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I have been on several racers and Lightning Racers is probably one of my least favorites. Yes, it has lots of interaction but what a boring coaster. Gemini is one of the better ones out there and I quite liked Racer at KI. It was really smooth and fun when I rode it a couple of years ago. I think Gwazi has a great layout but is too rough.

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Gemini, Kennywood Racer, Grand National and other twin racing coasters are cool because the opposing train is always next to you and you're always keeping your eye on it - making them more exciting.


Both sides of Lightning Racer have great layouts on their own, but you can really only keep track of the other train's progress at the photo tunnel, at the very end, and to an extent the crossover section. That being said, Lightning Racer is still my favorite set of racing coasters, and both sides individually are in my top wooden coasters.

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I'm dissapointed to see hardly any love for Grand National (far superior to Racer in my humble opinion) but I'm guessing it's due to the low ridership by members on here so I'll post the TPR video to demonstrate just how good a racer this is:



I loved Lightning Racer at Hershey (especially at night) and how the tracks twist around each other at one point, a very close second for me!

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Ive only been on 1 racer and Racer at KI is good but the need to retrack both sides after the hill split. Blue Racer is rough. Red is an airtime machine! I rode racer red once and there was so much airtime on this one hill the lap bar tightened one down! Ive seen one racer make a comeback when the other one is ahead in the course. I rate Racer 8.5/10

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I'm judging these as overall rides, but some of the few that raced for me earn their high marks from the racing aspect.


01. Lightning Racer

02. Racer, KI

03. Gemini

04. Racer, KW

05. Colossus

06. Rebel Yell

07. Monstre

08. Rolling Thunder

09. Gwazi

10. Thunder Road

11. American Eagle


Lightning Racer is the perfect racer-dueler. And as an overall coaster experience, the only way I would change it would be to ratchet up the intensity. Rolling Thunder was somehow a lot better last year in the rain. Gwazi as currently run is stupid and pathetic, but not quite as horrible or worthless as I had feared.

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