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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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This was a few years back, but I can still remember it as it was funny


I was waiting for the back seat of the roller-coaster, as you got the most airtime over the first hill. This kid then asked me "Hey, we are going home now, and this is our last coaster, can we go in front of you?" I replied, "No, I've waited as long as you have. It's only a one train wait anyway." So he shut up, and waited for the next ride. After riding the rollercoaster, I went back to ride it again. The same kid was in the queue right behind me again, and asked the exact same thing. "Hey, we are going home now, and this is our last coaster, can we go in front of you?" So this time I replied "F*ck off."





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Here's a good one I heard in line for SheiKra one day.




Guy in front of me - *Turns around to talk to me* Did you know that theres one just like this in Busch Gardens in Virginia


Me - Yeah


Guy - Except this one goes 400 feet and goes upside down twice, you cant see it but theres one of those twist thingys in the tunnel


Me - *Cracking up hysterically*


His daughter - Why are you laughing, its true


Later on the ride I sat next to him and we got to the MCBR and he goes here comes the twist! I almost died of laughter when he found out there was no twist


We get off the ride


Man - There wasnt any twist because they took it out because of the G-FORCES


This guy made my day!

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^If only he were talking about Maverick, he would have been *almost* right!


Last year my friend tried to convince me that the GCI at Beech Bend was named "Kentucky Rambler"...


Does that qualify as stupid?

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When I was at Cedar Point waiting for TTD to open, some kid was like,


"Maverick is faster than this, even though this is taller". Somebody asked him how he figured that out.


"This one has the sit down restraints, but Maverick's go over your head, so its obviously faster"


Maybe it's because of the lack of inversions on TTD that might allow it to have lapbars? (Not saying that lapbarred coasters can't have inversions, its just that Maverick wouldn't)

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I think you'll find this quite amusing. This is a message I received on YouTube after telling this guy that Kings Dominion really is not the best park in the world.


"We all know that olny one park is better than Kings Dominion and thats Cedar Point.

What the f*** is wrong with people these days thinking the h*** hole S*** Gardens( Busch Gardens ) is better than Kings Dominion well. If you think S*** Gardens is better well you can go f*** the owner and die. Busch Gardens also has kiddie rides. Dollywood and Busch Gardens are kiddie playworlds compared to Kings Dominion and Cedar Point."


I chuckled to myself for at least thirty seconds after reading this.

Was his name "KingsDominion123"?


If so, I've had problems with that turd too.

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When my friend was visiting from out of town this weekend, she insisted that the operators stopped Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (Disney's Hollywood Studios) upside down because somebody lost their hat inside and it fell on the tracks. She had just ridden the coaster a few days earlier. I explained how they can't just stop the coaster at anytime. I asked if she was confusing it with a MCBR (I dumbed it down for GP terms), but she insisted that it stopped upside down and that she knows because she was on it.

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Someone swore up and down to me that X2 does not spin as much as X.


Someone I know from X called me a liar by saying Tatsu only has three trains and can only run three trains (Never doubt the Certified operator)


While working at Xcelerator, people ask if they will get wet.


People think Batman the ride (SFMM) and Silver Bullet are clones.


People STILL ask If Xcelerator used to be called WINDJAMMER.


Apparently X was torn down, and reconstructed to look exactly the way it did before, but with new colors, because "Its a '5D' ride" so it's new.

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So I was in Korea for the past summer (not for the TPR trip, but by myself) and I visited Everland. The following convo is translated...badly.



(In the queue for Eagle Fortress)


Chav 1: Why is this stuck in the mountains when everything else isn't?

Chav 2: It's really annoying. You can't see anything.

Chav 3: Maybe they forgot to cut the mountain down!

Chav 4: Yeah!


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I can remember once at Indiana Jones in DLR:


There were 4 blondes in front of me, and they just happened to be cheerleaders. So of course while were were outside, all they talked about were guys and shopping. Then once we got into the inside hallway before the spike room, they started practising their cheerleader routines. They were cheering, clapping, jumping and even started lifting one of them in the air. And then when we were finaly on the ride, one of them asked,"Does this go upside-down, I just got my hair done." The answer one of her friends gave her,"Like duh!". Then the girl reacted by saying,"Oh... My... God... are you kidding. That means I will have to go back to the hair salon and I will like totally miss The Hills."

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Okay here's a wierd/funny thing.


We were in line for the ROTM in orlando.


There was a group of blondes in front of us. Here is the story.



They get in line.


Girl 1: O.M.G! I hate haunted houses, plus mummies are ugly; dont they live in england or something?


Girl 2: No mummies are from the pyramids in Hawaii.


Girl 3: I wanna go to hawaii!


After walking by a few signs that tell you that this is a high speed coaster.


Girl 4: My friends told me that this is the fastest coolest haunted house ever.


Girl 2: It takes your picture!Thats why i made my hair into a bun today; and got me this D&G mini dress.


I chuckled while listening to their conversation and my friends conversations.

We're almost to the loading platform. there are tv's showing how the ride is.



Girl 4: This is a fast haunted house!!! Look!! It said it turns!


Girl 3: Duhh, it has like 58 turns!


We enter the loading[duel] platform and we ride the same car as them. As we were waiting at the gates they say this.



Girl 2: This is a racing coaster!!!Thats cool! We better beat them!


Girl 3: Im scared. The cars look really dirty.


Girl 1: It looks like a trash can.


As we are on the ride. We hit the rooms with the bugs.


Girl 1: screams! I hate bugs!! I want to get off!! I hate this haunted house!!


Then as we shoot backwards down the 10 ft drop


Girl 2: Hol S***!! This is like the first haunted house that has a drop.


As we approach the launch you can slightly see it by some ambience.


Girl 1: Ooh!! Look a lift!! SO we can go to the second level!! I think we beat the other car!!



Then as the train launches


Girl 1: Oh my jesus!!! This is reallly fast!! "Then starts screaming like crazy."


As we leave the ride.


Girl 4: That haunted house felt like a rollercoaster!! They forgot to turn on the lights. It was soo dark.



I laugh extremly hard after I walked away from them.





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Ladies and gentlemen, a new low has been acheived.

Yesterday, I was asked if the Sky Ride goes upside down.



Sounds reasonable to me...


I've heard some interesting stuff from the General Pubes (as I like to call them) as well. Once while at Busch Gardens, a woman in a large group shouted out "Hey yall, I wunna rad duh Apolliet Chariet"



On another occasion, a friend and I were in line for Griffon. A 14-year-old kid behind us thought he was hot stuff for knowing when the train would release, and decided to give those waiting in line a 5 second count-down. As the train released, he let out a resounding "DUSSSHHHH" noise. I turned to my friend and said "Why yes....douche!"

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This one is for all those math geeks (aka common knowlegde): I was waiting in line for Millennium Force last year at Cedar Point, and a guy in front of me wanted to know how long the wait was. So he walked up to the sign where it said how long the wait was and it read "1/4 hours." So the guy walks back and said to the guy he was with, "Man, I don't want to wait 25 minutes." And I never even heard the other guy correct him.

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When I was a teenager, I bought a souvenir book from SFGAM and took it to my high school to show it off. This guy bluntly told me that his dad is planning on taking him to Six Flags in Wisconsin.


I politely broke the news that there is no such thing as Six Flags in Wisconsin and show him the back of the souvenir book, which shows list of existing Six Flags in the USA.


He immediately pointed to Six Flags Over Texas and said... THAT ONE THAT ONE!


*rolls eyes*


I believe he meant Wisconsin Dells, which is a very popular vacation destination among Minnesotan. *shrugs*

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