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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

p. 54 - Walt Disney Studios Park to become Disney Adventure World!

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I'm seeing online that they have removed the 3D glasses from Ratatouille and converted the ride to 2D. Not sure if this is permanent or a temporary test.


Considering the ride was running with 3D just a few weeks ago for my visit and Disney didn't take it down for rehab, I have to applaud them for seemingly rolling this change in overnight.

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^ And I wonder if this will also be related to EPCOT's Ratatouille attraction,

when it opens? Maybe they'll experiment not using the 3D glasses there, too.

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^ That's what I thought of, and was going to add. This new "2+1/2D" tech that they've developed for M&MsRR, could be applied to other dark rides, that use screens, if it all works out.

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Mickey and Minnie's Magical Railway is 2D as well so maybe something came out of the development of that ride?


You're overthinking it. Not sure what system they use for 3D, but all they have to do is turn off one projector and crank up brightness or take out the filter that is creating the 3D effect.

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New details about the Avengers Campus and its attractions at Walt Disney Studios Park Paris were released today at the D23 Expo Disney Parks, Experiences and Products presentation!





Moments ago during the D23 Expo 2019, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Bob Chapek revealed more details about the growing presence of Super Heroes at Disney Parks around the world. Here’s what was shared:


Avengers Campus Coming to California and Paris


As we shared this past Thursday on the Disney Parks Blog, you can soon suit up alongside your favorite Super Heroes at the Avengers Campus, beginning in 2020 at Disney California Adventure park and later at Disneyland Paris. These are campuses set up by the Avengers to recruit the next generation of Super Heroes.



“In some ways, these new campuses are like the Avengers themselves: a group of diverse individuals who have teamed up for the same purpose,” said Scot Drake, Creative Executive, Marvel Global Portfolio, Walt Disney Imagineering. “This collection of unique addresses—each dedicated to a different discipline—have been brought together to champion the next generation of heroes.”



The first key address at the Avengers Campus will be the Worldwide Engineering Brigade – also known as “WEB” – which will house our new Spider-Man experience, the first Disney ride-through attraction to feature this iconic Super Hero.



During an open house at WEB, the aspiring inventors are excited to invite you for a test drive of their latest invention: the “Web Slinger” vehicle, which allows you to sling webs just like Spider-Man! The attraction gives you a taste of what it’s like to have actual super powers as you help Spider-Man collect Spider-Bots that have run amok.



Avengers Campus will also feature Pym Test Kitchen. Just as Ant-Man and The Wasp use “Pym Particles” to grow and shrink just about anything, Pym Technologies is using the latest innovations to grow and shrink food at this eatery!



You will also find heroic encounters throughout the campus, including Black Widow, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Super Heroes from Wakanda and Asgard, and Iron Man.


Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel in Paris



At Disneyland Paris, you can extend your adventures at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, opening next summer. The hotel will celebrate 80 years of Marvel art and artists, with more than 300 curated works of art on display. Rooms will include one-of-a-kind themed suites featuring favorite Super Heroes like Spider-Man, and you can even meet these legends in a dedicated space.


Check back on the Disney Parks Blog for more epic updates!

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^ Sounds like they're going to be incorporating the screens like on Guardians to have a better storytelling angle, but each shaft will focus on a different ghost.


Also I find it friggin hilarious that they used a photo of the Orlando version's elevator, not the craptacular exit hallways the others have.

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I'm fascinated how they're creating these 'pods' that people will travel in,

AND being able to "throw webs" at the robo-crabs, etc. with Spiderman's help.

Should be a fun attraction adventure.


And I am hoping, this part of the WDS expansion is all open, by the time we re-visit DLPR in Sept.2022.

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Once in a while, Disney Paris comes up with a theme song for their Halloween Season. I have the feeling, that this is The One, which is perfect when paired with the ToT. Awesome job on the video, too, w/ToT as The Star of it.


A 2005 Halloween cd from DLP. I have 3 of these Halloween CDs.

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A bunch of Disney blogs are reporting that Studio Tram Tour will be Re-imagined as a "Cars" based attraction. I'm not going to link to it because I have no concept of which Disney blogs are reputable and which ones aren't but I figured I'd mention it since it's gained a lot of traction and it seems obvious to everyone that in order for Disney to add Frozen and Star Wars they need to either remove or modify the Tram Tour so it's not exactly a crazy rumor.


The rumored new route has riders boarding near Toy Story land and the ride being confined to the area between Toy Story land and Catastrophe Canyon (The rumored map implies that Catastrophe Canyon is staying, which is the only good part of the ride anyway).


Personally I'm fine with it. The ride sucks anyway and IF these rumors are true then they're keeping the only good thing about it (aside from Jeremy Irons I guess).

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^^ I rode the tram tour for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I agree with you, the only good part was catastrophe canyon... So this is excellent news as anything is an improvement over the existing ride.


I also got to try two of the new drop profiles on tower of terror and thought they were fantastic! Non stop action from beginning to end, and the new show scenes are way scarier than the old ones!

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Here's the rumored "New Map for 2020" at the Studios, which includes the re-imagined "Route 66" Cars ride.


Huh ~ there's no number on Crush's Coaster, there. Or the Stunt Show. And what the heck is #13? Could this be a sign of Fan Art? Hmmm.

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The calendar shows that after Sunday, January 5th the Studio Tram Tour is listed as "Closed for Refurbishment" and remains that way as far out as the calendar goes (which is March 9th as-of-now).


I fully expect Sunday, January 5th to be your last chance to ride it in it's current form if you care which you shouldn't unless you just want to listen to Jeremy Irons narrate it one more time because it's really, really fun to have Scar narrating the tram tour.

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