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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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^Heh, in a way I'm improving their experience, because the whole fun of rollercoasters is overcoming your fears, adnt he mroe I make them scared the more fun they have overcoming that fear!



I do always mention that rollercoasters are(usually) very safe, though.

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At Kennywood I was once asked where the 'water logs' were. I had to do a triple take before I realized I was indeed hearing her right and that she meant the Log Jammer.


Also, as a Kiddieland ride op there, I have to say: if the ride has a maximum height restriction (out of the 14 rides in Kiddieland 6 of them allow adults to ride) then parents CANNOT RIDE. You can't make exceptions for kids who are too tall either. I have had people argue/beg/whatever with me for almost 3 minutes. Sometimes, it's just common sense (does it LOOK like you're going to fit into the plane/helicopter/whip car etc.?).

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A friend and I were riding Gemini at Cedar Point and while we were going up the lift-hill a man riding with his kid reached over to high five people in our train. As he got to my friend- my friend said "excuse me sir I would rather touch myself."


This still makes me pee a little bit thinking about it. It was around eight years ago.

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Waiting in the bus for parking, we got to see X2 in action. A few of the guys behind me asked each other, "Is that X1 or X2?"


I made it clear to them that X"1" no longer exists, and that this is the same ride.


Most GP don't even know what makes this ride different from the roginal. Poor advertising on Six Flags' part.

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Ok, this isn't really all that bad, but I can't help but roll my eyes a bit whenever I hear people refer to coasters by their colors. Example (but only loosely based on conversations I've actually heard):


"I wanna go back to the blue one!"

"Ugh, not the blue one. We haven't even done the yellow one yet!"

"What about the red one? It has, like, 12 loops and I hear a whole train flew off last year! Twice! Let's do that next!"

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