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  1. Some videos from the Avengers Campus soft opening/press preview: Full walkthrough: Avengers Flight Force POV (Formerly known as Rock'n'Rollercoaster): Official video from the press preview:
  2. In other news, Tower of Terror is being updated with three new ride profiles in time for Halloween: https://attractionsmagazine.com/tower-of-terror-disneyland-paris-new-details/
  3. They are running a live stream right now of the Marvel Summer of Heroes launch event:
  4. Apparently, October 1st is when they will announce the events and not the first event. So in a very convoluted way, they announced an announcement of an announcement.
  5. The corporate account just tweeted the below. There's been some rumblings about a possible D23 expo in Paris. Perhaps this could be it?
  6. The castmember soft openings started today. Here is a POV: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] The Barbossa animatronic and special effect looks great! Before the refurbishment, many of the animatronics were stationary, so this is a huge improvement. Summary of changes: New mist screen projection Swinging pirate has been fixed Jail scene animatronics refurbished Auction scened changed Jack Sparrow animatronic peeking out of a barrel Duelist scene changed to be between a man and a woman New flame effects New Barbossa animatronic with blacklight effect Jack Sparrow animatronic added in the treasure scene
  7. Annual Passholder previews of the refurbished Pirates of the Caribbean ride will take place next weekend. Those with the new Infinity pass will have access on Friday July 14th, from 10am to 2PM; Those with the old Dream Pass or the new Magic Flex pass will have access on Saturday July 15th & Sunday July 16th.
  8. I think this project will never happen. Paramount discontinued their licence agreement with the resort's holding company: RESORT PLANNING APPLICATION REMAINS ON TRACK FOR NOVEMBER 2017 AS PARAMOUNT AND LRCH DISCONTINUE LICENCE AGREEMENT Today, London Resort Company Holdings Limited (“LRCH”) and Paramount Licensing Inc. (“Paramount”) have jointly agreed to discontinue the licence agreement for the proposed entertainment resort. This announcement does not have an effect on the timing of the planned Development Consent Order (DCO) submission for the resort in November 2017. Humphrey Percy, CEO, LRCH, said: “We want to express our sincere thanks to the many members of the Paramount team who have worked with us since we took over the Project in August 2013. This announcement does not have an effect on the timing of our planned Development Consent Order (DCO) submission in November 2017. We are working closely with the local authorities, landowners and local community, as well as our other stakeholders, and we very much look forward to showing our plans to the public as part of our final stage of consultation prior to submitting later this year.” “We are creating a unique entertainment destination offering a scale and quality unprecedented in the UK where much loved characters and stories will be brought to life from iconic movies, television, books, electronic gaming and toys. Just 17 minutes from Central London, one of the most visited cities in the world and with an investment of £3.2 billion, the resort will be a global tourist destination.” In line with the agreement between LRCH and Paramount, the terms are confidential.
  9. Considering most of their debts come from paying license fees to TWDC, yes.
  10. Amazing news as The Walt Disney Company's takeover bid of the resort is officially in place as of today. TWDC now own 97.08% of Euro Disney SCA. They are thereby required by law to buy out the remaining shares and take the company off the Paris Stock Exchange. More info here. Maybe there'll be something to announce at D23?
  11. The cast and crew of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, including Johnny Depp & Javier Bardem, were at the park on Sunday: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  12. It looked intentional to me, though I thought it was an odd choice. It's more of a Nepal vibe than Chinese.
  13. Went on Dragekongen on opening day, it's a very fun ride with a surprising amount of force. It does have a bit of a rattle in some places, but overall a very successful addition to Djurs Sommerland.
  14. Hyperspace Mountain officially opened today. Here is the first POV video: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] And a reverse rider-cam video: I think it looks very well done!
  15. Hyperspace Mountain is currently in Soft Opening with no effects inside the dome. Skip to 1 minute in the video below to see the new trains leaving the station: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] The effects will be switched on after the VIP Star Wars Nights event on Friday/Saturday. ---- The park will also start selling VIP Fastpasses from next week. €90 per day for unlimited Fastpasses for any ride or €15 for a single use Fastpass for any ride. The regular Fastpass system will still be in place, this is more to attract wealthy customers. ---- Walt Disney Studios will host an EDM festival in July called Electroland. Steve Aoki will be headlining and tickets are already on sale: https://www.ticketmaster.fr/fr/manifestation/electroland-standard-billet/idmanif/400390
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