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  1. Thunderbolt at Kennywood....one of the greatest wooden coasters, but has been know to crack ribs when you put your arms up!! luckily has not happened to me, but i cant ride it anymore b/c of a bad back, go to the chiropractor and dont want to ask for trouble. I stick with 1 ride on the Jack Rabbit per visit (my favorite one by far) and that has to last me from summer to summer! also remember riding Raging Wolfbobs once at Six Flags when they took over Geauga Lake Park....that was rugged!!
  2. so far i havent come across a ride that i am afraid of, but i admit that i havent ever tried Skycoaster at Kennywood, so i think that probably counts as one! I want to do it but then I dont.....i guess i am chicken!!
  3. have oft wondered why Kennywood never had an annual pass like they had for a while at Sand Castle. i didnt make it out this past summer, so im looking forward to seeing what is new in the comiing season
  4. man, these are great! i so wish i had been able to go back in the day... didnt make our first trip till 2001. thanks for posting them
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