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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

p. 53 - Symphony of Color drone show and daytime parade announced!

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I'm curious as to how they'll re-theme Catastrophe Canyon as part of the new "Cars themed" Route 66

attraction. I mean, it's going to look a bit wierd with that tanker truck(?) with eyes, mouth etc. reacting to

the "catastrophe" happening. But also fun, yes? They may even tone down the intensity, for families. Or not.


I'll bet they even figure out where to put the Rust-eze logo on the truck, LOL. Photo from the net.

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^Not much has been actually posted about what they're doing for that attraction.

And whatever altered (future?) maps that have shown up online, seem to still show

the Canyon on them. So keeping the entire Canyon is probably still in the rumor stage.

Eventually, we'll find out.

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Question to all: Does anyone(s) know how well "ZOOTOPIA" did in France, and Europe in general? That asked, I am wondering, that "maybe in the distant future", this "may be a new land" to add to the new part of Disney Studios, around the new lake they're creating? Once everything else is up and running, that is. And Shanghai's original land of this IP is open, too. And (hopefully) successful and OMG!-impressive, tech-wise.


Still, it's a "COOL" from me, if it happened, since they have

all that additional space to build future stuff around the lake.


But time will tell.


Nice sized spaces between Avengers Campus, Star Wars, Frozen...... And Route 66! (o:

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^ https://www.boxofficemojo.com/title/tt2948356/?ref_=bo_se_r_1


$31.9 million in France. Comparatively, Frozen 1 made $46.9 (https://www.boxofficemojo.com/title/tt2294629/?ref_=bo_se_r_1).


The Zootopia land that's confirmed will be going into Shanghai. Zootopia made $236.1 million in China at large. Comparatively, Frozen 1 made only $48.2 million.


There's a better chance of Arendelle showing up in Paris than Zootopia if we're going by general box office interest in the IPs.

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^^ and ^^^ Well, by 2025, it'll be interesting to see what gets announced (if anything) during that time.

BIG HINT....The DL/TDS true Indiana Jones in Adventureland.....finally....would be awesome!




Only Halloween (theming still up) shot I got, of DLP during our 2004 early November visit.

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A maintenance worker at Disneyland Paris has tested positive for coronavirus, the theme park said today.


However, the park will remain open with hand gel provided to visitors and guests told to keep their distance in the queue for rides, French media said.


Disneyland staff are now checking on colleagues who had been in contact with the infected worker, who tested positive over the weekend.


According to BFMTV, Disneyland insisted that the infected person had worked 'behind the scenes' and was 'not in contact' with visitors to the park.


According to Le Parisien, three people have been ordered into quarantine so far after apparently coming into contact with the worker.


The employee was a night-shift worker who did not meet guests and had been on sick leave for several days before testing positive, the park said.


A Disneyland spokesman told French media that the park was making supplies of alcoholic hand gel available to guests today.


In addition, park authorities will try to keep tourists a safe distance apart when they queue up for rides.



I'm sure this is going to cause some panic even if he didn't interact with guests.

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I'd love to know how Disneyland Paris plans to have guests "keep their distance" in queues!?!?? Anyone who has been to that park knows that's not how things work there! On the plus side, if this ends up causing the French to stop crunching in line, that would be an added bonus of this virus!

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I'd love to know how Disneyland Paris plans to have guests "keep their distance" in queues!?!?? Anyone who has been to that park knows that's not how things work there! On the plus side, if this ends up causing the French to stop crunching in line, that would be an added bonus of this virus!


There's not much about American culture that I was missing while I was in Paris, but respect for personal space was one of the few things on the list (along with air conditioning).


During Illuminations people were bumping and jamming themselves up against us so much I was worried that we were going to leave with an STD . They were also piling their kids on to trash cans which is probably another awesome way to catch some fun viruses.

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2 work colleagues of the first case have also been confirmed cases. Apparently a union is pushing for the park to close.


Disneyland Paris stays open despite virus cases

CGT union demands closure of resort after three staff test positive


Walt Disney is keeping its Paris theme park open despite three staff testing positive for coronavirus and a union calling on the family entertainment group to close the site.


Disney has shut its parks in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo since the beginning of the outbreak but is still hosting visitors at six US venues and its park in Paris, which employs around 17,000 staff, citing advice from relevant government authorities.


In the past few days three “cast members”, who worked on backstage maintenance at Disneyland Paris, are confirmed to have contracted the virus.


Disney said it is confident none of them had direct contact with visitors and it has taken precautionary steps at the park, such as reducing the number of employees playing characters in some areas to minimise contact with visitors taking photos.


However the decision to keep the French park open has been questioned by a workers’ union because of the potential risks to staff.


“Given that Disneyland Paris site is the biggest employer in the Seine-et-Marne region, there is pressure to stay open,” said Denis Gravouil, a representative of the CGT union for the tourism and leisure sector. “For the health of employees it would be sensible to close.”


Analysts have warned of the potential damage to Disney’s brand and reputation if it misjudges the risks of continuing to host families, even if it complies with guidance given by French or US authorities.


“The last thing Disney needs is for somebody to become seriously ill, or heaven forbid die, having contracted Covid-19 while visiting a Disney park or working in a Disney park,” Bernstein analysts said in a note published on Tuesday. “In addition to the human tragedy, the financial and brand damage from that would, obviously, be much worse than the costs of shutting down the parks temporarily.”


Disney shares have plunged by more than a quarter in the past month, wiping out almost $70bn in market value as fears over the coronavirus have rocked markets.


Amid the turmoil the group announced that Bob Iger, Disney’s well-regarded chief executive for the past decade and a half, would be stepping back to be replaced immediately by Bob Chapek, a little-known company veteran.


Speaking at Disney’s shareholder meeting on Wednesday, Mr Iger said he was “sobered by the concern that we feel for everyone affected by this global crisis”.


“What we’ve demonstrated repeatedly is that we are incredibly resilient,” he added.


The French government has adopted a gradual approach to closing down public events, large gatherings and schools since the first cases of coronavirus appeared in the country in late January.


At the end of February it decided to ban all indoor events with more than 5,000 attendees. Earlier this week health authorities lowered that threshold to ban gatherings of 1,000 people that were “not indispensable to the continuity of the life of the nation”.


The Disneyland Paris park is not affected by the 1,000 person rule because it is considered a place that people pass through rather than an indoor space like a theatre or conference hall, a spokesperson for the health ministry said.


Disney’s three largest businesses — theme parks, cinemas and traditional television, which relies on advertising — are vulnerable as people around the world travel less and avoid crowded spaces.


The three units accounted for more than $62bn in revenue for Disney in the twelve months to September, accounting for almost 90 per cent of its turnover.


If Disney shuts its US parks it will suffer a $2bn hit to earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation in fiscal 2020 according to Bernstein analysts.


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Exceptional measures - Temporary changes to experiences and operations

Disneyland Paris is open and welcoming guests. We are in regular contact with the French authorities, and based on their direction, we have temporarily amended some experiences and operations.


These changes, which you will find below, have been implemented on a temporary basis starting Thursday, March 12th, 2020 through Wednesday, April 15th, 2020:


Our attractions continue to welcome our Guests. Their queue line capacities have been adjusted to comply with the latest government requirements.


Indoor and outdoor shows

Our theaters continue to welcome our Guests to enjoy the following indoor and outdoor shows (Mickey and the Magician in Animagique Theater, Frozen: A musical invitation in Animation Celebration, Motors… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular and Stitch Live). Their capacities have been adjusted to comply with the latest government requirements.


Parades and outdoor shows

Parades and shows presented outside (Frozen 2: An Enchanting Journey; Disney Stars on Parade; Princess Promenade; Disney Illuminations; First Order Recruitment; First Order March; The Imperial March; Legends of a Galaxy Far, Far Away; Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration; Disney Studio 1 musical orchestra) are temporarily suspended. There are other opportunities to meet our Disney Characters in our Disney Parks.



Our restaurants remain open. In Disneyland Park, the capacity of two restaurants (Café Hyperion in Discoveryland and Au Chalet de la Marionnette in Fantasyland) have been adjusted to comply with the latest government requirements as has the capacity of Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon at Disney Village where the dance floor has temporarily been closed.



Our shops remain open. The capacity of World of Disney has been adjusted to comply with the latest government requirements.


The capacity of Disney Studio 1 building has been adjusted to comply with the latest government requirements.


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Looks like Disneyland Paris already changed their plans and now will be closing the parks from March 15 to March 31 just like Walt Disney World.


Per cnet:


Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris closing through end of March amid coronavirus fears


Disney is closing the rest of its theme parks, in addition to the already shuttered parks across Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai remaining shut.


Disney is temporarily closing Disneyland in California during ongoing concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus. It'll be shutting the doors of the Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks from Saturday, March 14, through the end of the month. The Downtown Disney shopping and dining area will remain open. Disney's three hotels at Disneyland -- the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier and the Grand Californian -- will remain open until March 16 to allow for guests to make travel plans.


The decision to close down followed California Gov. Gavin Newsom saying that all gatherings of more than 250 people across California should be canceled for the month of March. Earlier Thursday, Newsom said at a press conference that the ban on gatherings wouldn't apply to the Disney parks or to casinos, card rooms or theaters "because of the complexity of their unique circumstances." Newsom said he'd spoken with former Disney CEO Bob Iger on March 11, and had decided the Disney theme parks in Anaheim could remain open.


In a statement later Thursday, Disney Parks said there haven't been any reported cases of COVID-19 at Disneyland Resort but that "in the interest of our guests and employees" it had decided to close the parks after carefully reviewing Newsom's executive order about large gatherings. The company said it would continue paying cast members during the closure and that it would work with guests who want to change or cancel visits, and refund those with hotel reservations during the closure.


As of March 12, US cases of coronavirus were sitting at around 1,300. Of those, more than 170 were in California.


Late Thursday, Disney announced Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris will also close Sunday, March 15, through the end of the month, according to The New York Times. Disney confirmed the news. This includes the Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios parks in France, and the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach parks in Orlando, Florida. It follows a Paris theme park worker reportedly testing positive for the coronavirus on March 11, with French cases currently sitting at over 2,200.


The Disney Village and Disney Springs shopping and dining areas and the multiple hotels on each property will remain open, ABC reported. Disney Cruise Line will also suspend new departures as of March 14 for the remainder of the month, ABC, which is owned by Disney, said.


Last month, Disney said the temporary closure of its Shanghai and Hong Kong theme parks could impact its second quarter earnings by $175 million, with $135 million of that associated with Shanghai Disneyland, and $40 million pegged to Hong Kong Disneyland.


Both Shanghai Disney and Hong Kong Disney closed in late January, though Shanghai began opening restaurants and stores on March 9 in Disneytown, Wishing Star Park and at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. All guests at those destinations must undergo temperature screening, present a Health QR Code at dining venues, constantly wear a mask and "maintain respectful social distances at all times while in stores, queues and restaurants," according to Shanghai Disney's website.


Hong Kong Disney remains closed entirely.


The Tokyo Disney Resort was shuttered in late February, with the company announcing on March 11 that it'll extend the closure of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea through early April. The grand opening of the new Tokyo Disneyland area, which was scheduled for April 15, has been postponed to mid-May or later.


The coronavirus causes an illness called COVID-19, which exhibits pneumonia-like symptoms. The virus was first reported to the World Health Organization on Dec. 31 after originating in Wuhan, China. COVID-19 has spread globally, to Africa, the Americas, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, the UK and other parts of Asia. Chinese scientists have linked the disease to a family of viruses known as coronaviruses, which include SARS and MERS.


Coronavirus deaths now top 4,700, with over 127,000 cases confirmed worldwide. The World Health Organization declared the virus a global pandemic on March 11.


In its statement about the Disneyland closure, the company said guests impacted by the measure can contact the Walt Disney Travel Company with questions at (714) 520-5050. It also asked for patience since call volume was likely to be heavy -- indeed, a reporter dialed the number several times Thursday afternoon and was able to get through only once, receiving error messages on the other occasions.



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DLPR just announced their re-opening around mid-July, and I will leave that PR to the TPR mods.

(Actually, it's the day after Bastille Day, that DLP re-opens. Perfect timing!)


But - what really caught my attention, was the artwork of Catastrophe Canyon in WDS they released

as well, as themed for the new CARS Route 66 attraction! Very cool to see. They're really going to use CC

for this CARS-themed attraction... Woo hoo!


I just hope that the Dinoco truck doesn't just keep smiling throughout the 'catastrophe,' heh.

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I have just spent 3 days at Disneyland Paris and I am seriously impressed. They have very clear markers on the ground for social distancing and people where mostly following them. ( Apart from a few people that are apparantly blind...) Everyone was wearing masks, and they where organizing the entrance and food lines wery well. The longest I waited was 30 minutes and considering it’s july that is amazing!


The parks where looking fantastic now, it is clear that they have been painting and fixing things during lookdown, (for example new cobblestone flooring in fantasyland that looks great!) They where also in the process of painting all the small railings around the park.


All in all I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go back in the future

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Thanks, that's great to hear, I want to make Disney my first foreign trip as I can easily drive through the Channel Tunnel and was interested to know how well the social distancing measures were being followed/policed. There are always people with selective vision so I'm prepared for a few people to ignore the rules.


I'm really happy to hear the park is looking better too. My last visit was near the beginning of the huge park-wide refurb so I could see how worn some parts were looking, but also how much work they were doing to sprinkle some of that Disney magic. It's the most beautiful castle park to me, so it was always a shame to see it become so run down by Disney standards.

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Great to hear! I was a bit worried with how DLP would do with 'Social Distancing' because I don't think those two words have ever been used together by the French at theme parks but I'm glad it's working!

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I think Disneyland Paris is gorgeous, it just lacks a few standout attractions that would make it a destination in the way the other Disney parks are.


With that being said, DLP has my favorite coaster in the company (so far)—their Big Thunder Mountain is just in a league of its own.


The huge revamp/expansion of Paris Studios should definitely help, too.

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