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Best Racer

Best Racer  

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ive ridden 3 racing coasters...


The Racer at Kennywood

Gemini at Cedar Point

Dueling Dragons at Universal Studios Orlando


i love the Racer, (hometown favorite)

ive ridden close to 100 times (im 50, so thats at least twice on each visit, 1 or 2 visits a summer, for the last 40 or so years)


the other 2 were great, but ive only ridden on them a few times each so cant really remember with clarity what they were like (Gemini was about 24 years ago and only one visit to Islands of Adventure so far)

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^ ditto


American Eagle is great too. No wooden coaster that huge normally runs as well, or maintains a paint job as good as Am Eagle.


And btw, lightning racer isn't a racing coaster. Even though it has a finish line, its still a dueler. Much like Dragon Challenge.

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I'd have to say Gemini is a close second, however, nothing beats American Eagle. It has an incredible first drop and some points of great airtime. Besides the final mini-helix the ride is pretty smooth, especially for such a tall wooden coaster. Also, the way the entire structure lights up at night is just magical.


However, Gemini, is almost like a mini Magnum with some fun pops of airtime, it just has those really slow corners, which is why it got 2nd and not 1st for me.

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The only coaster I've been on when it was racing is Colossus, but I imagine Gemini would be better. Unfortunately, they were only running one track during my visit.


It seems like they don't race Gemini nearly as much as they used to. I think the past 6 or 7 times I have gone to CP, I have only seen Gemini racing once or twice. It's a shame, really.

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Yes, I am including racers that also duel, as well as racer-style double-track coasters that rarely or never race.


Judging the racing aspect, my favorite is easily Lightning Racer. The dispatches are always timed perfectly for racing, and the winner is made clear each time with both visuals and announcements. The layouts are perfectly imaginative and satisfying for a racer-dueler. Of course, winning, whether easily or in a close race, is always fun, but I also enjoy losing because I love the visual effect of "chasing" the other train.


The other two racing racers I particularly like are Racer at Kennywood and Gemini. Both feature hand-slapping opportunities and a well-executed racing, chasing aspect.


This is how I rate and rank them as overall coaster experiences:


1. Lightning Racer, 8/10 (with a racing bias since they would be mediocre alone)

2. Racer, KI, 7/10 (rough, but some powerful airtime)

3. Gemini, 6/10 (approximate as I rank steel separately, overrated, a bit of airtime)

4. Racer, KW, 6/10 (slight racing bias, as there is only one good drop)

5. Colossus (left), 6/10 (more airtime than expected, but nothing special)

6. Monstre, 6/10 (interesting layouts, decent sensation of speed and one pop of airtime per side)

7. Rolling Thunder, 6/10 (a bit of a fast feel, cute classic layout, not too rough)

8. American Eagle (blue), 5/10 (boring, no airtime)

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