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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Full Halloween Horror Nights 2021 lineup revealed!

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In with the new. It's probably more of a cost issue than anything else. Running that thing and keeping it repaired has got to cost a fortune . I would be totally stunned if this had anything to do with Harry Potter, to me it makes no sense. Expanding Potter into the remaining Lost Continent area is a no brainer IMO. Universal got a new attraction before the previous Potter construction, this is probably the same thing.

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is it safe to assume that HHN will be at IOA next year? Even though there isn't usually a scare zone in that area, the back of the park gets way too packed. Can't imagine how bad it'll be if it's a dead end.


Also if the fear factor stage in demolished too, the only other place for Bill and Ted would be at the Toon Lagoon amphitheater or inside a sound stage.


The years they had 2 park HHN's were both pretty lame,because they didn't do it right.One of those years was 2004 (HHN XIV,What's your Breaking Point) all they had at IOA was a horrible 3-D house in Marvel Island and the Bill and Ted's show in Toon Lagoon.It's not a 2 park event if you're only using 25% of your park.Assuming that parts of Universal are out for HHN in the next couple of years is it true that the WWOHP is legally not allowed to have any kind of holiday displays(HHN,Christmas).If this is true then that would definitely have an impact on HHN if they were to go with Potter for the Jaws/Amity area,seems like they would have to create a bridge by Lombard's Landing to prevent access to this area for HHN,kinda like the bypass bridge they have at IOA.I also wonder if anyone knows the capacity on the Fear Factor theater versus the Toon Lagoon theater,I remember one year just having major issues getting to see Bill and Ted at the Toon Lagoon theater giving me reasons to think it's smaller.

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See, and I think the years they had it in either IOA, or used both parks were my FAVORITE years of HHN. It offered such a different feeling to the venue, was a nice change, and even the way they mixed it up between the two years with the pathways being slightly different felt unique. I've been feeling that HHN has plateaued over the last 3-5 years, so something to mix it up again would be a welcome change, IMO.


HHN absolutely can be a 2-park event, especially with the crowds they have been pulling lately, even on off-peak nights.

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I've never been inside the Toon Lagoon amphitheater but Universal says that holds 2000 people and looks like it has a lot more stage to work with than Fear Factor.


It would be interesting if they would be able to move the sprung tents to IOA (probably between Dudley and JP) since they would bring so many people into a bottle necked area during the Jaws demolition/whatever construction.

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2002 Islands of Fear,the first year they had it in IOA was absolutely one of my favorites,the houses were far from the best but the IOA atmosphere combined with cool things like 6 feet of foam in Toon Lagoon made it a memorable year.The second year they used both parks they used them better,the first year with 2 parks, 2004 wasn't too bad overall either as they had good houses like Castle Vampyr,I just didn't like how they used IOA,it was just technically saying the event is at both parks.I agree that the last couple of years HHN have felt the same with the houses and scare zones in the same exact location so a change due to the construction in Amity would be welcomed.Financially for Universal it makes total sense to add Potter to Universal,just look at attendance numbers for the two parks,I'm not a huge Potter fan but something like two Potter areas in two adjacent parks with a train connecting them would be major,something like a Transformers ride being added there just doesn't have that wow factor,I still can't see how they would fit a train back there.

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I really don't think this has anything to do with Potter Land. Yes, Potter did bring in massive crowds, and there is opportunity to cash in on it even more, but I just don't think they would put it in a separate park. Potter Land is a pretty cohesive design, and even expanding it further into Lost Continent would screw up the layout a bit.


Really I don't think any of us at this point have any idea what will be built there.


I think the studio parks should be all about movies, especially the classic ones. There are plenty of old titles that can be reborn with a new high tech attraction.


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Except that Jaws has always has a line when we've gone, even during Horror Nights. Remember, we used our express passes for it this year because the line was at least 20 minutes.


That's the thing though...a line doesn't automatically signify it is popular. People can wait an hour and then still give it low scores on the surveys.


I'm totally with you though...I probably won't get excited for this expansion unless it is a kick A$$ credit, as I enjoyed Jaws with a good skipper. I would always ride it w/ express passes or a short wait. Your comparison to Jungle Cruise/Pirates is spot on. By taking out Jaws, the studios park loses a big part of its original identity.

this is, in my mind, what really separates Universal from Disney. Disney has created rides that have become "untouchable" and sacred, where as US, i feel that nothing is sacred. Its only a matter of time till its popularity dies off and its replaced with something newer. But I credit this to Disney actually caring and making an attempt to grow their brand. Not to mention, they've always been the sole owners of their products, and are not just a smaller part of a larger conglomerate like Universal is.

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This got me thinking, does Universal really have any bankable franchises these days to use at their parks? Harry Potter's from Warner Bros, The Simpsons are a Fox property, and Transformers was a Dreamworks/Paramount venture. The only Modern Universal franchise I can think of is Mummy. Can we really call the place Universal anymore?

The Fast & Furious, Bourne, and Jurassic Park franchises have upcoming sequels, and only one has a serious theme park presence in Florida.


I think the Fast & Furious would be an awesome basis for a thrill ride.

Considering all those slow-motion "tunnel" effects they did during the drag races for the

first couple of films -- it could make a great ride.


Fast Five grossed $625 miillion worldwide, making it #55 on the world's highest grossing films of all time. The sixth film is already in production. So it would be a logical addition to their theme park as that franchise is current and strong.


I think Bourne could do a Indiana Jones-style stunt show really well, but I don't think it would work very well as a themed ride.


I personally will miss Jaws -- although, it really needed a rehab/update. The fire effects and leaking fluids of Jaws also created huge environmental problems. The DEP has been on their case since the ride opened -- and the ride was always troubleprone, which is why it took so long to run on daily basis (built in 1990, but didn't operate completely until 1993 -- Universal even sued the ride's designer: Ride and Show Engineering).


DEP going after Universal because of Jaws:


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I rode the ride when I was very very little, and it scared me so bad, that when I rode it in February earlier this year, I found it to be very lame and boring. Maybe I just had a really bad captain, but I think the people that get a real kick out of the ride probably are SUPER Jaws fans or little kids that actually get scared. I'm all for replacing it with something, anything. I love Universal Studios more than Islands of Adventure...


PS. I'm glad they removed Jaws instead of E.T. Still one of the best rides ever.

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Just some random thoughts to share-


In order, the highest grossing films of all time (not adjusted for inflation) that don't have a theme park attraction or aren't currently slated to build one are-


Titanic (water)

Lord of the R i n g s (never saw a film or read a book but I bet this would be a huge hit)

Inception (great film, but maybe too adult or specific for a theme park)

Independence Day (that ship has sailed)

2012 (that film was really a hit? )

Davinci Code (not a theme park ride)

Matrix (awesome but too dated)

Twilight (phuck)


So just off the top of my head, if not a harry potter expansion, they are building a *Twilight* or Lord of the Ri ngs Ride.


Adjusting for inflation and remembering that a clip of 'Gone With the Wind' plays in the Great Movie Ride, the highest grossing film of all time without a theme park attraction is...The Sound of Music! But the Von Trapps already own a ski resort...so let's move on. Next up...well #5, The 10 Commandments has a scene on the USH Backlot tour...then comes Titanic and oddly enough after that comes JAWS! The we've got Dr. Zhivago, The Jungle Book, and the 1959 version of Ben-Hur (is that on the backlot tour?). My personal favorite out of the Top 50 is #48, Blazing Saddles - that would make a great name for a floorless coaster...

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I doubt its going to be Transformers. As far as Harry Potter Expansion. Yes it makes sense to make it 2 days. But really more Harry??? I mean its not star wars where in 10 years, we will still be quoting the movie.


Really? You realize that it's been almost 15 years since the first book came out already (and 10 years since the first movie). With a franchise that large with seven books in the series and eight movies, plus scores of additional books around the subject, HP has proven staying power over the long term. 1 million people registered for Pottermore the day it started Beta Testing and it is currently so popular it has to keep shutting down and getting rebuilt to handle the influx of visitors.

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Cool checking this out....So if for some reason this whole thing ends up being Harry Potter 2 (rise of the wands), I'm going on record stating that they will use an underground station as a transition element and the train itself will be nothing more than hd screens as windows and interactive elements. This would be the only way they could transport guests from Potter to Jaws and it not break the bank.



But the argument against this whole thing is if Hogwarts Express only goes from the real world to the Wizard World, than I'd expect Potternuts to be up in arms that train ride goes against everything in their books. Thoughts?

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