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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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Could somebody explain that one too me?


Oh, I remember at SFNO one day some guy in the B:TR queue asked if there are "loop-eh-dee-loops" right when the train went through the zero-g roll right over his head.


And the ever-so-annoying, "ZOMG. There's a park who shaped their ride JUST LIKE THAT ONE!" *points at Vekoma Bommerbang*

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Getting off the Rebel Yell on Wensday some kids infront of us were talking about Shockwave.


Boy:Do you stand up like this on it? *Crosses arms like on a waterslide*


Girl:No that's when you go down on the Black slide you dummy.

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^^^^Hey, if wooden houses have probelms with termites, I'd understand why a GP member would wonder the same thign about wooden rollercoasters.


^^That's not so stupid. Zero G rolls aren't loop de loops. Loop de loops are another name for a vertical loop. The boomerang remark wasnt that stupid either.


^What's so stupid about the girl's answer?

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How about funny things the recorder voice in the station. I've got two. (Both at Knott's)


Montezooma's Revenge- "The train is rapidly approaching the station. Please do not lean on or over loading gates"


It's not so much what he says as how he says it.


Xcelerator- *Cheesy jokes alert* "And when you enter your galopy *grunt*... I mean Hot Rod" and "Because we don't want to be in trouble with the law, please buckle your seat belt."


I thought those were funny in a cheesy way at the stations.

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While at CGA yesterday, while in line for Grizzly, I heard a kid saying "I really like this ride. It's alot smoother than the steel coasters." I'm standing there thinking. WTF is wrong with this kid?

Wasn't that also the kid that said Roar (SFDK) has a loop on it?



Another classic, featuring Boomerang at SFDK.


Kid: "Remember when this got stuck upside down and they had to get the fire department out to rescue them?"

Me: "Uh, it didn't stop upside down. It valleyed right up there." *points to middle of the cobra roll where the stairs are*

Kid: "If so, then why did the fire department have to come get them?"

Me: "See those stairs? They were not there at the time of the incident. They put them in afterwards incase of another valleying."

Kid: "No they didn't. I saw it happen"


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^Gotta love debating with GP.


I got an annoying one from when I went to Knott's yesterday. I waited two plus hours for Ghostrider (don't ask). I finally got on the ride, rode it, and it sucked ablls. Well, there were these three girls behind me going< "That was the best ride ever. Even better than Xclerator." I just sat there and wondered what planet they were on.

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^I didn't mean extremely stupid people. I meant like...LITTERALLY, like...down syndrome...surivial policy (sp?)...stuff like that.


Yes, I understand...I work with ACTUAL RETARDED PEOPLE.....I'm a Special Ed. teacher...jeez


Oh. Thought it's like you meant you had a job and retarded people worked there.

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^I didn't mean extremely stupid people. I meant like...LITTERALLY, like...down syndrome...surivial policy (sp?)...stuff like that.


Do you mean cerebral palsy?


I heard people talking up at SFNE last week and the one kid was saying that when the park flooded they made Superman: ROS into a water ride and had it running.

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On the last day of school In my Geography class, The teacher said If we could answer one question correctly, We don't have to take the final exam.


Teacher- What is the Tallest roller coaster in the world?


I raise my hand


Me- Kingda Ka


Teacher- Wrong


Me- (short pause) Ok, What is the tallest coaster in the world?


Teacher- Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point.


Me- Wanna bet?


(The class is shocked)


Teacher- SURE! In fact, If your right, You can have my candy jar!


(NOTE: The candy jar is a HUGE Jar of candy that the teacher has because he Quit smoking 2 years ago)


Me- Ok.


I go to the computer and he shows me an outdated ad for the grand opening of the Dragster. He laughs at me. SO I go to RCDB and show him the diffrences.


Me- Told you!


Teacher- Don't beleve everything you read. Sit down ant get ready to take your exam.


Me- What? Bu-


Teacher- NOW!


And so, MY lovely Geography teacher has proven himself, wrongly, right.




2 weeks earlier, He told everyone that the cyclone that hit Burma was a giant tornado. Dispite all of the news saying it was a hurricane.

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My math teacher had an outdated math book that showed TTD being the tallest coaster in the world, so we had to do a math problem on "the tallest coaster in the world." And of course me being a little smart ass roller coaster nerd did it on Kingda Ka, I then read my answer to the class, was laughed at, then proved my teacher wrong by showing him Kingda Ka was really the tallest coaster in the world. I got a piece of candy! Woot for solving math problems and getting candy! lol

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Okay, well to get off the outdorked side of things how bout this.


I though this was really funny, but cute at the same time because of the way the little boy says it.


Little boy with his mom in line for E.T


*Looking at pre-show video and E.T. appears onscreen*


Little Boy: "Mommy look, its the alien that touched the little boy with his finger!"


A few people hearing this laughed, and me being a teenager with my mind in the gutter almost 24/7 thought this was absolutely hysterical!

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A coaster enthusiast told me Shockwave (SFMM) was a B&M. I told him. "Dude that ride was built in '86! B&M didn't wasn't founded til '88!

He said "The track is the same and it has a pre drop!" I then told hime that B&M worked for Giavanola and yatta yatta, you know the rest. He told me I couldn't know cause i'm not old enough to know.

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Ok so this started as an "I don't think the GP is dumb for not realizing Cedar Fair changed ride names" but turned into just bad.


Man- "I don't know why it is called Nighthawk"

Me- "Well the park changed ownership from Paramount to Cedar Fair so copyright stuf.."

Man- "OOOH ok I didn't know that"

**At this point my part in the convo. was over**

Son- "What was it called Dad I can't remember?"

Man- "It was Lightspeed Journey to Borgland"



Now if he had said, "Borg something" or "Planet Borg" or something like that I wouldn't have put it here but even if you haven't been to a park in 10 years would you EVER think ANYONE in their right mind would EVER name a coaster that???? Maybe a simulator...MAYBE but MAN, come on lol.

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