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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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^Okay, we honestly don't think that non-coaster enthusiasts are all stupid. And if anyone does, he or she can leave this forum, because that is outrageous. In this thread, we make fun of pure stupidity. Not things GP say that only the most knowledgable coaster enthusiast would understand, but things some GP do and say that are completely wrong and that they, as park guests, either should know about or could easily find out about from a park map or other widely available resource. It's not about making fun of all GP.

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^When did I ever say that?


Not you specifically, just a comment on the general consensus.


I don't think anyone here ever said that they were stupid, only that at time they can say something stupid. The only time I think that they can be stupid is whether they say something that is so obvious(ask if Perlious Plunge gets you wet) or just plain stupid that it would be funny even if you wern't at an amusment park(I think I had an orgasm on that ride).


I don't think that the GP is inferior just because they don't spend all their time on TPR talking about coasters. I don't expect the GP to know everything about theme park rides, just only the obvious stuff that they could know just by turning around and taking a look at the ride.

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or just plain stupid that it would be funny even if you wern't at an amusment park(I think I had an orgasm on that ride).


This one always gets me, especially when I hear "enthusiasts" bring it up. Honestly, if you're into a ride *that* much, something is wrong with you.

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^^That guy copied one of Jeff Dunhams jokes, for those who don't know, he is a comedian. He said everything that kid said, except at the end Jeff said, "It doesn't even look like George Washington, it looks more like a Bill Clinton Memorial.


Oh yeah your right....


Anyways to contribute to this topic instead of posting just to say that...




Walking in....


Little boy points at Hulk...


Mommy mommy look its the green coaster greens my favorite color.


Later walking up to the entrance the height dude says...


Im sorry ma'am your son is too short to ride...


The lady replies But my sons favorite color is green, cant you just let him ride....


The height dude is trying not to laugh and he says okay ma'am go ahead, and they get into the station the other guy checks his height and this process repeats...


I'm sure they all had a good laugh over this one...

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^I bet that earring conducted the lighting.


I think it actually fused itself with the brake platform....


Has that lady ever came back for her earring? BTW, that was your 666th post.

666!!! GASP!

Erm, no she hasnt because, and I quote, " We have to drive to florida tomorrow, so f*** you for not letting me get my earring"

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We were at Heide Park in the Jelly Belly shop when we noticed two lads pushing the draw (instead of pulling it) trying to get the Jelly beans out. In the end they resorted to shaking the whole dispenser until the women had to come show them what to do even though there was a HUGE pull sign on each draw!


Now I know they were German so they probably couldn't read the English sign but only five minutes before - whilst walking to the Jelly Belly shop - they had been stood in front of us making jokes about the English and how stupid we were and general go home stuff.


I love irony.

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On fathers day I took my dad to MGM (Hollywood Studios) and we were just walking by some crowd of people and over heard these 2 chicks talking bout' rides this one chick was like -


"Oooh lets go ride E.T!"


"Yeah! That rides awesome"


Goes up to cast member*


"Wheres E.T."


"Universal Studios"


"Wheres That?!"


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Ha, I love getting in line and saying stupid stuff out-loud.


The good old "Did you see the video of the accident on this ride, i'm surprised they opened it back up."


here's some that i can remember


"I Love Storm Runners side loops"


"I heard Comet sinks in the lake

I mean, how do they keep the wood from not sinking in the mud"


riding on storm runner, kid starts freaking out "Dude, OMG, If the ride doesn't make it over the hill we're going to go flying back into the station and crash, then he starts shouting some foul words"


I've alsoheard tons of stuff on the fascinating inverted coasters.



and my favorite HersheyPark Quote:

Wow, Wildcat was smoother then this ride (guy leaving Lightning Racer)

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Ladies and gentlemen, a new low has been acheived.

Yesterday, I was asked if the Sky Ride goes upside down.



Sounds reasonable to me...


I've heard some interesting stuff from the General Pubes (as I like to call them) as well. Once while at Busch Gardens, a woman in a large group shouted out "Hey yall, I wunna rad duh Apolliet Chariet"



On another occasion, a friend and I were in line for Griffon. A 14-year-old kid behind us thought he was hot stuff for knowing when the train would release, and decided to give those waiting in line a 5 second count-down. As the train released, he let out a resounding "DUSSSHHHH" noise. I turned to my friend and said "Why yes....douche!"

You should tell the story of AC becoming 210ft tall.
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I don't know if this qualifies as a Stupid GP Trick or not, but it certainly is weird... Heard in line for Wicked Twister a few days ago:


"The best thing to do would be to leave your body at the top, because then you could just stay there and watch your body going down."

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I was at Six Flags New England on Thursday and a teenage girl in front of me (who looked petrified of the ride getting into line) saw Superman's transfer track and screamed as loud as she could, "(Expletive), Superman's going to fly off the tracks! Run for your lives!"


I laughed so hard, and so did some other people in the line, including the girl's friends.



Also, last year at Lake Compounce I was in line for Rainbow Riders (their new balloon ride) and some kid who looked no older than 5 started bragging about how adventurous he was. He said how he went on Down Time and Boulder Dash and didn't hold on, and a bunch of other comments. When it came time to get on Rainbow Riders, he was too short to ride without an adult.

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This isn't something weird or stupid, it was just me giving my cousin a hard time. We were in line for Kong yesterday at SFDK and it was going to be her first inverted roller coaster (Boomerang was her first). As we are getting to the front of the line it told my brother, I hope this ride doesn't crash like last time, those poor people. So then my cousin asked what happened. So I told her they died. So then she started screaming and yelling that she wanted to get out of line and not ride. She rode it, and she still doen't want to talk to me.



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My cousin told me that a girl got on SUF at SFGAdv and her feet were cut off and told me that ever since then SF had put the things that hold your feet...lol...i had to explain to her that she got it mixed up...but it gave me a good laugh

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^^Well, I think it's silly to scare people with fake ride accidents.



...Instead I jsut scare them with real ones


Like when I was tlaking to a girl in line for the Demon at SFGAm, which was her first ever looping coaster, and she said she's scared that it would get stuck on the loop. And my being a know-it-all overcame my desire to scare her silly before going on the ride, so I assured her that coasters can't get stuck on vertical loops(%99.9 of the time, anyway). But then I remembered seeing the Demon on "most shocking vacation videos" and went "Oh. I forgot. Except this one. But don't worry, that was just once, because the wheel axils broke." Obviously, that did wonders to make her feel safer.



She ended up riding it, screaming her head off, but as soon as we hit the brakes she goes "that wasn't scary".

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