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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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I just got back from HersheyPark (I'll have a photo TR up by tomorrow evening) and I heard some guy ask a ride attendant just about the stupidest question ever!


Here's what happened. We were about ready to board The Comet and this man standing in the row next to me stops an attendant and asks her "Which side are we boarding from?" I couldn't believe it, he was standing right in front of the air gate and he still didn't know which side he was going to board from!

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At Kings Island, there was a lady in line behind my friends and me at Firehawk who just simply could not understand the concept of laying down on the ride.

"OH MY GOD, them people is upside down on the lift!"

"No, they're just laying down, on their backs"

"On their backs? That don't make no sense! Besides, it--OH MY HEAVENS! they just flipped upside down again! Now they heads is completely wrong faced!" (said as the train did the lie-to-fly at the first turn)

"No, now they're just lying on their stomachs"

"Wow, so we want the front row then. See, now the people in front is at the back. See, they's flipped the coaster backward! OH MY...they just done flipped it back again! This ride be nuts!"

We just gave up trying to explain it.


Also, we heard a 10ish-year-old explain to his friend that Flight of Fear was much better than Vortex because "Vortex only has 6 loops. It was built for speed, while FoF was built to go upside down a billion times." Obviously, the "billion" was not literal, but the rest was. I was initially surprised he got the inversion count on Vortex right.

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Not really what they said but something they wouldnt notice.

All the B-Roll for El Toro on the Six Flags TV's is Texas Giant.


Something else while at the park this weekend.

*S:ROS plays on the TV*

"Oh man, that superman sucks, you go upside down 5 times on ours."

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Two days ago at Afterburn, I had one guest ask me as the train entered the station "Can we ride it backwards?" umm.... yeah, let me just put all the electric motors in reverse.....


And a week ago at rip roarin rapids I was at one of the posts that are located along the ride from time to time. And at these posts are job is to make sure everyone is seated with their seatbelts strapped, and that they are not sticking their hands into the water. This one guy had gotten out of his seat, and was standing, trying to switch seats. After I asked him to sit back down, he said "but i dont want to get wet!" ...... Makes me wonder why people ride water rides if they dont want to get wet....

And sure enough i heard the guy in the post next to me telling him over the intercom to sit down as well.

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On SplashOver at Adventureland (Moser topspin), if it's windy, the water jets will blow over and drench part of the queue. When I was working there last Saturday, it was very windy, and the line was already soaked. One of the wettest of the patrons asked me if she would get wet on this ride.


Also (and this is borderline off-topic), in line for the log flume yesterday, a girl wearing nothing but a bikini commented that she liked my friend's shirt. To which my friend replied, "Thanks, you should get one!"

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Here's something one guy said on a video.


i accidently deleted the lil blip i had of the new roller coaster called the GOLIATH! it was ROCKIN! but.. they needed to slow it down.. its a huge track! just went way to fast.


And this was the fiesta texas goliath...THAT GUY WAS AN IDIOT

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^^^I have heard the same thing many times at Knotts. I don't work there but I have been there a lot. This lady got on perilous plunge next to me, and after she saw a group of soaking wet teens exit, she asked, "Do you get wet on this ride?" So an Op told her, "yes." And right as the boat was about to leave, she made one last comment,"Is there a poncho you could lend me."

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I guess there's something wrong with me, in that I don't see most of these as being "dumb" comments, so much as human nature.


Just because someone doesn't know everything there is to know about parks and roller coasters, doesn't make them inferior beings. Granted, some of the stuff that people in general do can be pretty funny, but I don't think it's "fair" to get annoyed with someone for their lack of a hobby.


Candidly, when visiting an amusement park - even if you're a giant fan of coasters, you are still 100% a part of the general public, especially in the park's eyes.


Now, if it's an ERT event - that's a different story altogether - see reference: Holiwood Nights.



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^You don't find someone asking if they will get wet on Perilous Plunge "dumb"?


I don't think you would have to know everything about parks and coasters to figure that one out...

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*In line for Renegade (GCI at Valleyfair)*


Lady in front of me-:-Ohh this one looks scary! All those fast turns and stuff!

Me-:-Yeahh it's pretty much the best ride here.

Lady-:-Does it go upsidedown?!

Me-:-Yeah it actually does 12 times (Joking. . . )

Lady-:-Yeah I heard about the one in Wisconsin that does that. . .





*In line for Wild Thing (Hyper coaster that derailed causing only injuries last year)*


Guy in front of me-:-Yeah I heard this beast had an accident last year

Other guy-:-Yeah I know I heard that it was kinda like Final Destination 3!

Me-:-You know that's fake right?

Other guy-:-Yeah but still I heard something like 39 people died and 1 guy escaped because he wore his seatbelt.

Me-:-You know you have to wear your seatbelt right?

Guy in front of me-:-Yeah but nobody does. . . it's more challenging to stay on then.



I dunno though if he was kiddin or serious.

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Well, yeah - that one's blatantly obvious, but then again, it looks like a big log flume, and lots of log flumes don't get you very wet. I'm all for making fun of people for their stupidity when it's warranted, but there are just some that I don't consider to be worthy of getting annoyed about.

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I had another stupid guest today...


She had lost her earring on the breaks for afterburn, something that happens occasionally. And as usual, i told her that we could get it for her when the ride closed at the end of the night. At about 6 (we closed at 8) there was a supercell thunderstorm enveloping the park. Afterburn was struck by a bolt of lightning, and no more than 50 seconds later they had come up the stairs and asked us if we could go and get her earring. My supervisor told her that we couldnt get it for plainly obvious reasons, then she asked if she could go out there and get it. Meanwhile at least 4 bolts of lightning had struck during this conversation. She then stormed off after cursing him out for not letting her get her earring.

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I was in line for Raging Bull last week at Six Flags Great America and although surrounded by people almost 20 years younger than me . . .there was some clown right behind me trying to be funny the entire 30 minute wait. Mostly annoying to me he DID actually say something that made me laugh out loud.


Kid Behind Me: "If I was the guy around at the start of our nation's capital, some heads woulda' rolled"


His Friend: "Huh?"


Kid: "I mean if I was the city planner for Washington D.C. I woulda fired the guy who designed the Washington Monument"


Friend: "Why?"


Kid:" You ever see the thing??? It looks NOTHING like George Washington!!"

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One lovely day at Six Flags Magic Mountain,we were at a smoking area, (my grandparents wanted to smoke) When a group of girls walked up to us and said,


Girl: What ride is this?


There was a short pause


Me:.......Smoking area! the experience!


Girl:Where is the entrance?


Me:over there. (pointing to the men's room. the girls actually walk in there in hopes of finding the ride, then run out and down the stairs.

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^^That guy copied one of Jeff Dunhams jokes, for those who don't know, he is a comedian. He said everything that kid said, except at the end Jeff said, "It doesn't even look like George Washington, it looks more like a Bill Clinton Memorial.

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