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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

p. 53 - Symphony of Color drone show and daytime parade announced!

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Anyone remember when there was a nightclub in the village? I don't know what I was expecting, I think I pictured a Disney decorated night-club playing disco versions of Disney songs but I remember it being really generic, quite expensive for drinks and entrance and it had barely any people who went there.

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Hey there, I'm planning to do a trip to Disneyland in April (a week before Easter) and I want to decide exactly when to go. Technically I could go on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I know Saturday would be the worst in terms of crowds but, for other reasons, it would be the most convenient for me. So my question is, for those who visit the park more or less often, how bad is it? Is it "impossible" or just a bit worse than a Friday (for example)?

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So my question is, for those who visit the park more or less often, how bad is it? Is it "impossible" or just a bit worse than a Friday (for example)?


You should also keep in mind, that at this time (11th/12th/13th of April?), easter holidays have already started in some parts of france, great britain and other countries. So the chance to get an empty park ist pretty low. It is more about which day is worse - and accroding to this and the fact, that you seem to have just one day for both parks, I would try to make it on one of the two weekdays. For me, DLRP is one of the most awful parks when it gets too crowded.

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^Hmm ok, thanks for the advice.

I'm thinking of buying their skip the line pass (whatever they call it) even though it's pretty expensive but that probably isn't enough if the park if awfully crowded as it only includes a few attractions.

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^ I can't see it, without joining something. And I didn't want to join.

So, could you (or somebody else?) post a reader's digest version of what happened?


Many thanks.

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Just read in other Disney sites today, it was announced that Phantom Manor, after going through an extensive maintenance and refurbishing schedule, will be re-opening on May 3rd.


EDIT: Original date wrong. Now corrected.

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^ Geez, I need to get my eyes fixed! Thanks for noting my mistake. I have no idea, after looking through at least three Disney sites with that date.....dunno why I put the 9th. I changed it above.

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Disneyland Paris reveals secrets of renewed Phantom Manor




Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris will reopen on the 3th of May after a renovation of nearly sixteen months. But what has changed in all this time behind the doors of the famous haunted house? During a presentation for fans, Tom Fitzgerald, executive creative leader at Walt Disney Imagineering, revealed on Friday evening what visitors can expect when they enter the iconic mansion.


The mysterious story of Phantom Manor is about the bride Melanie Ravenswood, her father Henry Ravenswood and the mysterious Phantom. Until now, the precise storyline has remained vague. "We wanted to delve deeper into the story of the Phantom and the bride," said Fitzgerald. "Guests will soon discover that Henry Ravenswood is the Phantom himself." Melanie's father found no man good enough for his daughter. "Everyone who tried to marry her disappeared mysteriously."


In the preview of the attraction - the so-called Stretching Room - new portraits of four men who have made a proposal to Melanie are displayed. If the room suddenly seems to be stretched apart, the paintings reveal the cause of death of the men. For example, one of them is being attacked by bears.


"With the help of new techniques, we see Melanie disappearing from the images," Fitzgerald explains. From now on, not only French is spoken, but also English. For this, Disney used old recordings of horror actor Vincent Price. He died in 1993, one year after the opening of the attraction.


A new painting by Henry Ravenswood will be displayed in the portrait gallery at the station. Then visitors get into a cart. "You will see more of Melanie and the Phantom while you ride." Melanie is now standing on the stairs in the station. She stares out where it storms.


Various scenes in the attraction are provided with new effects, such as a video projection of the Phantom playing the wedding march on the piano. Madame Leota, a fortune teller who appears in a glass sphere, has also been renewed. "She is now more realistic than ever." When the bride Melanie is crying in front of a mirror, the Phantom appears behind her in the mirror image.


The biggest changes have taken place in the scene with the ominous cowboy town of Phantom Canyon. Fitzgerald: "All figures have been redesigned, the scenes have been painted, we have added new effects and restored old ones." A little further on, the Phantom is ready with a sling. "He has a place for you if you want to become a permanent resident of Phantom Manor."


The ride ends with a mausoleum containing the deceased men who asked Melanie for her hand. "But one of them doesn't give up. He still wants to marry Melanie, so he breaks through the mausoleum with a ring hoping he can win her back." At the exit we hear the bride herself, who has lost her wits over the years. She asks visitors to marry her.



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In the city of Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral was IN FLAMES today. Roof destroyed, a main spire fell, precious stained glass windows are gone. But - nobody killed or inured (so far) in trying to save the rest of it, any of it.


Other than the Rant Thread, I didn't know where to put this. Please understand.

So... my thoughts are with the people of Paris and France.


The last shot I took of Notre Dame, on our Sept.2015 trip. I've recently read, these two towers survived the fire.

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In the city of Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral was IN FLAMES today. Roof destroyed, a main spire fell, precious stained glass windows are gone.


On that note (and tying this all together)...


The Walt Disney Company Pledges $5 Million to Support Rebuilding of Notre-Dame Cathedral


The Walt Disney Company today announced it is committing $5 million to aid in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris following the devastating fire that severely damaged the historic landmark this week.


“Notre-Dame is a beacon of hope and beauty that has defined the heart of Paris and the soul of France for centuries, inspiring awe and reverence for its art and architecture and for its enduring place in human history. The Walt Disney Company stands with our friends and neighbors in the community, offering our heartfelt support as well as a $5 million donation for the restoration of this irreplaceable masterpiece,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company.


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I couldn't find too much info online for Extra Magic Hour / Magic Morning for Walt Disney Studios before my visit. If you're staying onsite, this is the only way to do Crush's Coaster without an hour wait. Below are some observations that may help you on a future trip.


They do not open the Walt Disney Studios gate in the morning. I mistakenly waited by it my first day. At 8 am (half hour before extra magic hour), they open the Disneyland Paris gate. If you want to go to the Studios, you bear left and pass through a checkpoint.


They have no signage, but on both days the only admission line they had open was the one immediately to the left of the archway.


If you get to the Disneyland gate by 8 am, you should be one of the first in line at the Studios. Usually this isn't necessary for magic hours, but it's needed for Crush. This was the line at 8:30 when magic hours started.



Yes that's all the way back to the enclosed entry area.


I was off the ride by 8:40. By the time I got off, the line was already 50 minutes and all the switchbacks were full. It's also worth noting that the single rider line does open for magic hours as well. I read online they used to wait until regular operating hours.



Line at 8:40.


One last note, I've found that Disneyland and Disney World exaggerate wait times near closing. The wait for Crush's Coaster at closing was posted around 50-70 minutes each day and considering all the switchbacks were full, that appeared accurate.


This is based off two visits this past week so I know they could switch things up, but I figure something is better than nothing.

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^^ It looks wonderful. And we've been on the original version on several visits, too.

This looks so much fresher, and (ahem) ALIVE, in my opinion, from what I see + hear, here.


Looking forward to visiting The Manor again....in 2022, we hope.


My last shot of The Manor, inside the "Entry Parlor," looking up at.....? (Sept.24-2015).

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^Wow it's great to know i'm not the only one who couldn't make out what was in the rafters before the refurb. Thank god I knew what it was meant to be before hand cause otherwise I wouldn't have noticed anything...

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^ That was the same with myself. I knew what was supposed to be "up there."

But it was a wee bit too dark to actually see it for myself. But I took the photo, anyway.

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How busy is DLP on a Monday or Tuesday the first week of June. That's my window the 3rd or 4th of June. Is both parks possible in a day with or without the new fast pass tickets?

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I can't speak to that date specifically, but I have some feedback from my visit 1.5 weeks ago.


Assuming you're there opening to close, I think you can do all major e-tickets in a day. If you go with the highest tier paid Fastpass, you will have no issue doing this and can get rerides on everything. I tried it on my first day and it was fantastic for a first time visitor. On my subsequent days, I just used the single rider lines and free Fastpasses. I think I could have ridden all major rides in a single day with this approach provided you do the following:


Single Rider Lines

- You can walk onto Hyperspace Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Ratatouille using these.

- The single rider line for RC Racer is a crapshoot. I saw it range from a walk-on to an hour.

- Crush's Coaster's single rider line was upwards of 60 minutes (not much better than the regular queue).


Fastpass Plan

- The Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Paris Fastpass networks are not connected. This means that you can immediately get a Fastpass for the second park after you get one for the first. This strategy requires a bit of extra walking, but some people prefer this to standing in queue lines.


- Big Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan will run out of Fastpasses the quickest. Peter Pan was usually out by mid-afternoon and Big Thunder Mountain followed shortly.


Touring Plan for the Non-Fastpass Rides

- The Fantasyland rides close 1-2 hours before park closing to accommodate the fireworks. Outside of Peter Pan, most of these dark rides will have waits less than 5-10 minutes the first hour of the day. The lines do lighten up near closing, but you risk finding the ride closed. Snow White, Peter Pan, and Pinocchio are near clones of the California and Japan ones if you've ridden them already.


- The Studios cleared out significantly the last hour of the day. Most rides were under 15 minutes the last hour of the day. The exception was Crush's Coaster which still had a full queue. If you weren't lucky with RC Racer's single rider line, near closing is the best time to hit it.

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