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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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I hear this all the time at Perilous Plunge.


GP- Do you get wet on this ride?


Me- How many in your group?


GP- 8


Me - Take rows 1 and 2.





Another one.


Me - Take row 1.


GP - No! I don't wanna get wet!


Me - .... Are you serious?


(One girl replied "Did ah stuttah? Ah sayd I Dun wanna get weeyt!" so I said "Then maybe this isn't the best ride for you." and she left.)

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I'm on my way from Guest Relations to the Merchandise Office at Cedar Point, when this boy in front of me grabs about 20 maps. He tells his friend,

Boy-"Wow I got like 100 maps!"

Friend-"Haha, hey let's go ride Demon Drop."


So they start walking towards Demon Drop, about 4 paces ahead of me until they get to the entrance. It is then the boy realizes he doesn't want to carry his collection of maps and looks for a way to ditch them, however he doesn't want to throw all the new maps away in front of the ride op at entrance, and without taking the time to get a good look at who is behind him in full Cedar Fair supervisor uniform, he asks...


"Ummmmm, do you need a map?"

"Ohhhh I suppose not, I've managed the past 4 seasons without one."


Realizing I'm a worker, he sheepishly puts his head down and started walking away, but I took the maps off his hands anyways. I laughed about it the whole day though, afterall everyday I help people navigate around the park, it was refreshing to have a guest try to help me.


The only other one that I really remember was when Team Leader of Front Rentals and Infant Shop back in 05, and a boy asked me the most hated question on one of my bad days.


"How much are your hats?"

*We have over 15 types of hats*

Instead of replying the usual, "Well which hat?", I just say this spiel as quickly as I can without pausing...


"The black and white Cedar Point hats are $12.95, the fitted one are $14.95, the more popular hats...Millennium Force and Dragster hats are $11.95, now if you're looking for children's hats the one's with snoopy and woodstock are $7.95, and if you're looking for a great deal we have these red and blue Cedar Point visors only $5.95, or if you're looking for something more fun our jester hats are $13.95, however if you get the ones that light-up it goes up to $16.95, but wait, a fine fellow like yourself would love one our new fuzzy hats now only $10.95, so what do you say?


The kid raised a finger to his mouth in a blank stare and just walked away. I think I fried his brain.

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While working at height stick (Entrance) at SheiKra people always come up to me and say "Does this ride go upside down?" Keep in mind we are standing under a 145ft tall Immelmann. I just look up and say "I don't know... you tell me!"


Also at SheiKra people come up to me when I am at grouper (appoints rows) and they will say "We want front row" since row one is full I always say "Ok... go to row four then." OMG People get so mad. They are like "We want the front row. So I say "We have to front rows. Row 1 and Row 4." They always respond by saying "What kind of roller coasters has two front rows? You must be new here." I just nod and say "Yeah... new thats it." Some people...


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^^That's a common mistake the GP makes. When I used to live in Florida I used to go to parks with my school friends. When SheiKra first opened I remember we got the front row of the second train in the station, and when the first train pulled away and we didn't half of the people with me got really surprised. I guess that makes sense in Florida, since most Floridians are used to seeing longer coaster trains and they don't obsess over coasters the way we do. I bet a lot of GP would probably make the mistake of thinking they would get wet on SheiKra as well.

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So, leave it to the Demon for me to hear some GP-ish comments. Well, I would say that this is borderline as they atleast have observed that some coasters (Mainly kiddie coasters) do multiple cycles. She asked how many times does Demon go around to the ride op and the operator, confused, told her that it goes upside down 4 times. She was meaning how many cycles/laps does it do. Almost clearly, you can see that it's running 2 trains, so it would not really work that way but I'll be fair and say this is borderline.


Another one, in which I now just recalled when making my Flight Deck recreation, I told my friends that I was going to recreate one of Discovery Kingdom's coasters and submit it to some random RCT contest. (This was when I just started 'tycooning' and was new to this whole coaster creating thing, so I thought recreating real rides was impressive.) They told me that "You can't do that. There's a copyright on these ride layouts, and you can get sued for violating the copyright. (LOL! I guess that parks should sue each other for taking each other's boomerangs?)

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Ok so back at SFSTL's opening day I was going through Mr. Freeze's exit que and there were these two eight/nine year old somewhat hick boys in front of me. One of them was pointing to a patch of grass where a piece of track usually sits that they use to put the trains on incase the ride valleys. Keep in mind this piece is just long enough to hold the train. He said saying something like:


kid 1: You Know that Mr. Freeze used to be a lot taller?


kid 2: Really?!


kid 1: Yeah see that track piece over th.....well I guess they moved it because they didn't want people seein it. *Points to top spike* Thats were it was. They had to take it down because the ride was so tall it was breakin the law and a couple people fell out and died one time it went so high.


kid 2: How high did it go?


kid 1: It was almost as tall as the arch.


I just started laughing.

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Over the past 3 weeks I've gotten two pretty good ones....


Just yesterday after I had locked all of my section of the train at Afterburn, the operator had noticed that the person in the first row was asking for help/struggling, something like that. So he told me to go and assist her. When I got to the front row I asked her what was the matter and she asked "Can you loosen this (restraint) on me? I just got a boob job" ......

That was really awkward....



A couple weeks ago, 2 or three, Afterburn broke down, Being at the position I was at, I had to talk to the guests on the train that was stuck halfway on the lift, and halfway in the station. I gradually made my way to the front of the train telling guests that there was something wrong and that we should be getting it fixed soon. At about the middle of the train one kid asked me "So the other one is stuck upside down!?!?!?!?" and she started freaking out...

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Waiting in line for the mechanics to fix V2 which stopped operating yesterday.


Ride op: You know this ride(vertical velocity) costs billions of dollars to build. They run each of them about 150 times every morning.


Kids: WOW


Ride Op: Yah this is my first year here

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Today in my engineering class:


A group of friends (which includes me) were all talking about what we did this weekend. I told them that I biked from the mall to Joyland (which is about 18-20 miles total). This got us on the conversation of Joyland.


Person 1: It's really sad Joyland closed. I liked it before the new owners.

Person 2: Ya it was really great. Do you know why they closed it?

Person 1: People kept dieing. They kept getting sued. One time, one of the roller coaster cars came off the tracks and killed like, 600 people!


Me: *Gets angry and laughs at the same time* Yeah not that many people have died at the park in its 50+ year history. Wasn't it a maintenance guy who was cutting grass by the roller coaster, and was too close or something?


Person 1: No no, that was the log ride. The roller coaster is so dangerous. I heard it collapsed. And it never passed inspection last year because they would let people on illegally and then they would die.


This was one of the strangest conversations I've had in a while.



This is a comment on the YouTube video in my post above. (Where Primeval Whirl got stuck on the lift hill)


"haha this is nothing compared to Kingda Ka at great adventure. one of the magnets was messed up, and they closed the ride for two hours before we went on, and then the ride after us, the sent up a test run and it came down backwards. and then they shut it down for a year. kinda frightening, yes?"

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"The car my cousin was in fell off the track, the wheels weren't on it, she was so scared!! That's why it was closed for a week!"


"It got new brakes, that didn't happen. It would be closed down if it did. It's had one accident and it was a terrible one, but that was long ago and it's now one of the safest roller coasters in the world!"


"Oh my god, you're so stupid, you don't know anything about rides. Stuff like this happens all the time!"


I did take this from my post in the 'You know you're a coaster nerd if...' but it's still the GP being the GP!



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ok... this wasn't while I was at a theme park or anything, but it was sort of near a tourist attraction in Scotland.


scene: I'm on the train to Edinburgh, and the train is pulling into the station which is right next to the Edinburgh Castle.


American Lady: Oh wow that's such a beautiful sight!

Me: Yeah it's one of Scotlands greatest landmarks.

American Lady: It's so convenient how they built the castle right next to the train station.

Me: .....yeah, you should have seen the invading armies who turned up via train.


the whole car laughed, the American Lady joined in and said...


American Lady: I wonder if Braveheart rode on these tracks.




yeah, it was just sad then and now she's part of a funny story. i hope she learnt something on that holiday! afterwards i realized that railways were the main reason as to how most citys were born in the US...so I saaw her point of view. Still...Braveheart on a train and England invading Edinburgh Castle via the London Express is hilarious to hear.

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One interesting thing about watching them retrieve the valleyed train on Fahrenheit on Saturday was hearing all the comments from the GP passing by seeing the stalled train and the crew on the crane. The best comments came when the train was fully inverted in the cobra.


GP guy: "They just did that for hype to get more people to ride it." (yeah, they could just make a train stop anywhere at anytime.)


GP gal: "Omigod! They just built that ride and now nobody's going to want to ride it. (Check back around 4:00 and see all the people who DON'T want to ride it.)


A woman came over to me asking whether there were people in the train. I replied "No, they fell out hours ago."



In all fairness, people say stupid things about all different sorts of things. I manage an engineering/surveying office. A few weeks ago, I received the following phone call:


Man: "If I read you my deed, could you tell me whether my neighbor is encroaching on my property?"

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I think you'll find this quite amusing. This is a message I received on YouTube after telling this guy that Kings Dominion really is not the best park in the world.


"We all know that olny one park is better than Kings Dominion and thats Cedar Point.

What the f*** is wrong with people these days thinking the h*** hole S*** Gardens( Busch Gardens ) is better than Kings Dominion well. If you think S*** Gardens is better well you can go f*** the owner and die. Busch Gardens also has kiddie rides. Dollywood and Busch Gardens are kiddie playworlds compared to Kings Dominion and Cedar Point."


I chuckled to myself for at least thirty seconds after reading this.

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A kid in my class a few years ago was talking about Boomerang at Knott's: "When you go down the hill you are going 600 MPH, then at the end of the ride, you slow down to 400 MPH just before you stop."

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