disneyland Hotel royal transformation, Disney Village will see its own transformation over several years including new dining options and refreshed shopping and entertainment offerings. Disneyland Paris is sharing a first look at what to expect in the future for this 428,000-square-foot complex.  

A multi-year transformation plan for an enhanced Disney Village experience 
Located at the heart of Disneyland Paris, Disney Village is the retail, dining and entertainment complex between the theme parks and Disney hotels. The district, which celebrates 30 years in 2022, has more than doubled in size since its opening, constantly adding new options to reinvent the guest experience. By the end of the year, a phased transformation of the entire area will begin to give the district a brand-new visual identity and introduce exciting new offerings into the mix. 

By combining the best Disney know-how with select complementary brand concepts, the reimagined Disney Village will celebrate timeless, family-friendly environments that are uniquely Disney. By day, stylish boutiques and innovative restaurants will draw guests in, and by night, thousands of lights will transform the area into a bustling wonderland.

When the transformation is complete, Disney Village will feature a relaxing lakeside park and boardwalk, enhanced pedestrian walkways, brand-new facades, relaxing terraces and patios, and lush landscaping. Its diverse eateries and collection of shops will expand dining and retail options for guests with innovative concepts from some of the world’s most exciting brands for a completely enhanced experience complementing the theme parks. 

“Our plan to transform Disney Village is yet another example of how we continue to reimagine Disneyland Paris at the resort level, notably with our major expansion plan in progress at Walt Disney Studios Park,” said Natacha Rafalski, Présidente of Disneyland Paris. “We’re very excited to bring new iconic and timeless concepts to the district that will appeal to a new generation of guests, whether they visit from our nearby resort hotels or from the local area. We can’t wait for our guests to be surprised and delighted by what we have in store.” 

Rosalie, a new lakeside French brasserie to open in 2023


The first step in the transformation plan will be a contemporary French brasserie in place of the current Café Mickey restaurant. Groupe Bertrand, with its portfolio of renowned Parisian brasseries, has been chosen to take over the location and bring in a fresh new concept that will both elevate the culinary experience and expand dining options for guests looking for French flavors in Disney Village.  

Rosalie, the new two-floor restaurant will feature 500 seats in contemporary interiors. Inspired by Parisian brasseries, it will celebrate renowned French “Art de Vivre” and classic cuisine in a modern yet elegant setting, with expanded terraces looking over Lake Disney. Honoring both regional diversity and product seasonality, the restaurant will cater to all cravings. In addition to table service, a counter will offer French bakery-inspired options for take away like viennoiseries, pastries, sandwiches and salads, as well as a selection of products satisfying every taste and level of service. Seasonally, an outdoor terrace will welcome guests on the lake’s edge.
“As we continue to collaborate with exceptional brands that we share strong values with, we are delighted to welcome a new restaurant managed by Groupe Bertrand as a first step in our Disney Village transformation plan,” said Laure Albouy, Vice President Business Strategy & Integration, Disneyland Paris. “We believe this unique, family-friendly restaurant will elevate the guest experience at our resort by offering famous French specialties in a unique setting, and we can’t wait to make this new partnership a reality.” 

Stay tuned for future updates about this highly-anticipated restaurant opening and other construction milestones coming to Disney Village.

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Our final meal/dinner at Cafe Mickey's was fun, I remember. Sorry to see it go.


Me and The Mouse at Cafe Mickey's. End of the TPR 2008 Europe Tour.


Me and The Alvey Family at Mickey's. Which includes a very impressionable 1 year old.

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New artwork released by Disney! It's a new dining area near (the future) Arendelle: World of Frozen in the WDS Studios.


If you’re feeling hungry, a stylish table-service restaurant with an Art Nouveau design will serve as the perfect place to refuel. With spectacular panoramic views of the lake and special meet-and-greet opportunities with a selection of fan-favorite Disney characters, this restaurant will offer fun and relaxation for the whole family.


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The transformation is much needed. Disney Village was my least favorite of the Downtown Disneys I've visited. At last they have a legitimate French restaurant now. I thought it was strange they had all of these stereotypical American restaurants but no French restaurant when I visited. 


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^ Yeah, our last visit there in 2015, the Village was only good for staying out of the (then) rain, lol. The Disney Store was good, like it's U.S. versions. And Annette's was fun for the atmosphere and an awesome amount of fries, I remember.

Hope everything works out in the ultimate all-over re-design of the place. We hope to return there in a year or so.


Like I said - a LOT of fries for one order of them. Annette's ~ Sept.22/15.


Random "theming", back then.

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In another site's  information pages, there was this tidbit about what's coming to the Studios' Avengers Campus, soon...


PYM Kitchen – Hero work takes energy, and recruits can head to PYM Kitchen buffet for “unusually-sized” meals and snacks prepared by super-smart chefs who use Ant-Man and The Wasp’s PYM Particles shrinking and growing technology to create size-defying dishes.

~ Attractions Magazine.

Buffet? It sounds like it's the same concept, as the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall in Tokyo Disneyland. All the food is there, plated/bowled etc, to be picked up, w/o ordering, (sliding your tray along), unless it's a special order (as opposed to = Smorgasbord).


Me and the guys at Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. Note we haven't taken everything off of our trays, yet.

TPR 2007 Japan Tour. 🗼

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^ Interesting that they're going the buffet route.  The California version is quick-service but if you're not using the Disneyland app to order then you're really screwed as you'll probably wait longer to get your food than the line for Radiator Springs Racers.

That being said, the food we got there was pretty darn tasty and the size gimmick is used well.  I got the PB&J & Banana sammich on Pym Particle bread that also came with a tiny banana smoothie. The ChocoSMASH is more than enough dessert for two people and it comes in a wrapper designed to look like the bar exploded out of it.

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^ I also just read that there is to be several more eating spots for "fueling up" before (or after) a day in Avengers Campus....

Along with the PYM Kitchen, there's the Stark Factory quick service, two food trucks (one is WEB and the other one is FAN-tastic), and the Super Diner.

That sounds like a lot of food and beverage choices in this one area of the park. Great! 🍴


Art concepts from Disney.

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Disneyland Paris has announced the return of Disney Enchanted Christmas and all that will entail for the 2022 season!



Let’s mistletoe around the world to Disneyland Paris this Halfway to the Holidays, where we’re excited to share that Disney Enchanted Christmas returns from Nov. 12, 2022, to Jan. 8, 2023.


This year, the resort’s 30th anniversary celebration will make the holidays shine brighter! It’s sure to be a special time as Disneyland Park transforms with twinkling lights and fairytale decorations lining Main Street, U.S.A. to Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Of course, Mickey & Friends already have their holiday plans in place! Join them alongside the Disney Princesses and Santa in “Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade” during the day and the nighttime version in the evening. During the parade, they will even make a special stop to dance, sing, and turn on the Christmas tree lights!

They’re also ready to help capture special memories with you. Pose with Disney characters in their holiday best or grab a photo with Santa before he sets off on his annual trip around the world.


And it wouldn’t be the most magical season without a few carols! Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy in the musical show “Let’s Sing Christmas!” at Videopolis in Discoveryland.


‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry! Specialty food and beverage items to indulge in will be available throughout Disney Parks and Disney hotels. Now, who else is ready for a hot chocolate or some festive fine dining?


While taking in every moment of this season’s offerings, it’s also the perfect opportunity to do a bit of holiday shopping. Browse the festively decorated boutiques and stop by La Boutique du Château and Merlin l’Enchanteur, both of which are dedicated to the season.

And this is just the beginning with plenty of other details to be unwrapped — including an unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party on Dec. 31. Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog as we approach the most wonderful time of year and reveal more details soon!

Disney Characters will be escorted at different moments and on different days throughout the season. Their presence at any precise time or location can therefore not be guaranteed.

The images of “Disney Enchanted Christmas” 2021/2022 is for illustrative purposes only. We’ll unveil the exclusive range of products for 2022/2023 very soon.

Some experiences, shows or events will not be available or may be modified depending on the evolution of the safety and sanitary measures and recommendations from public authorities.

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Flight Force looks like they took inspiration from Hyperspace Mountain and Tron. If they did this refurb in Orlando I'd say it was a good call as the video elements are a huge upgrade over blacklight cardboard.  Paris, though, they really downgraded the experience.  Paris' RnRC was a wild ride through a concert's backstage, tons of practical lighting and truss, it really whacked you over the head with rock and roll.


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Found a couple of new construction photos, of the new Arendelle attraction area in WDS.

Thank you DLPrescueranger for the great photos!


A view beyond the lake that will be the center of this area. And the rest of the Studio. And I see....BALLOON!


Looking real good, there.

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