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Universal Orlando Resort (USF, IOA, Epic) Discussion Thread

P. 625: Dark Universe revealed!

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On 2/17/2024 at 12:59 PM, teacherkim said:

the big guns like Hagrids, Hulk, VC all close their lines about 11:30 or so to satisfy both local noise ordinances and enough time for maintenance (or at least that's the official explanation)

While some rides close early for the event, Rip Ride Rockit cycles until about 3am every HHN night, so if there are noise ordinance concerns then I guess they only care when they decide to care.

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13 hours ago, coasterbill said:

While some rides close early for the event, Rip Ride Rockit cycles until about 3am every HHN night, so if there are noise ordinance concerns then I guess they only care when they decide to care.

I don't necessarily disagree with you. Like I said that is the "official" reason given for the big 3 at IOA at the OI meetups, I've always assumed that was more the park not wanting those lines still full an hour after the event ends which is 1:30 am, and of course HHN only affects USO most of which are indoor rides. Plus RRR has cool optics from City walk 😏 I was more just trying to be informative to the actualities of the late night events.

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On 2/3/2024 at 7:18 PM, Nrthwnd said:

^ Portal is main entrance to the Land. The exit from each Land will be separate from the Portal, either on the left or right of it, as you suggest. The best (current) version of this I have seen, is the Harry Potter Universe. If you look at an overhead photo, of the entryway, you'll see what will be an Exit, to the left of the Portal. Hope that helps.

Just found the photo I wanted, to show what I was explaining, i.e. Entry Portal vs. Exit. To the left of the Wizarding World portal, is the Exit with a possible security kiosk, to the left of that. Or maybe it's an information kiosk. Eventually, we'll find out. 🙂


Thank you to @bioreconstruct and Theme Park Stop for all the info. about Epic Universe's ongoing construction.

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Universal has released artwork and details about How To Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk, coming to Epic Universe!



Universal Orlando Resort invites guests of all ages to soar with dragons in a colorful, fully-alive world filled with Viking adventures in How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk – one of the five worlds featured at the all-new Universal Epic Universe theme park opening in 2025. Here, guests will see what it’s like to live amongst dragons as they explore a larger-than-life world that includes exciting attractions, beloved character meet-and-greets, dining, shopping – and even flying dragons – based on DreamWorks Animation’s multi-award winning and Academy Award-nominated trilogy, “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Developed in partnership between Universal Creative and the powerhouse filmmakers from DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures, How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk captures the heart, humor and scale of the films within an authentic re-creation of the rugged, rocky world where raucous Vikings and rambunctious dragons live together in hilarious harmony. Guests visiting Berk will encounter one of the most breathtaking environments Universal has ever created – complete with immense architecture featuring hand-carved details, lush landscaping, and extraordinary heights of rolling hills surrounding vibrant dragon houses and local establishments. And everywhere guests look within the bustling village, they’ll find endless activity – from active dragons in their natural habitats and sheep attempting to disguise themselves as Terrible Terror dragons to sporadic bouts of fire – making Isle of Berk an attraction unto itself.


Guests’ first sight of Berk will be reminiscent of the iconic sweeping vista straight from the films – featuring a vast sparkling lagoon that boasts two 40-foot-tall Viking statues set against an energetic village perched above churning seas. Guests will discover four attractions, one live show, and several character and dragon meet-and-greet experiences that offer something for every member of the family, including:

• Hiccup’s Wing Gliders – On this family thrill coaster, Hiccup invites brave new Vikings to take a ride in his latest glider contraption – a winged flying machine that launches aspiring Dragon Riders into the sky for a dragon’s eye view of Berk. Guests will fly alongside Hiccup and Toothless and reach speeds up to 45 mph as they soar around the perimeter of Berk – and even through the lagoon – while experiencing firsthand what it’s like to fly on a dragon.

• The Untrainable Dragon – Inspired by Universal Beijing Resort’s wildly successful “Untrainable” show, this dragon-filled live spectacular takes guests on an unforgettable journey with beloved characters Hiccup, Toothless, Gobber, and Astrid as they work together to solve the mystery of The Untrainable Dragon. This heartwarming story comes to life with captivating musical numbers, breathtaking sets and life-sized dragons soaring overhead.

• Fyre Drill – Mischievous Viking twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut invite teams of Vikings to compete to outscore and out-soak each other on this wet-and-wild boat battle. Guests will board a colorful dragon-headed boat and blast water cannons at flame-like targets to practice putting out fires – a crucial skill to master when living with dragons.

• Dragon Racer’s Rally – Berk’s new Vikings racers can practice aerobatic maneuvers and high-speed barrel rolls on two Viking-made dragon-riding trainers that reach heights of up to 67 feet in the air. Guests can control how “wild” or “mild” their experience will be as they perform high-flying, gravity-defying, swooping and soaring skills that are necessary to earn the accolades worthy of a true champion dragon racer.

• Viking Training Camp – Junior Vikings will learn everything they need to know about dragons as they climb, slide and explore their way through this sprawling interactive adventure play camp – featuring a Viking agility course, a Toothless-themed teeter-totter, baby Gronckle dragon climbers and so much more.

• Meet Hiccup and Toothless – Guests can visit the Haddock Paddock for an incredible meet-and-greet experience with heroic Dragon Rider, Hiccup, and pose for a photo with his friendly Night Fury, Toothless. Plus, throughout the day, guests may also encounter other familiar Vikings and dragons while exploring Berk.

Guests can also dine and shop like Vikings in the world’s variety of themed eateries and retail locations, including:

• Mead Hall — The beating heart of Berk and the village’s main gathering hall, Mead Hall is where guests can feast like a Viking and enjoy a savory menu featuring a variety of meats, fish, sandwiches and more along with a collection of meads and ciders.

• Spit Fyre Grill — Overlooking the action of the Fyre Drill water attraction, Spit Fyre Grill is a quick-service dining location featuring delicious, hearty meals flame-seared by a helpful (unseen) dragon fry cook.

• Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel — Guests can grab quick bites at this festive racing-themed food stand located in the Viking Camp.

• And after a day of dragon training, guests can commemorate their lessons with an array of merchandise available at highly-themed shops like Viking Traders, How to Treat Your Dragon, Hiccup’s Work Shop, and Toothless’ Treasures.

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I'm soooo excited about this park! Universal Orlando is already my favorite park and to have a brand new park of this scale and quality; whoop, whoop!! I mean how often does that happen in a lifetime?!

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On 3/29/2024 at 1:25 PM, teacherkim said:

 I mean how often does that happen in a lifetime?!

Well in my lifetime this will be about the 8th time, maybe the 10the time if you want to count MGM Studios and Universal Orlando in 1989 and 1990. I was only like 6 but I do remember visiting UO in it's opening year so I guess that counts.


Now if you want to start counting non Disney and Universal Parks in China and Dubai amongst other places.......... well that number could get pretty high. I can't even keep up with what's being built in China anymore but they have built several brand new parks of this scale.

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9 hours ago, Hilltopper39 said:

Well in my lifetime this will be about the 8th time, maybe the 10the time if you want to count MGM Studios and Universal Orlando in 1989 and 1990. I was only like 6 but I do remember visiting UO in it's opening year so I guess that counts.


Now if you want to start counting non Disney and Universal Parks in China and Dubai amongst other places.......... well that number could get pretty high. I can't even keep up with what's being built in China anymore but they have built several brand new parks of this scale.

I get that, I'm much older than you and was around for all that plus Epcot and Animal Kingdom...........but, my point is that this is going to be on such a grander scale on both the rides and how grandiose it will be than those were when they opened, or at least it seems that way to me. Maybe I'm just not remembering the hype or maybe I'm just legit way more excited about a Universal park than Disney 🤷‍♀️ And to be fair I wasn't really thinking along the lines of China or Dubai, since those are not easily accessible for most people from the USA

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Sorry I didn't mean to come off as being rude or cynical, but I do think there's a fair amount of recency bias with this project since there is so much information on social media with construction updates and speculation and the official press releases from Universal's official accounts.

As far as the scale of the project to me it's not that much different than IOA when it opened? Both had similar number of lands and major attractions and rides.

Spiderman, Hulk, Dragons, Stun Show, Poseidon Show, Popeye, Ripsaw, Jurassic Park, Camp Jurassic, Cat n Hat Ride, couple of flats and

Starfall Racers, Mario Dark Ride, Donkey Kong, Monster Dark Ride, Monsters Coaster, Dragon Coaster, Dragon Show, flat ride and splash battle, whatever is in the new Potter land.

Also don't get me wrong here, I am VERY excited to check this whole place out eventually, really really excited about it, but also don't know if there's anything that's goin to be truly ground breaking or revolutionary or "game changing" as so many fans keep referring to it as.

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On 4/4/2024 at 8:39 AM, Hilltopper39 said:

but also don't know if there's anything that's goin to be truly ground breaking or revolutionary or "game changing" as so many fans keep referring to it as.

Jumping Donkey Kong coaster!

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Universal Orlando has released details about the two upcoming properties, Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort, opening early next year not far from Universal's Epic Universe theme park. 



Orlando, Fla. (April 11, 2024) – Today, Universal Orlando Resort reveals inspiring details about its two newest shining stars, Universal Stella Nova Resort, opening January 21, 2025, and Universal Terra Luna Resort, opening February 25, 2025. Brought to life by the award-winning Universal Creative team and co- owned and operated by Loews Hotels & Co, the alluring hotels place guests in the center of marvelous galaxies and diverse planetary elements for an experience unlike anywhere else in the universe – complete with tranquil sleeping accommodations, entertaining amenities for the whole family to enjoy, various cosmic- inspired dining options and so much more.

Boasting a combined total of 1,500 luminous, ultramodern and surreal guest rooms, Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort provide even more options for guests to seamlessly experience all the jaw-dropping thrills of a Universal Orlando vacation at an affordable price point starting at $147 (per night, plus tax) based on a stay of four nights or more. Below is an overview of what guests will experience at these radiant hotels.


Universal Stella Nova Resort is a place where guests will take off for amazing adventures at the theme parks and touch down for relaxation and recharging in between the fun. Designed to reflect the infinite vastness of the universe – where galaxies spiral ever outward and unknown worlds revolve around unnamed stars – this hotel is highlighted in serene teals and calming purples to instantly put guests at ease.

Universal Terra Luna Resort represents another world within Universal Orlando – inviting guests to explore the unknown and step onto planets that have yet to be discovered. Here, guests will find themselves in the midst of an extraordinary landing zone within an awe-inspiring solar system – accented with fresh surroundings and terrestrial greens and golds.

Both properties offer 750 double-queen guest rooms that comfortably sleep up to four guests and feature spaceship-styled windows – making this the ultimate escape for guests looking to rest amongst stars and planets.


  • Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort offer a variety of unique dining options for guests looking to have a meal or grab a quick snack in between visits to the parks, including:
  • Cosmos Cafe and Market at Stella Nova Resort and Omega Cafe and Market at Terra Luna Resort – these quick service restaurants feature made-to-order American classics for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a selection of grab-and-go items.
  • Galaxy Bar and Galaxy Grill at Stella Nova Resort and Moonrise Bar and Moonrise Grill at Terra Luna Resort – guests can enjoy burgers, quesadillas and salads at these walk-up service pool bars and grills. Plus, guests 21 and older can purchase cocktails, beer and wine (with a valid photo ID).
  • Nova Bar at Stella Nova Resort and Luna Bar at Terra Luna Resort – each hotel’s lobby bar* will offer specialty cocktails curated with unique ingredients, along with the classics.


Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort are so much more than just places to sleep; each hotel offers a variety of incredible amenities for guests to kick back and enjoy dedicated resort days just as much as theme park days, including:

  • Resort-style Pools – each hotel features a nearly 10,000 square foot pool with a relaxing hot tub, comfortable lounge and table-top seating in the pool area, a firepit and more. Plus, the whole family can enjoy the resorts’ recreational activities like poolside movies and outdoor games.
  • Fitness Centers – guests can take advantage of complimentary, state-of-the-art fitness centers featuring a variety of strength and cardio equipment – and, locker rooms with showers available for use on arrival and departure days.
  • Game Rooms – guests of all ages can enjoy a variety of standard arcade and video games in the hotels’ dedicated game rooms.
  • Recreation Rooms – each hotel features approximately 1,000 square-feet of multi-purpose space for small gatherings.
  • Universal Orlando Resort Stores – guests can purchase everything from sundries and necessities to Universal Orlando merchandise to commemorate their vacation.


Staying at any Universal Orlando Resort hotel is the best way to experience all that the destination has to offer with the inclusion of exclusive theme park benefits. Guests staying at Stella Nova Resort or Terra Luna Resort, or any of the other Universal Orlando hotels, can take advantage of Early Park Admission to Universal Volcano Bay and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade at Universal Islands of Adventure up to one hour before the park opens (valid theme park admission required), complimentary shuttle bus transportation to the theme parks and Universal CityWalk, resort-wide charging privileges, complimentary merchandise delivery and more.

Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort are adjacent to Universal Epic Universe and just minutes away from the existing Universal Orlando theme parks. More details about Epic Universe, which will open at a later date in 2025, will be revealed in the months ahead.

Guests can now book reservations or vacation packages at Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort. To learn more and to book a stellar getaway, visit www.UniversalOrlando.com/StellaTerraResorts.

*Must be 21+ with valid photo ID to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages


About Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is an award-winning theme park destination that welcomes all to truly be themselves while enjoying world-class attractions that redefine theme park experiences. Here, a multitude of

authentically thrilling, exciting and spontaneous adventures await – each inviting guests to embark on whatever vacation they crave while igniting their full range of emotions like never before – from the awe of walking the streets of Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the rush of adrenaline that takes over when coming face-to-face with a Velociraptor in Jurassic Park to the wide-eyed joy of seeing an entire slice of cake atop a delectable milkshake at The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen.

The 700-acre resort is home to three exhilarating theme parks – Universal Studios Florida, Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal Volcano Bay – that boast some of the most innovative and immersive experiences ever created, with a fourth next-level theme park, Universal Epic Universe, on the way. Guests can also relish in exciting dining and entertainment at the Universal CityWalk entertainment complex and enjoy incredible accommodations and magnificent theming across eight hotels that offer something for every style and budget – Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Universal’s Aventura Hotel and Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Surfside and Dockside Inn and Suites.

Universal Orlando Resort is a part of Universal Destinations & Experiences, a unit of Comcast NBCUniversal.

About Loews Hotels & Co

Headquartered in New York City, Loews Hotels & Co is rooted in deep heritage and excellence in service. The hospitality company encompasses branded independent Loews Hotels and a solid mix of partner-brand hotels. Loews Hotels & Co owns and/or operates 25 hotels and resorts across the U.S. and Canada, including eight hotels at Universal Orlando in partnership with Comcast NBC Universal. The newly opened Loews Coral Gables Hotel offers premier hospitality just four blocks from the city’s iconic Miracle Mile. Loews Arlington Hotel and Arlington Convention Center will open in 2024 in the city’s sports and entertainment district. Located in major city centers and resort destinations from coast to coast, the Loews Hotels portfolio features properties grounded in family heritage and dedicated to delivering unscripted guest moments with a handcrafted approach. For reservations or more information about Loews Hotels, call 1-800-23-LOEWS or visit: www.loewshotels.com



01_Universal Stella Nova Resort - Exterior.jpg

02_Universal Stella Nova Resort - Registration.jpg

03_Universal Stella Nova Resort - Guest Room.jpg

04_Universal Stella Nova Resort - Guest Bathroom.jpg

05_Universal Stella Nova Resort - Pool.jpg

06_Universal Stella Nova Resort - Galaxy Bar and Galaxy Grill.png

07_Universal Stella Nova Resort - Cosmos Cafe and Market.jpg

08_Universal Stella Nova Resort - Nova Bar.png

09_Universal Stella Nova Resort - Logo.png

01_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Exterior.jpg

02_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Registration.jpg

03_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Guest Room.jpg

04_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Guest Bathroom.jpg

05_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Pool.jpg

06_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Moonrise Bar and Moonrise Grill.png

07_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Omega Cafe and Market.jpg

08_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Omega Cafe and Market.jpg

09_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Luna Bar.png

10_Universal Terra Luna Resort - Logo.png

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Did they hire Richard Branson to design the interior?  These looks like a ripoff of Virgin Las Vegas, just at a healthier price point.

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On 4/4/2024 at 7:39 AM, Hilltopper39 said:

Sorry I didn't mean to come off as being rude or cynical, but I do think there's a fair amount of recency bias with this project since there is so much information on social media with construction updates and speculation and the official press releases from Universal's official accounts.

As far as the scale of the project to me it's not that much different than IOA when it opened? Both had similar number of lands and major attractions and rides.

Spiderman, Hulk, Dragons, Stun Show, Poseidon Show, Popeye, Ripsaw, Jurassic Park, Camp Jurassic, Cat n Hat Ride, couple of flats and

Starfall Racers, Mario Dark Ride, Donkey Kong, Monster Dark Ride, Monsters Coaster, Dragon Coaster, Dragon Show, flat ride and splash battle, whatever is in the new Potter land.

Also don't get me wrong here, I am VERY excited to check this whole place out eventually, really really excited about it, but also don't know if there's anything that's goin to be truly ground breaking or revolutionary or "game changing" as so many fans keep referring to it as.

You didn't, no worries. And you made a valid point......................I just don't remember the others being such a big deal, anticipation wise. BUT as you point out there wasn't the daily social media/drone footage blitz going on AND to be fair some of those were at a time in my life when I wasn't focusing that much on theme parks. IOA for example, truly one of my favorite parks now, opened when I was about 30...........establishing a career and heavily involved in a completely different hobby that took a huge time and money commitment. About ten years later I had stopped such a huge commitment to the other thing and was introducing my son to theme parks and rediscovering in myself a long lost love for them. So all of that played a part in my probably not well thought out comment🤨

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Universal has unveiled new details about Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe!



Next year, guests can jump into the action of their favorite video games when SUPER NINTENDO WORLD makes its much-anticipated debut at Universal Orlando Resort as one of five imaginative worlds at the all-new Universal Epic Universe theme park. Developed in partnership between the visionaries of Universal Creative and Nintendo, the vibrant land combines iconic Nintendo characters with Universal’s renowned craft of creating innovative theme park experiences to deliver a multi-sensory environment where guests can experience the fun and adventure of Nintendo games in a whole new way.

Today, Universal Orlando reveals official details about all the excitement that awaits in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD at Epic Universe – featuring attractions plus dining, shopping and interactive experiences inspired by the Super Mario franchise and – for the first time in the U.S. – Donkey Kong Country.

It all begins the moment guests enter the portal to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, which will transport them through the iconic green pipe into the immersive land. As guests emerge from the pipe, vibrant scenery and exciting kinetic energy surround them as they are greeted by the familiar sights and sounds that they’ve experienced on their Nintendo game consoles – from the towering Mt. Beanpole and majestic Peach’s Castle to swaying Piranha Plants, pacing Goombas, spinning coins, ? Blocks and more.  Inside SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, guests will be able to explore Super Mario Land – where they’ll enjoy adventures alongside Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and other characters; and Donkey Kong Country – where they’ll encounter thrills featuring Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and other members of the Kong family.


The colorful landscapes of the Mushroom Kingdom come to life in Super Mario Land, where guests can experience:

•  Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge: Guests are invited to join Team Mario and battle Team Bowser for the Golden Cup in this groundbreaking attraction that fuses augmented reality, projection mapping technology and elaborate environments to bring the fun of the Mario Kart video game series to life in a compelling ride-through experience.

Guests up for the challenge will enter through Bowser’s Castle – where they’ll wind its corridors and get a glimpse of Bowser’s deceptive plans to stack the odds in his favor – before boarding their kart and heading to the starting line. Then, guests steer through a variety of Mario Kart courses – collecting coins, tossing shells at Team Bowser, dodging obstacles, and more – as they join their favorite characters and compete to help Team Mario win the race.

• Yoshi’s Adventure: The delightful Yoshi’s Adventure attraction will make its U.S. debut when SUPER NINTENDO WORLD opens at Universal Epic Universe. On this family-friendly ride, guests of all ages will enjoy breathtaking views of Super Mario Land as they join Yoshis and travel through Mushroom Kingdom landscapes in search of glowing eggs – encountering many familiar characters along the way.

• Toadstool Cafe: At Toadstool Cafe, guests can enjoy a variety of tasty dishes inspired by the world of Super Mario and its characters, including Mario and Luigi-themed burgers, Super Mushroom Soup, Piranha Plant Caprese, Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs and so much more. Guests will also get glimpses of several Toads cooking up culinary creations through various virtual windows as they dine inside the restaurant.

• Yoshi’s Snack Island and Turbo Boost Treats: Guests can also pick up delicious treats, snacks and beverages at these walk-up dining locations.

• 1-UP Factory and Mario Motors: Guests can shop for souvenirs, apparel, toys and more inspired by their favorite Super Mario characters and adventures within these retail locations

• Meet and Greets: Guests can meet, greet and interact with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad throughout various areas in Super Mario Land.


At the edge of Super Mario Land, guests will discover an entrance that leads them to Donkey Kong Country, where they’ll explore the lush, tropical landscape from the video game series, complete with tall trees, waterfalls, landmarks such as The Golden Temple and more. Here, guests can enjoy:

• Mine-Cart Madness: Guests will hop into a mine cart and careen through the jungle to help Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong protect the coveted golden banana on this first-of-its-kind family coaster. Utilizing an unprecedented ride system, innovative technology and a unique coaster design, Mine-Cart Madness will send riders on a thrilling adventure where they will experience the jaw-dropping maneuvers that they’ve seen Donkey Kong and the mine carts perform in the video games – including getting blasted out of a barrel, seemingly jumping over gaps as they speed along a rickety track, and so much more.

• A selection of tropical menu and merchandise offerings in the middle of the jungle – all inspired by the Donkey Kong Country video game franchise and its characters. More details will be shared in the coming months.

And that’s not all – guests will find even more exciting experiences and adventures while exploring SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.

Guests can level up their fun in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD with the purchase of a Power-Up Band, a wearable for their wrist that allows them to enhance their play throughout Super Mario Land and Donkey Kong Country. With the Power-Up Band, guests can collect digital coins by punching ? Blocks and playing interactive activities; collect digital stamps on attractions; earn digital keys to unlock an exclusive showdown against Bowser Jr.; and discover other hidden surprises. Guests can also access Leaderboard screens in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD to see where they rank amongst fellow guests.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD at Epic Universe will be Universal Destinations and Experiences’ third installment of the immersive land. Right now, guests can enjoy SUPER NINTENDO WORLD at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan.

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This morning I was able to stop into Universal Studios Florida for a passholder preview of the new DreamWorks Land. This new area replaces the former Kidzone including the Woody Woodpecker Nuthouse Coaster, Fievel's Playland, Curious George Goes to Town, DreamWorks Destination (formerly the Barney show) and a Shrek and Donkey meet and greet. The new land takes up almost exactly the same footprint, but distributes experiences in themed sections inspired by the world of Shrek, Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda and Trolls along with the addition of the new DreamWorks Imagination Celebration show and some meet and greet spaces for a variety of DreamWorks characters to visit throughout the day. 


This corner of the park will once again be a go-to spot for families with younger kids.


Troll's Trollercoaster is the rethemed Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster.


Guests ride aboard the Caterbus in this familiar experience. The layout of the coaster remains the same but the queue and surrounding area has been updated to fit the new theme.


Yes, this coaster train has an actual butt.


The legend lives on.


The former Curious George Goes to Town area has been transformed into Po's Kung Fu Training Camp, inspired by the world of Kung Fu Panda. Some of the water play elements from the former attraction remain and the core structure has been retained, but there's some pretty significant differences up close.


The water play area is on the right side and the dry play area is on the left.


Inside the former ball play area is the new Po Live! interactive meet and greet experience.


The former ball play area has essentially become a theater for this interactive experience (the second floor walkways area still accessible).


Some simple dry playground elements on this side of the Kung Fu Panda area...


The tipping bucket returns from the past version of this complex.


Even more water play areas can be found throughout the Kung Fu Panda portion of DreamWorks Land.


There are multiple Haystack Dryers available to use in DreamwWorks Land.




The Trolls section of the land is cute and feels different than its predecessor.


All aboard the Caterbus!


Trolls Treats offers two types of soft serve inspired by the two main characters of the Trolls films.


Over in Shrek's swamp you'll Pinocchio's Fact Shack, where you can ask the wooden boy questions where his answers may or may not be true...


This slide starts in a port-o-potty and the sounds it makes are as you would expect for the theme.


The elevated play structure in Shrek's swamp provides the best views of the Troll's Trollercoaster in all of the land.


Shrek's swamp features some water play elements as well.


Shrek, Donkey and Fiona meet guests here in a relocated meet and greet from the former Kidzone. 


Swamp Snacks offers stuffed waffles, pretzel dogs and Shrek pretzels with green cheese sauce.


Gabby's Dollhouse is represented with a meet and greet location for Gabby.


King Julian from the Madagascar franchise is among the rotating cast of characters that meets guests throughout the land.


Mama Luna Feline Fiesta is an interactive nook where you can toggle triggers for cats in this covered open air experience.


DreamWorks Imagination Celebration replaces Dreamworks Destination (formerly the long-running "A Day in the Park with Barney" show).


Characters from throughout DreamWorks Land appear in a show featuring music, dance and a lively atmosphere that is fun for all ages.


The same theater-in-the-round design is still in use for the venue.


The projections throughout the venue help to transform the theater with each segment.


One final dance before the show is over!


High Five Hideaway is the land's merchandise location, offering items inspired by all of the land's characters.


King Harold's Swamp Symphony is an interactive play area where guests can jump on lily pads to make the frogs sing.


Adjacent to DreamWorks Land, E.T. Adventure has shifted its entrance slightly to accomodate the new land, and with this shift comes a prominent new entrance sign.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Universal has released new details on the first-ever Dark Universe land coming to Epic Universe!


Universal has long defined the horror genre with its classic films featuring iconic Universal Monsters such as Frankenstein, The Mummy, and the Wolf Man – and redefined modern horror and suspense. Today, Universal Destinations & Experiences, a division of Comcast NBCUniversal, and the creator of the global phenomenon Halloween Horror Nights builds on that legacy with new details about its first-ever immersive land dedicated to monsters and makers – Dark Universe. Coming to Universal Epic Universe in 2025, Dark Universe will showcase timeless monsters in fear-inducing attractions, and offer original merchandise and dining locations.  

A Deep-Dive into Dark Universe at Universal Epic Universe 

The journey to Dark Universe begins the moment guests enter its electrifying portal, which harnesses the dark energy of Darkmoor. As guests step foot inside, that same energy will pulsate throughout the entire village and connect at the top of Frankenstein Manor – the towering focal point of Dark Universe. Nestled within the blackened stone walls of the town, guests will embark on unique adventures where they can get made up to look like their favorite monsters, spin through the woods aboard a thrilling family coaster, enjoy unique dining establishments, enter Frankenstein Manor to brave Universal Orlando’s most chilling ride ever, and more.

Here’s more information about the thrilling yet unsettling attractions and entertainment experiences that await visitors to Dark Universe:

  • Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment – Universal Orlando’s most terrifying attraction yet, this state-of-the-art dark ride takes guests deep into the catacombs of Frankenstein Manor, where Dr. Victoria Frankenstein conducts her twisted experiments. In a vain display of her genius, she invites guests into her laboratory to witness a demonstration of her ability to control monsters – but her plans go awry when her attempts to control the most dangerous of monsters, Dracula, fails, unleashing a horde of enraged monsters. Guests are then thrust into an intense ride through the darkness as they try to evade the grasps of The Wolf Man, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Brides of Dracula and others.
  • Curse of the Werewolf – Deep in the woods that sit on the edge of Darkmoor, guests will find Curse of the Werewolf, a spinning family coaster inspired by “The Wolf Man.” Guests will enter the encampment of The Guild of Mystics where they’ll be greeted by the Maleva, the guild’s all-knowing seer and leader, who warns them that they bear the mark of the werewolf. Guests then board a wagon and venture into the forest – racing to escape the werewolves before they become one themselves.
  • Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience – Guests of all ages can become fashionably monstrous as they don elaborate face paint and temporary tattoos at Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience. Here, monster makers have converted Dr. Pretorius’ infamous old lab into a parlor to continue the spirit of his demented experiments, and skilled artisans use their talents to transform guests’ outer appearances so they can showcase their fandom for the Universal Monsters.
  • Meet the Monsters – There’s always someone…or something…looming in the shadows of Dark Universe – including Monsters who are eager to meet and greet everyone from kids to adults, including Dr. Victoria Frankenstein’s Monster and the alluring Bride of Frankenstein. Guests will also encounter other unusual inhabitants roaming the eerie village, including Victoria Frankenstein’s servant, Ygor, The Invisible Man, an eccentric monster hunter, and a talented musician who regales guests with songs and tales of the classic Universal Monsters stories.
  • Guests can also sink their teeth into delicious fare and shop all-new merchandise and apparel during their visit to Dark Universe at highly-themed dining and retail locations, including: 
  • Das Stakehaus – Darkmoor’s most ominous restaurant, this establishment is a dining hall run by vampire “familiars” who size up unsuspecting patrons to be part of the vampires’ feast. Surrounded by artwork and artifacts detailing the history of the village’s creatures of the night, guests can enjoy a menu of kebabs, burgers, sandwiches and more.
  • The Burning Blade Tavern – Despite the blades of the windmill still smoldering and flaming periodically, Darkmoor’s monster hunters have transformed this old fiery mill into their favorite hangout. While enjoying a menu of burgers, wings, bratwurst, pretzels and specialty beverages, guests will hear stories of the infamous “Hounds” – boastful hunters from beyond Darkmoor – all while surrounded by an impressive display of the monster heads they consider their “trophies.”
  • De Lacey’s Cottage – Near Frankenstein Manor sits De Lacey’s Cottage food stand, where the original Frankenstein’s Monster once received sustenance and friendship. Here, guests can find a variety of snacks and cool treats like cinnamon bread, ice cream, twisted taters and more.
  • Guests can take home a piece of the immortal world of Dark Universe with commemorative merchandise and mementos from retail locations like Pretorius’ Scientific Oddities.
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  • A.J. changed the title to Universal Orlando Resort (USF, IOA, Epic) Discussion Thread
41 minutes ago, Electerik said:

I am amused and intrigued by the idea of an Invisible Man walk-around character.

Here ya go.


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Looks incredible, this land is the one I'm most looking forward to checking out. The monsters unchained ride sounds great, in the video they said they are using animatronics too which is great instead of using all screens. 

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This is the most exciting theme park project for me in a long time, I love the idea of everything about this but also have sooooo many questions. I mean they're already billing the Frankenstein ride as the "scariest" ride ever, but then the land also has a a kids monster makeover boutique and a 40 inch 36 MPH family friendly spinning coaster that is also maybe still kind of a scary Wolfman ride? It's going to be very interesting to see how they manage the tone of everything toeing the line between PG and PG-13, when the real core audience for this probably wants it to be more R rated all day long.



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Everything looks great, especially the Monster version of HPFJ, but annoyed that every theme park press release these days is half full of entertainment offerings that you know will be cut and never return once budgets are an issue.

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