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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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^lol! In all the years that floorless coasters have been built, I still haven't managed to get on one (Dominater was closed when we went to GL two summers ago...)! How close are your feet to the track?

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Okay so I was at SFMM with my brother and his friend and we were in line for Colossus, in the boarding row isles. This old lady with her son was behind me and my brother. She asked us, wanting to clarify that she was riding the white roller coaster and not the blue one behind us (Scream!).


We had a good laugh about that. I mean it was very obvious which ride we're in line for! I dont know it was just funny. We joked about that all day.


**Thinks to myself being a smart a$$: Yeah you board this ride (which is obviously running on a white track leaving the station) and then it magically transforms into Scream!.*

(That'd be an interesting idea though, hmmm?)

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^^^That actually reminds me of something I said myself on the Midwest trip. It was my first time at KI and I was looking at Vortex(which had just celebrated it's 20th anniversary I think) thinking "Wow! That ride looks SMOOTH!"


Ended up being a horrible horrible ride.

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Getting off the Demon yesterday, I hear this group of guys say to those waiting at the exit: You never told me this thing has loops! We went upside down 3 times!


Uh..loops are in plain sight. If you miss 'em, then I don't know what to say..lol


Later in the day, I dared my bro to be the "General Public" person and ask the ride op if Rip Roaring Rapids goes upside down...He actually did when we were getting off of it, and the op, joking around first said "You just rode it!" and then later said "Yea, It's got a double loop! You didn't see that?"

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*facepalm* Does this ever bring back things I wish I could forget.

I worked for the theme parks in Central Florida during High School and a bit afterwards. I have no END of stupid people stories as I'm still convinced that when they go on vacation the GP leaves their brains at home.


But allow me to tell my favorite story...

This is between me a guest outside of shamu stadium, while waiting for the show to finish up.


-"I've been to Disney, everything is Fake. How maybe people are inside the shamu suit?"

Me-"None, it is a real living animal"

-"Hahaha thats funny, my kids are sitting down. Come on, tell me how many people it really takes to drive that thing!"

Me-"Sir, it's a real animal."

-"Now don't get lippy girl, I want the truth. How MANY?!"

Me-"None. They are real animals. The one preforming now is Una, she's the small whale that just did the jump"


Me- *Long suffering sigh* "It's not an audioanimatronic sir, it's a living animal..."


Me- "Sir, I'm not lying. I can take you to talk to any of the trainers if you.."

-*cutting me off* "THEY WILL JUST LIE TOO! YOU TELL ME!"

Me- *wonders why guest if foaming a tthe mouth, can't believe the stupidity. "Sir it's a real..."


Me- *looses patience* "Three... three people drive the shamu robot"

-*Idiot grins* "See! I knew it! Wait till I tell me wife!"

Me- *Looks at manager standing four feet away* "Remind me why I don't kill them?"

Manager- *between hysterical fits of laughter* "Well it isn't because we pay you well! Go to lunch hun.. tell 'em it's on me today. I probably would have clubbed that one a few times myself!"



-"See that wasn't so hard, I knew it"

(This is a real conversation. I had this with a guest in '97 with my Operations manager standing four feet behind me trying not to laugh but not butting in either. At least he bought me lunch!)

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Yet another tale from Seaworld. Let us now move over to another part of the park, I was bounced around all over the park ops department anytime they needed someone competent to work one of the stadiums or exhibits.


Apparently people have REAL issue believe Seaworld has LIVE animals!


Me- *unsuspectingly cleaning the glass around the sea lion and seal exhibit.*

Idiot- "Excuse me.. why does Seaworld let these birds roam free?"

Me- *blink* We don't ma'am. Those are snowy egrets, they're native to Central Florida and come here in hopes of stealing fish"

Idiot- "Well they shouldn't just let them run around! That's somekind of animal abuse...neglect...something!"

Me- *Groan* "Ma'am I'm sorry you feel like that but those white birds with the long legs? They're wild birds, they don't belong to seaworld but if you notice we do have small bird feeders in the park for them"

Idiot- *Now yelling loudly* "IT'S ANIMAL ABUSE! WE NEED TO CALL PETA!"

Me- *Thinks- Good luck lady, they're not allowed threw the gates* "Ma'am.. they are Native birds of Florida. They where here before the park.. however I can get one of the animal care people to explain.."


Me- "Ma'am... please read the signs, they explain that they are local.."

Idiot- "ABUSE! ABUSE!" *just screaming this over and over, people are just staring at her*

Me- *Pulls out radio* "Security to Pinniped please..*Walks away*


Lady ended up being removed from the area to calm down, I never did find out if Animal care got the point threw to her!


I shall dig threw my old LJ to find more of the stories if anyone wants to read them. I've got a ton of them but those are the two I STILL recall word for word what happened.


...or we can always go threw "Stupid Questions People ask at Disney!"

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I was in line for Griffon last year at BGE and someone asked me if this was the ride that your feet dangled. It took me a while to explain the difference between the floorless Griffon and the inverted Alpengeist. At least the person was in the right line.


Sometimes, all it takes is a playing of RCT to get a good chunk of the GP to understand the basics of different roller coaster designs.

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I got on ROTM in Orlando a few years ago and someone in the row behind me said to the ride op "We forgot to pick up our 3D glasses for this ride, we didn't see them earlier in the line"


...which is somewhat understandable since like half the rides at USO are 3D, but I still had to laugh a little bit.

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This happened a long time ago when I was younger and was about to get in line for the Mamba at WOF. I was there with my mom and her friend. Her friend was telling me that the front and back cars go faster than the rest of the ride because in the front, all the cars are pushing you. And in the back, all the cars are pulling you.




If you had a BRAIN you would know that isn't true

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*facepalm* Does this ever bring back things I wish I could forget.

I worked for the theme parks in Central Florida during High School and a bit afterwards. I have no END of stupid people stories as I'm still convinced that when they go on vacation the GP leaves their brains at home.


At first I thought people could not be stupid they just do not think. Because when they come to a theme park they do not really think about details and all that stuff. Well I quickly realize that they do leave their brains at home and are stupid at times. I mean, I feel like they are kidding around but when they keep going and have that serious face, I stand in awe at how stupid people could be. Sometime it's hard to be nice. especially at the situations you went through lol

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